Thursday, May 24, 2012

Give Peace a Chance!

Today I read an article about what the defense budgets for the top ten countries in the world are. Each of the defense budget of any one of these countries is outrageous but if you add all of them the result it’s an obscene amount especially during these tough economic times and particularly with so many people struggling to survive and being sucked into the vortexes of poverty.

This past Sunday the NATO (OTAN) Summit was held in Chicago, where the leaders of many of the European Nations, Canada and the United States discussed defense tactics against the never ending threat of terrorism as well as securing deals in the acquisition of “new and improved” armaments that will aid them in that war. Most likely, these countries will sell their old armaments to those they oppose through negotiations with second and even third party countries, disengaging ourselves from the ultimate buyers, which most likely will a “terrorist” group. Terrorists acquire their weapons from somewhere, usually from the countries that purchase the old armaments from our allies and from us.

The yearly budgets reserved by these countries for defense could better serve to pay their national debts instead of increasing it as they are doing. These funds could help each of those nations to come out of the recession they find themselves in or better yet, it could help eradicate famine and extreme poverty in the world. I know that I am not being original when I mention this, it has been said many times but I never compared these figures vs. the rough figure that would be needed to end famine and poverty worldwide.

To help everyone understand what I am saying, these are the defense budgets for 2011 of the top 10 countries:

Now, let’s assume that half of the budget of each country its used for defense and the other half for eradicating famish. There would be $613,000,000,000 exclusively dedicated to help the millions of children, women and men that starve to death every single day. According to Jeffrey Sachs, the amount needed to completely eradicate poverty and therefore hunger would be of 175,000,000,000 a year for 20 years or a total of 3,500,000,000,000. If the top 10 countries would reserve half of their defense budget towards this goal, we would eradicate poverty in SIX years!

It makes sense to me that no country should be defenseless, as long as there are enemies we should and we must have the capability of defending ourselves but… how much is too much? How can we, as civilized nations, be at peace with our conscience when there are so many suffering because they don’t have drinking water, basic nourishment or even shelter? How can we consider ourselves civilized when we know of these injustices and are witnessing our own governments waste so much money buying the latest war machine while a child slowly dies from starvation? Do we really need to invest so much in destruction instead of edification? Must we see our own countries go to shambles with a growing population of homeless families that have no hope for a better tomorrow while we, as citizens, allow our countries to use our hard earned money in this frantic obsession of war and the over expenditure in armaments?

The time is long overdue when we, the people of the world, demand from our leaders a more sensible approach. An approach towards peace, which could be accomplished if we all contribute to the betterment of the world and not its destruction, where we help everyone to have a decent life, where no child ever dies of starvation. If we, together as one planet, help each other without reservation and discrimination, without demanding any changes in the traditions, beliefs or politics of those in need in exchange for that help, we will not only eradicate poverty but we will accomplish the ever so elusive peace that has escaped us since the dawn of times… No one hates those that helped them and didn't ask for anything in return, it’s simple logic… It’s a matter of the heart, it’s a matter of kindness, it’s a matter of humanity and ultimately it’s an action of love.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Aryan Whore of Deutschland

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who is often compared to the conservative British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 Margaret Thatcher, has been under scrutiny lately because of her refusal to relax the economic austerity imposed on the European Union. During a depression that has affected most countries in the world, including ours but more severely the European Union, Merkel has chosen the path of financial austerity. We can say that Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), are the European version of the Tea Party that keeps demanding reducing or eliminating costs at all cost, pardon the redundancy, and by the results we can say it’s a path that has miserably failed.
One can argue that Merkel might be doing what is best for Germany, after all Germany is not suffering as hard as Spain, Greece or Italy. Merkel has refused to bail Greece or even readjust their loan’s interest rates, leaving Greece in complete chaos and in a state of desperation that will probably cause their secession from the Union following Iceland’s path since there is no way for them to pay what they owe. Spain will soon follow, the unemployment rate in Spain is almost 25% and if things were bad before, with this austerity the Iberian Peninsula is not likely to improve their chances of succeeding. It is easy for Merkel to demand austerity; Germany’s unemployment rate is not among the highest in the European Union. Following is the latest unemployment rates by country, from the highest to the lowest rate:

As we can see above, Germany is not suffering as hard as the other countries in the European Union but Merkel’s refusal to assist or restructure the debts of these countries is taking these countries in a downward spiral from which they might not recover, at least not any time soon. Perhaps these countries should declare themselves bankrupted after all, their working force is diminishing by the day, their debts continue to increase, their credit ratings are dropping and no money is fluctuating to revitalize the economy. It is not difficult to realize that unless something it’s done to stimulate the economy of these countries (Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain) their only alternative will be to seceded from the Union and declare financial bankruptcy.

This austerity plan is the one that the GOP and Teapers advocate for in this country, and that so many of our citizens applaud... Is anyone in this country paying attention to what is happening in Europe?  Has anyone here noticed the fiasco this austerity plan is?

The GOP has been screwing up America for the last decade and if they get elected this coming elections we might face the same scenario we are seeing in Europe where Angela Merkel might not be hurting Germany too bad, but she surely is fucking Europe and unless stopped, the World.

Monday, May 21, 2012

You say Mo-NATO and I say No-NATO

NATO was created in 1949 and this year the NATO Summit was held in Chicago, Illinois for the first time. Leaders from 60 nations visited the windy city as well as thousands of people that traveled to Chicago to participate in the protest against this Summit.

Forty-five Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans threw away their "Global War on Terror" medals, symbolizing with this gesture their opposition to this false war on terror. These veterans marched alongside Occupiers, arm in arm with Afghans for Peace and side by side to women of all ages that called themselves Grannies at the G8 or Nanas at NATO who were marching to voice their discontent for war and for the war conservatives have declared against women.  Together were the young and the old, women and men, Black, Asians, Latinos, Whites and Native Americans, united as one to express their disapproval for the never ending war in Afghanistan, the mistreatment of the Afghan people and the use of drones by the military that indiscriminately kills innocent lives in order to destroy one al Qaeda or Taliban member.

As it has become the norm, the riot police welcomed the unarmed protesters in full riot gear. Once more, the police was armed by their inseparable baton but, as far as I know, this time they left the pepper spray at the police station. As it has happened before, protesters were physically hurt by abuse of power of the police that didn't hesitate to use their batons against the occupiers. Again, the street of a city was stained by the blood of its citizens for exercising their constitutional right. This country has paid with blood for the freedom and the right to assemble; we have the constitutional right to peacefully protest for that which we don't agree and against this Summit that I don’t care the name it's given it is a meeting about war.

I find appalling that during these difficult financial times where many nations are on the verge of bankruptcy – particularly Greece, this meeting took place and “defense” deals were secured and everything was business as usual. The participating NATO Countries all belong to the Northern Hemisphere, after all NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Several other countries were invited to participate in the Summit as guests as well as the member countries of ISAF. It is odd that China wasn’t invited, one would think thy have an interest on what is taking place after all, they are practically financing the United States but no, not one representative from the Socialist Republic of China received an invitation perhaps the invitation was lost in the mail.

It is my personal opinion that NATO is nothing more than a club of powerful nations that together confabulate to control the world while interchanging strategies and weapon contracts that will bring them closer to that goal. We cannot expect that they will openly admit this, so the meeting gets camouflaged as an alliance of countries for the security, peace keeping and partnership among the 28 countries that form NATO.

No one can expect for any country to abandon all their weapons and I am not suggesting that, every country must have the capability of defending themselves, and that includes our enemies; what I can’t comprehend is how, at a time where almost every nation is bankrupted and unable to even pay their debts or fulfill their obligations to help the citizens that are struggling to survive in each of these countries, including ours, these nations have the money to purchase these drones and armaments which price tags are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. I can’t understand how the United States can continue ordering weapons such as these and go on with a war no one wants and even threatens Iran with a military intervention if they do not stop their nuclear experiments. How can we continue on this ballistic path? How can the United States finance the rebuilding of the countries we have destroyed while our own infrastructure is falling apart? How can we continue to indiscriminately borrow more and more money to finance these absurdities? Wouldn’t it be easier, simpler and more efficient to end these fucking wars once and for all, stop investing in these drones and other extremely expensive and unnecessary weapons while we have people that have nothing to eat in our own backyard and all over the world? How many nuclear bombs do we need to destroy one another? Would we ever be armed enough? Will the scientific community ever invent an antipsychotic medication strong enough to finally treat the paranoia of the leaders of the United States, the NATO countries and any other country on this planet? I love my president but I can’t support wars it goes against every fiber of my being, after all, I am all for peace and love, not wars.

Members of NATO
Invited Non-NATO countries
Members of ISAF
Sponsoring Corporations

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angels and Demons

Today has been a particularly tough day. I was running late for work, the traffic was horrible, weather was gloomy and when I was about to get to my job, the bridge opened and the last vestiges of arriving at a close to decent time vanished. Two hours later, I got a call from my son to let me know that he had been assaulted, had a broken lip requiring stitching and his back was aching; a tough day indeed.
Later in the day, I heard that Donna Summer died. I couldn’t help but feeling that another icon from a wonderful musical era had left us way too soon and needless to say the news didn’t brighten my day one bit, rather it made it worse if that was even possible. Truth be told, I felt miserable as the day went by and I kept feeling as if no one could have a worse day than mine. We can be so self-centered and so selfish at times!
I left the office later than usual to compensate for the time lost in the morning. On my way home still feeling like my day had been the most miserable of days, I passed by what it seemed to be a very young man sitting on the grass by the sidewalk. I passed him immersed in my thoughts until I reached the stop sign, somehow at that moment the picture of the man on the grass did not seem right, I couldn’t continue on my way so I backed up to make sure. I saw a frail young man, head down as if defeated. With a assuring voice I asked him if he needed help and he lifted his head, tears still falling down his cheeks but with a beautiful smile on his face he said a warm and resounding “Yes!” I pulled my car in a driveway, got off my car and asked him how could I help him. I noticed the seat of the electric wheelchair was occupied with two bags leaving no room for him, so the first thing I did was to take the largest bag that had a strap and secured it to the back of the chair. Next I went to help him get on it and he gently thanked me and said that he could do it by himself. I saw a young woman, in her early twenties come out of the house where I had parked, phone on her ear and I could tell she was talking to the police. Why would she do that? She looked at me, asked me if I knew what was wrong with him to which I replied: he fell off his chair. She simply turned around and walked back to the house. Not once did she looked at him or offered any help. I was surprised!
Cars kept passing by through, it had to be evident that I was trying to help a man on the floor. A person that it was obviously paraplegic – his legs looked like rags – but not one car stopped, asked or at minimum even looked. We were invisible for the passers by and to that young woman that had closed the door behind her without even glancing at this young man or me.
After maneuvering his useless legs to position them in such a way that they would somehow hold his weight while lifting himself up to the chair he finally made it. I was happy for him and he looked radiant. He didn’t have money for the bus and was going a long way. I am in the process of moving, the back of my car is full of boxes and I couldn’t take him to where he needed to go, but the bus stop was very close so I gave him the last dollars I had with me and, feeling that he was safe I was ready to leave. He thanked me profusely, and… the chair wouldn’t move! Apparently, in the fall some cables had come lose and the chair wouldn’t move!
He asked me if I could stay a little longer and threw himself back to the floor. He looked around what I think it had to be the wheelchair’s motor and triumphantly said he had found the loose wire and all I had to do was to lift the top part of the chair. I couldn’t do that, I have a bad back and I told him so… he began to weep again and I felt terrible, useless. He reassured me that God would help, to try… I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t believe in God, God is the only thing that keeps this man strong and I wasn’t going to destroy that, so I said yes, God will provide… maybe a car will stop by. He laughed, and said no, those people don’t care or haven’t you noticed?  They are demons! All of the sudden, a young muscular woman that was jogging passed him by and apparently knew him and recognized him, she approached him, kissed him and she told me that I could leave that she was going to take over from there.
I was relieved that now someone could help him where I couldn’t. He extended his arms from the floor as if asking me for a hug; I gave him a hug and a kiss. He said I was an angel and I smiled… I couldn’t tell him what I thought of angels. If good angels do exist, he certainly was one of them, because he did more good to me than I did to him. If he with so little and such adversity in his life was smiling and was so thankful and grateful… How could I be so selfish as to think that my problems are so big? Sometimes we need a reality check, I met mine today.



Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Truth about Mitt Romney

The elections are less than six months away. Everything seems to indicate that Mitt Romney will be the Republican Presidential Nominee, and after several failed attempts the presidency finally is within his reach. It must be really exciting for Romney, after all, he doesn't care how he gets what he wants as long as he gets it, whatever means necessary.

Mitt Romney has changed his views and opinions about everything, and not throughout the years as many of us do, but from one event to another. It's the "etch a sketch" strategy we have heard so much about.  It is obvious that this man is not campaigning on his values or principles, rather he is telling the American people whatever is necessary and suitable at the time in order to get their vote.

Many will claim this is politics as usual, and up to a point I agree. However, every candidate has an opinion that he or she will defend and not change, but not Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is spending his time accusing President Obama of not knowing how to deal with current issues such as unemployment, energy, education, budget, government and any other issue you can think of. Every candidate employs these tactics and it shouldn't surprise anyone that Mitt Romney does the same. What it is surprising is that when he is asked what are his plans to solve any of these issues, what strategy he will use to fix the problems he claims President Obama is not handling correctly, Romney will not answer.  It is at moments like this that a candidate will take the opportunity to show the American people that they have a viable plan or idea and in the process show their platform hoping it will appeal to as many people as possible.  Instead,  Romney shifts the discussion to economics and how brilliant he is at it, never replying to the question he was asked. Invariably, he mentions how many jobs he saved and created over the years, how many companies he helped create or advance.  On the 2007 elections the GOP mantra was "Drill, baby, Drill" it seems that today's mantra is "Economics, baby, Economics."  We all agree that there is a global economic crises, however, there are other equally important issues that are in desperate need of attention and that are equally important to the quickly disappearing middle class.  Mitt Romney doesn't care about those, all that he is willing to talk about is economics because that is the only thing he thinks he knows and gives him the setting to glorify himself.  The only thing he hasn't said, so far, is that he has the Midas touch... but give him time, the elections are still a few months away!

I decided to write this post after watching the video I attached below. It is a forceful video that shows you exactly how Mitt Romney "saved" jobs. The caring that Mitt Romney has for the average American worker is the same a hungry shark would have for a lion seal. We are insignificant for him, spendable and the only thing that matters for Romney is the mighty dollar.  Now that he has amassed enough of it, he wants to buy a place in history by becoming the President of the United States.  What inspired him was not saving this country and certainly not saving our way of life and the middle class, to obtain what thus far has been unattainable:  to be the ruler of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America.

Obama-Biden 2012!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Live and let Live

Sometimes, we need to see for ourselves the damages and unnecessary suffering we inflict to others in our quest for "righteousness"... In reality, we are making others miserable as a reflection of our own misery.  Move forward America, leave your bigotry in the past.  The time has come to Live and let Live!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Four Letter Words

Yesterday the citizens of North Carolina voted in favor of Senate Bill 514, better known as Amendment 1, banning same sex marriage and domestic legal unions. This bill claims that only marriages between a man and a woman are valid, rendering all other unions, particularly same sex marriages illegal. 

I am, up to a point, happy that these people did this to themselves. In their never-ending hate and bigotry towards homosexuals, they as usual, shot themselves in the foot.

This new amendment will strip couples that live together outside marriage to include their partners in their insurance as they have enjoyed up to today. This amendment might affect women from being protected by the law from domestic violence from their partner, since law enforcement agents will no longer see their mate as a spouse. According to an UNC study, the amendment might question the legality of “contractual agreements and equitable claims between unmarried couples together; and (2) child custody and visitation determinations.” 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey from 2009 there are at least 186,366 couples in North Carolina that live together but are not married, 91 percent of them are heterosexual. According to the latest Census, almost half of all marriages in North Carolina end in divorce. As of 2010 the total population in North Carolina was of 9,535,483.  The population over the age of 18 was of 7,253,848 and 3,042,733 were over the age of 50. This means that approximately 4,211,115 were in what is commonly considered the "marrying" age. This amendment will affect approximately 372,732 people that are living out of wedlock and where only 33,546 are gay. I don’t think you need to be a mathematician to realize who will hurt the most by this new amendment… Isn’t it funny how hate can bite you in the face?

North Carolina has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, so it’s not as if they held the “sanctity” of marriage to such high standards. I will never be able to understand the opposition to marriage between two consenting adults, regardless of gender, race or religion.  How would a marriage between two women or two men, negatively affect a marriage between a man and a woman? Are heterosexuals afraid that gay marriages might last longer than theirs and therefore it will look more valid or valued? Or are they afraid that same-sex marriages might last longer than theirs and therefore making gay marriage more “sanctified” than their own? I honestly believe that is what they fear.  As it happens with most things, what motivates them are their own insecurities.

People in this country are using every vile excuse they can find to go back in time. They keep wishing to return to an era that besides of the golden era of Hollywood and of what can be considered the beginning of the African-American musical influence in what was up to that time an insipid musical repertoire of Caucasian America nothing else was as good as they fantasize it. Quite frankly, not even what I just mentioned was as good as they think, except for a handful of “classics.” The time in history where the Republican and Tea Party want to take this nation back to, was a very sad era where only the Caucasian Americans had rights; women, blacks, native Americans and the rest were considered sub-citizens. I refuse to accept this; we must fight this regression together as a country and as a people.

I rather live in a country where what matters most is the respect we have one another, where my neighbor can love whoever he or she chooses, where we all have the same right under the sun and under our Constitution. A place that constantly moves forward never to look back, unless it is not to repeat the same mistakes; but never wishing to go back and always moving forward. A country that puts its sight on a brighter future, where we are all the same regardless of sexual preferences, racial differences, religious beliefs or financial status. I know that we still have a long road ahead of us, but the road must always lie ahead of us, not behind us.

I am very proud of our Vice President Joe Biden, that so candidly spoke in favor of same-sex marriage this past Sunday on Meet the Press. He might have opened a can of worms, but may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless him for it!

Perhaps it was the candor with which VP Biden expressed himself coupled with the fact that the world didn’t end after he offered his personal support that moved our President, Barack H. Obama, to openly support gay marriage today.  I don’t know, all I can say is that for the first time in American history a President has had the guts to say this to the world and I've never been prouder of my president than I was today.

Four letter words and they have such opposing meanings: LOVE and HATE… which one do you prefer to honor?

North Carolina Divorce Statistics (2010): (
North Carolina Marriage Statistics (2010):

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Torture of Innocents

Today I received a petition in my inbox. I was about to sign without reading it or giving it a second look since it seemed it was for a good cause. I have no idea what prompted me to read it and then watch the video that was attached to it.

I was not only upset at what I saw, I was enraged… I am still enraged!

I must apologize for showing a FauxNews video, but they have the exclusive and couldn't find any other without their logo, this is too important, so without any further delay, I give you FauxNews:

I am very lucky that I don't have a child that has been diagnosed with Autism, or acute ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia or any of the mental illnesses that are so prevalent lately. That doesn’t mean I am ignorant about these disorders, but I am not familiar as to what parents with children suffering from these disorders go through.

I never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, what was taking place at schools specializing in children with these illnesses across the country today. Whilst the country has been, and rightly so, up in arms about the tortures inflicted on “enemy combatants” ever since the attacks on the Twin Towers on the fateful morning on September 11, 2001 no one ever mentions the torture these defenseless children are subjected to at these “schools.”

I recall the horror stories about children with Down syndrome being left at mental institutions from birth, where their parents placed them never to visit them again because these children represented an embarrassment to them, more so if the parents were part of high society. Children who had Down syndrome, Autism and others mental illnesses where warehoused and separated from society even if their incapacitation was considered mild by today's standards. I remember hearing about the terrible treatment they were given by an unloving medical staff and the rejection of their parents. When I heard of this as a child, my heart went out to these poor children, and my innocent mind suffered imagining what I would feel if I were to experience something similar… I couldn’t help feeling poignant for these children and angry at society, and I couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. My views and position on the subject remain unchanged.

I thought those days of abandonment and torture of children was a thing of the past, a past that I justified thinking that people didn’t know any better. I was wrong.

Right here in the United States, there are plenty of these “special” schools where children are basically warehoused. Usually, parents take their sick children there because the children have been either rejected from regular schools due to the severity of their disorder or because of recurrent incorrigible behavior. Most, if not all of these parents, truly believe they are doing what is best for their children and unlike the parents from the past, they do visit them frequently and dream of their children improving enough for them to be back at home where they belong.

One of these schools is Judge Rotenberg Center – from Boston, Massachusetts. If you were in desperate need of help for your child and you were to visit their site you would think you found an answer to your prayers. Nothing could be further from the truth. There has been at least 2 cases of extreme abuse inflicted on children and young adults. According to various sites, one of the two cases resulted in death of an almost blind young woman, who had the mental level of a preschooler and deaf. Before this young woman died, this institution punished what they thought it was an unacceptable behavior by withholding food from her, at times this poor young woman was fed less than 300 calories a day. On the fateful day when she died, she didn't want to eat and was vomiting, the school staff punished her with intense, repetitive and severe electroshock treatments. It turned out that she had an ulcer that burst and the case was dismissed because there was not enough evidence to support the accusation that the "treatment" was what caused her to die. I say that at minimum it was negligence. When that incident happened, the Center was called Behavior Research Institute, the judge that ruled in favor of the Institution was named Judge Rotenberg, the Institute was so grateful for the ruling that changed their name for the name they have today, Judge Rotenberg Center. This judge, in my opinion, should be investigated. The second case occurred ten years ago to Andre McCollins who is Autistic and the one that instigated the petition. Today, ten years later, Andre is catatonic, heavily sedated and with no hope of ever living an independent life, again due to the severity of the treatment.

There are other “schools” such as this one all over the country. These torturous “treatments” should be stopped immediately and we as a society should be infuriated about it, even more than we are about the treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo.

I am attaching the petition, if you feel as sick as I do about this inhumane treatment, please sign it. Thank you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fly Newt to the Moon

Wednesday, May 2 finally marked the end of Newt Gingrich as a Republican candidate in the 2012 elections. As it is customary with him, the speech announcing that he was suspending his campaign revolved entirely around him, enhancing his "contributions" to the Republican Party where according to his recollection he is the most capable. His speech was full of false statements and presumptions with a hefty dose of disrespectful comments towards the President of the United States.

He began his speech making a recount of his political life, since high school and basically taking credit for almost all the transformation of the GOP. In that regard, he was right, but of course he left out that he is the one that brought hate to the party and single-handedly transformed it into the irrational and extremist party we know today.

(07:40) Helping Reagan in the eight years he was president with Bob Walker and others founding the Conservative Opportunity Society.
Gingrich makes reference that this society developed “a generation of solutions.” What he fails to mention is that the idea for this society was his alone as well as the “solutions,” which basically consisted of attacking the Democrats. The tactics the Republicans were using under the direction of Newt Gingrich, with Newt being the loudest representative of this unethical tactic, which used any means possible, whether they were true or not was irrelevant, what mattered most was destroying the Democratic Party. It is ironic that Newt Gingrich accused the Democrats of corruption… this coming from a guy who was forced to resign due to his improper, unethical and abusive behavior. Nothing has ever stopped this man from being what he is: a narcissist, egocentric son of a bitch that like a pit-bull trained to fight will lock his jaws on the his opponents' neck. How he accomplishes it is unimportant to him, what matters is annihilating them with whatever means necessary. A man that knows not the meaning of marriage, of loyalty and faithfulness, of being there in the good times and the bad times, had the audacity to initiate a witch hunt against Clinton for his extra-marital affairs when he couldn’t keep his own pants up.

We were able to work with President Clinton on four consecutive balanced budgets for the only time in our lifetime and we did it in a bipartisan manner because we represented the will of the American people not the will of Washington, DC.
Newt claims that during the Clinton Administration, there was a balanced budget and it was all due to the Republicans in Congress, particularly himself. This is an utter lie, sorry, there is no other way to describe it. The Republicans in Congress during Clinton’s first budget proposal all voted “Nay” and Newt was asked for his resignation by his own party the following year, so in essence Newt had nothing to do with balancing the budget.

(08:53) From 2001 to 2006 I worked as a volunteer on National Security and Health Issues with the Bush Administration.
The National Security and Health Strategy that Newt is so proud of having contribute with the Bush Administration was basically a document granting the United States the right to invade a country if this country was deemed to be under a tyrant ruler. It names a list of countries where democracy – as viewed by us – is not part of their system. The Health “issues” were not particularly impressive and the only thing that I can give Bush credit for was funding scientists to find a cure for HIV.

(09:35) ...she’s [Callista] entered an author face in trying to lead and educate, starting with Sweet Land of Liberty, which Ellis the Elephant introduces 4 and 8 year-olds to American History in an effort to fill the vacuum left by all these very modern educators.
This statement is offensive to all the teachers that are working hard at educating our children, who are underpaid, work long and exhausting hours and who buy school supplies to use in their classrooms out of their own pockets. This so-called book is a distorted view of American History. Not surprisingly, an elephant named Ellis is the ‘narrator’ of this farce and I say not surprisingly because the only connection of an elephant with American History, her fauna or anything else is with the Republican Party. There are many animals indigenous to America, which do not represent any political party that could have been used; instead Mrs. Gingrich #3 chose an elephant, coincidence? I think not. I went through the trouble of purchasing this book to see for myself their interpretation of American History and what was the message that they are indoctrinating our children with. I found that the pilgrims were brave and that with the help of God they survived and celebrated Thanksgiving. No mention of the God that truly helped them and which they later betrayed: the American Indian. No, other than a drawing there is absolutely no mention of the people from whom this land was stolen from. A few paragraphs later, she moves on to the Declaration of Independence and once more she managed to insert the word God by claiming that our forefathers said, “we have rights from God that can’t be taken away.” Further she mentions the American cowboy, going west in covered wagons, of their courage, their pioneering... again, no mention of the American Indian. According to this garbage, this land was empty and for the taking for those “great and courageous pilgrims and cowboys.” And to think that for this piece of shit I wasted $10.00!

Newt asserts that both he and Callista are committed to American History, if an example of their commitment is Callista’s interpretation of it, then what they are committed to is re-writing the American History where the heroes of the story, the “good guys” were the white settlers that came to this land and, while stealing, raping and murdering the natives had the audacity of calling the victims “savages.”

(10:52) In addition, we’ll spend a great deal of time on religious liberty.” The Gingrichs are also committed to tackle what is so very important to them, religious liberty. This religious liberty issue is nothing more than their liberty to impose on the rest of America their religious beliefs. Forcing upon all of us their austerity and pushing God down the throat of everyone, including those of us that are either Agnostic or Atheist. They want to bring prayer back to schools and governmental institutions. The only “liberty” that matters to them is theirs; the rest of us can literally go to hell. This "religious liberty" is the same that wants to control every uterus in America making contraceptives inaccessible and abortions against the law. I’m telling you, the word liberty serves just as decoration, since their intentions don’t have a shred of liberty in it.

(12:00)In addition we’re going to go to College Campuses and talk about personal Social Security Savings Accounts for Robert and Maggie’s generation...
They are on a crusade to brainwash our youth by promoting among them the privatization of Social Security.

(13:04)Well Newt goes on - there is no reason you should give to people ninety-nine weeks for doing nothing and this is an important national debate about a country which was founded in 1607 by Captain John Smith saying to aristocrats, not the poor, to aristocrats citing St. Paul “If you don’t work, you won’t eat.”.
To begin with, every single worker in this country contributes to the unemployment insurance as well as the employer, that money even though it is held in an account by the U.S. Treasury does not belong to the government. Secondly, at a time where the new "people" on the block have shipped our jobs overseas or simply are not hiring to instill in people the idea that it is President Obama’s fault that there are no jobs; to tell these unemployed and desperate people that they are being given money for doing nothing is an insult. Further, I know that Newt is constantly claiming that he wants to romanticize American History, but saying that Captain John Smith said to aristocrats – not the poor – that if they didn’t work they would not eat is misleading. First, even thought I know that the descendants of the pilgrims that arrived in the Mayflower think they were blue blood, they were not. The pilgrims were the unwanted people in England at the time, the troublemakers that were facing prosecution because of their religious views and incorrigible behavior, the Separatists and the Puritans. England basically shipped them to come to the New World and that way getting rid of them. They were not “aristocrats.” However, I do agree that free training in new fields should be offered to the unemployed, but their earned unemployment check should not be withheld pending this training, it should be voluntarily not mandatory. What about if the unemployed is a rocket scientist that NASA laid off? Should he need to be trained into a technical job, like a job in an oil field, in order for him to receive his unemployment check? Ridiculous!

Newt, of course, will devout some time to do what every other Republican is doing: (14:10) repeal Obamacare. That is nothing new; it is in the Republican rhetoric manual, their new political DNA.

Having the personality of a raging elephant, Newt couldn’t resist to insult President Obama and his administration when he said: (14:31)I will focus on the National Security’s three zones: Radical Islamist who we still don’t have a grand strategy, it was nice that our President broadcasted from Afghanistan, the center for Al Qaeda today is Yemen, I’m sure the White House hasn’t gotten that briefing yet, but they will, eventually. The fact that we assume our opponents are as stupid as our bureaucracy is very dangerous and I think you would recognize we do not have a grand strategy in this zone.
He is so arrogant that he truly believes that we are all idiots, and that we don't know that the reason why President Obama broadcasted from Afghanistan was to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden. Actually, Newt was very careful not to mention bin Laden at all because this will give credit to our President; rather he ridiculed the Administration for not knowing where the center of Al Qaeda is, supposedly Newt, who has no security clearance, is better informed than the President of the United States, and only he has a strategy, no one else… and to think there are idiots out there that believe what this man tells them it’s unimaginable, but it is obviously that he does have followers.

(16:49) …I happen to think that there is a better future than methamphetamine and cocaine and I am going to argue for a romantic American future of doing things that matter that gets to the human spirit.
I can only respond to his stupid sentence with an equally stupid comment: Wow! Apparently the rest of America believes that a better future entails the use of methamphetamine and cocaine, for all of us to be high as a kite! I think he is confusing Democrats with Paulists, who by the way is a Republican, what a moron!

(17:29)...we do need to have a national discussion on how to get Congress to be effective. Congress has decayed dramatically in the last twenty years; the Senate in particular has become a stunningly dysfunctional institution.
But of course that is the Senate in particular the one that has become dysfunctional! The Senate holds a majority of Democrats. Forget that the obstructions have come from the Republicans in the House and the Senate that refuse to collaborate with the Democrats. No, they [GOP] are doing their job, bringing Congress down in order to discredit the system, to make Americans disenchanted with it. That is the same strategy Newt used back in the 90s when he destroyed the reputation of Congress by attacking every Democrat in the House and the Senate. He succeeded back then and that was the only reason why Republicans held a majority for the first time in decades in the 90s; the same tactic they used and why we lost the majority during the 2010 elections and the same tactics they are using during the current elections. Republicans are the main reason why politics in this country became a dirty word.

Newt continued to what I think is a very dangerous and completely un-American statement: (18:05)That is why, Callista and me, campaign for a republican president, a republican house, a republican senate, republican governors, republican state legislators, you have to recognize America is a complex mosaic of sub-government, the presidency matters, but so do all the other offices of sub-government.”
In other words, he envisions a one party system, a system that is the basis for a dictatorship. This is very dangerous indeed, if we remove the multiparty system that we enjoy in this country, the basis of government foreseen by the founding fathers will be ancient history.

Newt, however, brought to light what I always tell those that are not sure if they should or should not vote for President Obama in the upcoming elections: (18:59) The Supreme Court Judges. Newt did too. He mentioned that if only there is one reason to vote for Mitt Romney it should be because of the kind of Judges he would appoint. That is the same argument I present to the undecided. We already have too many conservative justices that are appointed for life, who have been appointed by Republicans and who have inflicted enough damage to the American people. How? All I have to say to you is, how do you like the personhood of corporations? You don’t like it? Thank your Republican Supreme Court Justices!

The attacks continued but what I think is worth mentioning from the rest of his speech are two things: First, his support for (19:26) Paul Ryan’s proposal and second, his support for (20:48) Scott Walker. Paul Ryan's “Path to Prosperity” is an attempt to eliminate all safety nets from the poor, the elderly, and the needy in favor of those that are wealthy and corporations; Scott Walker has ignored the will of his constituents imposing a kind of dictatorship in Wisconsin, which has propelled the citizens of Wisconsin to demand a recall.

Finally, Newt Gingrich refers to Mitt Romney, most of the time, as Governor Romney while, in contrast he refers to the President of this country as Obama, all the time except for once and that once I really think it was a slip of the tongue. That is completely disrespectful. That is a manipulation to place in people's minds the insignificance of President Obama and to escalate the status of Mitt Romney. I shouldn't be surprised; nothing straightforward, respectful or dignified can ever be expected from this frustrated loser.

Newt’s dream is the colonization of the moon. I propose that we collect enough funds to help him get there… Let’s buy him a one-way ticket to the moon; we could do very well without him on this planet! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There is nothing I could say that could be better than being able to compare, side by side, the Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney and the President of the United States.

To be able to "feel" what they believe America's future should be. One believes in helping the American youth get an education by providing easier access to Federal Pell Grants, Financial Aid and lowering the interest rates of their loans; the other suggests that our youth ask their parents for a loan to start a business. That alone, should tell you the vision Mitt Romney has of America: a place where parents have financial solvency, a solid financial situation enough to lend their children money to start a business, like the story he mentioned in his speech, we all have parents able and capable of lending us $20,000 just because we want to venture into business immediately after high school. Perhaps, this is very easy for him and his circle of friends, but for the common and almost extinct middle class American its a dream beyond their current capabilities.

This is the man that wants to run this country. A man that thinks that a college student should start their own business instead of finishing school and of course, do not ask the government for help, ask your parents... after all, he is positive that everyone in America has 5 mansions, 10 cars and probably several bank accounts with over six figures in all of them, so there should be no problem!

Please notice the students behind President Obama, their enthusiasm and participation throughout the speech.  The atmosphere was vibrant.  No one can deny that President Obama is a great speaker, he lifts the spirits and inspires the masses.

Now in contrast, notice the students are barely keeping awake.  Not only do we have to endure Mitt Romney's sucking his teeth every so often during the speech, but he has some sort of speech impediment, he stutters a lot. The rhythm he maintains during his speech is enough to knock anyone out, it is almost unchangeable, from beginning to end.  The audience is not engaged, actually it's comatose.

THE UGLY:  I had to throw this in here to cover for the Ugly, sorry no transcript...   

Well, what can I say about Ron Paul, I think he is delusional if he still believes he has any chance of winning the primaries... but I think he will run as an Independent, I sure hope so, it will be better for President Obama if he does.