Friday, March 23, 2012

Etch A Sketch, a Bible or a Blackberry?

Ever since Mitt Romney’s Campaign Advisor, Eric Fehrnstrom, made the analogy of Romney's campaign with an Etch A Sketch no other statement has been more accurate or prompted the other candidates to speak their minds freely for us to have a better, clearer and irrefutable idea of what the GOP principles truly are: a never-ending adjustment to fit the needs of the audience but not what they truly mean or plan to do if they win the Presidency.

To begin with and thanks to that comment, we now know for a fact what up to now we suspected but had no tangible proof:  Mitt Romney will say and do whatever you want him to.  Like the Etch A Sketch toy, he shakes up and presents the image you want if by doing so he will get your vote.  What are Romney’s own ideals and ideas? Only he knows that for sure and even then I have my doubts, it must be really difficult to maintain your own concepts after you keep changing them to please others.

Now Santorum is claiming that to have an “Etch A Sketch” President, we might as well keep the one we currently have – I like his suggestion and I do hope that all the republicans out there listen and do exactly that: Vote for Obama over Romney!

I know that there are Independents out there that are undecided – Why? Beats me!  But they are.  Some say that they don’t like the “Obamacare” that will force them to purchase health insurance.  It’s funny that no one resents being forced to buy insurance for their cars or homes, if they happen to own their homes, but if they are forced to care for what is their main source of income – themselves – then it is the end of the world as we know it.  Others think that President Obama hasn’t done enough of what he promised, and resent him for it.  There are others that are not happy that we are still fighting wars and that Gizmo still is operating.  And the many excuses they provide for their indecision is endless.  I have a question for all of them, from all the Presidents that have led this country while you have been alive… Please, can you name one President that has fulfilled ALL his promises and all OUR expectations?  I am sure that there will be none and if someone provides me with a name, they will be lying because there is no such a thing here or anywhere else, not now not ever.

Having that hurdle cleared, we can continue to analyze what we are risking if we vote for Romney or Santorum in November 2012:

Mitt Romney: Considered the less extremist of the candidates on these primaries, Mitt Romney is offering a bureaucratic and protectionist approach towards big corporations and Wall Street.    Mitt Romney is a man that was born into wealth, not having to worry about a thing since the day he was born, he is your typical 1%.  For him it is normal for a person to own 5 luxury cars, an even great number of houses and have as friends the owners of Nascar or any other multimillion-dollar corporation, and these elites are his best buddies.  The "poor guy" doesn’t even know how to talk to the working class!  It is well known that you can judge people by the way they treat animals, specially their pets and we all know the answer to that one.  How can we expect compassion from a man that didn’t care for his own dog?  No.  He is heartless!  No wonder he says that he enjoys “firing people!”  It is a known fact that he will protect and promote corporations, not people; after all, he is a corporate man with no experience whatsoever on how to be a “regular” guy.  He also has a tendency to say whatever the people that is listening to him wants to hear and even his campaign manager agrees to this.  We owe Eric Fehrnstrom a great deal for the accurate description he gave of Romney’s campaign strategy as an “Etch A Sketch."  With friends like that… who needs enemies, right?

Rick Santorum:  All the sudden I have this urge to drop to my knees and pray… and I am agnostic!   Rick Santorum is a super religious man that envisions this country as a religious country.  For him, separation of church and State means that the State has no saying on what the church does but not the other way around.  If Santorum should win the elections, very remote possibility at this point, he will implement prayers in school and in every governmental office.  He will assign judges to the Supreme Court that shares his extreme religious views.  We can rest assure that he will push for banning abortions at all stages and there will be no exceptions to the rule.  It is a known fact that his wife had an abortion, to safe her life, but that doesn’t matter for this super religious freak if it is your life or that of your wife or daughter the one that needs saving.  All he cares is that there will be no abortions for any reason, so if the women in your life die... it was meant to be and, who are you to question God’s ways?

Santorum is not for the 1% but he is certainly not for the 99% either.  He is for small numbers, the smaller the better; his main purpose for running is to pay the debt and control the budget.  Very commendable if it was plausible at the times we are living.  Are we willing to do without enough police to protect us (I know, after the fiasco we are witnessing with the Trayvon Martin’s case we have to wonder if they are worth it); are we willing to lay-off half of our fire department?  Are we ok with the potholes on our roads?  A cut in our public services which will include public transportation, street lights, food stamps for those that are unemployed, Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly, a cut in our Social Security funds, reducing the unemployment benefits (which we have contributed to), etc.?  Most likely, Santorum will privatize most of the public services in order to cut expenses.  This means that we will have to pay if we want those services, otherwise, your house can burn to the ground before the fire department would do a thing about it – we’ve seen cases like this already in towns where they are privatizing fire departments.  Santorum believes that George W. Bush was a great president; that statement alone should raise all the flags! If Santorum gets his ways, government will have a saying on what transpires in a bedroom… talk about cutting expenses!! He believes that for the good of society, there cannot be pornography, he will prohibit them even at cheap motel rooms!  He is against antithetical sexual actions that according to him go against the traditional family… if it was up to him, he would monitor how we conduct ourselves while copulating.  He would probably fine us if we are wild and enjoying a good orgasm, since he probably doesn’t know what that is and envy can be a bad advisor.  He also has compared gay sex to bestiality and pedophilia.  What can I say?  The guy is a “jewel!”

President Barack Obama: If you ask me, he is the most sensible and reasonable candidate of all.  He inherited a chaotic presidency where the banking institutions were collapsing and where all the experts were foreseeing a financial calamity similar to the Great Depression.  He prevented that from happening.  That the economy has been awful?  True, but we didn’t fall into a Depression.  That he didn’t bring the troops home?  True, but we have no idea what the Generals on the ground have confided in him, I am sure there are good reasons for President Obama to continue that war and we will know one day.  President Obama has tried tirelessly to work for the American people, he had to compromise a lot in order to get things done, but he got them done.  That it could have been better?  Perhaps, but we have ourselves to blame, not him.  I blame all of us that thought we were invincible and stayed home during the 2010 elections hoping for others to do what it was our duty to do: VOTE.  So we failed and lost the majority.  That majority we enjoyed from 2008 – 2010 was not a true majority.  There were way too many blue dogs that sided with the Republicans and didn’t allowed things to progress.  From 2010 till now, with all the Tea Party representatives in Congress plus the old geezers from the GOP that remained, things have been even slower but still things are improving and things are getting done… Imagine what we can do if we had a stronghold in Congress, no blue dogs, just a super majority of real Democrats and Progressives, image what we can accomplish then!  So, unless you want the government to tell you how to make love and to control how many kids you can have; or unless you are one of the lucky ones that belong to the 1%... What are you thinking of?  There should be no doubt, no question in your mind.  Vote for the future, vote for Obama, after all… Etch A Sketch is so passé!

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