Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On the Road Again…

The persistence of the Republican candidates is incredible; their unwillingness to give up and allow Mitt Romney to be nominated as the Presidential Nominee of the party goes beyond reason. So, there are more expenditures to take place, more hateful commercials, more Robocalls, more of the same vile tactics which cost money, and we on the left are very happy about it, all of it is good news for the Democrats, the longer they drag this race among themselves, the less money they’ll have when the time comes to confront our President. 

I’ve noticed friends that are disappointed because Santorum lost, since they prefer Santorum to win and be the rival of President Obama in the primaries. I can’t understand why people think that if Santorum wins that will be beneficial for Democrats, I believe the opposite. 

To begin with and contrary to what many believe, Santorum is not a bad speaker, he’s not as good as President Obama – far from it – but he is much better than Mitt Romney. Second, most of the extremist right wingers and the Tea Party followers are either with Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul, and by now we all know that neither Ron Paul nor Newt Gingrich stand a chance of winning. Their followers most likely will go to Santorum. The religious extremists would prefer to vote for Santorum than Romney, simply because even though Romney is a Christian, he is a Mormon – in the eyes of the Catholics, Baptists, Evangelists, etc. the Church of the Latter Day Saints it’s a “sect,” not a Christian religion. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is the least crazy of the contenders, actually, the sanest of all the republican candidates. Remember, during the campaign of 2007-2008, when he ran a campaign based on his ideals – an old fashioned republican, a group now extinct – he lost in a blink of an eye. That is why he is probably behaving and sounding like the nuts out there, we say he’s flip flopping, in reality, he is sewing the nuts so he can reap them in November… when he is planning to make peanut butter out of them! 

Another thing against Romney is that he does not know how to be a “regular guy”, he really tries hard to be ‘one of us’ but he fails miserably – every single time. He has no charisma, and at times I even feel sorry for the man, but that lasts less than a second. 

But Romney will lose, there’s no doubt in my mind… the real danger against President Obama was Santorum and thankfully, he is running behind. There is still a long way until Election Day, but I surely hope that Romney will continue winning. 

I truly hope Romney is the republican nominee… if he is, we can be certain that President Obama will be shaping the future of this country for four more years.

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