Sunday, June 7, 2015

It’s Time For a Woman President, Just Not Her

It’s been almost two months since Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her candidacy for President. If you visit her website, you will see very little of what she is bringing to the table. In fact, there is not even a tab for Issues. Zilch, nada, zero. There is a tab for her biography, where you will learn her life story (I can hear violins playing in the back of my mind). You will learn her father was a Republican and that her mother had a very difficult childhood. Nowhere on her website will you learn about the issues she will be fighting for during her campaign. There are no tabs on her website to clarify some of the questions raised by the media ever since she announced her candidacy. You can’t even access it unless you “join” her. Why the secrecy?
The above video is from her campaign website. Even in her video, she briefly touches the subject “economics” but offers no glimpse at a solution. She makes sure there is a pair a gay couples to ensure that people know, without her saying it, that she is pro same sex marriage. Damn, even  her iconic phrase “human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights” was changed to “human rights are gay’s rights and gay’s rights are human rights” well, that sure took a lot of thinking!
Too many things have come up since her announcement. The compromising of security by practically giving to the highest bidder weapon deals in exchange for a donation to her family’s foundation has no precedent for a Secretary of State. Making deals with countries known for they tyranny and lack of human rights, which she was willing to overlook for a fee; if they were willing to pay, she was ready to play. One can only wonder what will be for sale if she becomes the president of this great nation of ours.
Given the questionable legality or morality of the above, I had my doubts about its veracity. As any Hillary supporter would think – which I've never been – I thought it was a dirty attack by the Right Wing media in an attempt to taint her image because they feared her. Then, the same thing was published in Mother Jones, a magazine with a pretty solid reputation among progressives. Then, it was also mentioned by The Daily Kos, so it was not trash from the Right after all, it seemed to be real.
What made me think without a doubt that there was something very dishonest about the “pay-to-play” deal, was the conveniently erased emails that could incriminate her without a doubt. Hillary not only used her personal email exclusively for governmental issues, but she went as far as using a personal server, conveniently located at her home in New York. The exclusive usage of a personal email is against the Federal Records Act Amendments of 2014 but she claims it was an option available to her… Cmon! She is not an inexperienced person. She was a Senator and before that she was a First Lady for eight years. She is also a lawyer, and we are to believe that she had the option of streaming her emails, the federal business she conducted to be private, 100% private and under her exclusive control? It bothers me that she says all this with a smirk on her face. She continues to say that her emails were all to personnel at the government offices and therefore immediately captured by the government’s servers. Really? Even those emails sent to other governments, to dignitaries from faraway lands? And then, she erased them, and we are to think that there was nothing to hide? How stupid does she thinks we are, how stupid does she thinks her base is?
Still, I'll grant her the benefit of the doubt maybe she used her own server, her personal email, etc. for the convenience. Let’s assume that, as ridiculous as it may sound. But why didn’t she send copies to her official governmental email so there would be a record of what was transpiring? Even I do that when I send an email from home related to work and vice versa. The fact that she didn’t, makes me wonder what was she hiding. If you are hiding something, I bet anything it’s because it is not good. I am sure they can access those emails, and that probably will happen in due time but, by then, she might already be president. If we find out what those emails were, we are then in deep trouble because that could only mean a Republican is occupying the White House. No Democrat will ever throw her under the bus, or so I hope.
Regardless, she is running on air. Nothing on her page tells us what she will do to change the course of this country. She doesn’t have a platform other than she is Hillary. Period.
People are voting for her to continue a dynasty. They are voting for her because they want to relive Clinton’s era. That will never happen and in all honesty, Clinton’s era was great but, in the long run, we are where we are in part thanks to his policies. He opened the door for corporations to move their factories overseas, for corporations to take their money offshore and for China to invade us. We are parasites, and we produce barely anything, even our budget depends on what we can borrow from China, and we have Bill Clinton to thank for it.
We need to stop romanticizing imperial masters, envying England and their royalty. No more Bushes or Clintons, there are far more intelligent and capable people than these two families. Enough is enough.
Clinton, both of them, are corporatists that will never bite the hand that feeds them, they will always protect and work for Corporate America, not blue collar America.
It’s time to close the Clintons and Bushes chapters. They are and forever shall be history.
If she wins the primary, I will vote for her, but I will do it with a hefty heart.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders is an Independent. He is also a Socialist.

The problem with people in the US is that they do not know or recognize there is a difference between socialism and communism. They are not the same even though most communist countries claim to be socialists, in reality they are not.

It's like saying Imperialism and Capitalism are the same, they are not.

There is no harm in Sanders' socialism. That type of socialism works for the betterment of society. It tries to help the helpless; to bring up those that have no voice, no future and that have lost hope due to the greed and arrogance of the upper class. Wanting to provide free education for everyone, is socialism. Wanting to offer everyone with medical attention and healthcare for free, is socialism. Don't buy into the bullshit that a socialist wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor, that is a fear tactic used since Hoover to demonize socialism. All a socialist wants is better wages for the working class, better working conditions, less taxes for the poor and the rich to be taxed appropriately. If this is not good for you or me, and I am talking to every Democrat and Independent out there, then you are not a Democrat, and you are simply fooling yourself.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders, and I have said this since he came into the picture as the only one in Congress watching my back. Long before he announced he was running. I have said I would vote for him or Elizabeth Warren before most Democrats were shouting they would and begging Bernie to run, just so now that he listened and is running to run like scared rats... Now we hear more often than not that he will lose because he is a socialist. That we want history to be made and elect the first woman (without giving a damn that she supports Monsanto and that she is a corporatist)... If you wish to make history and history is so damn important I will give you history:

Bernie Sanders will be the very first openly Socialist President of the United States of America. How about that for making history?


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

There Is No Hope For Israel Or Palestine

I lost all faith in the State of Israel and, sadly, in the majority of the Israelis specifically those that voted to perpetuate the reign of Netanyahu.

The outcome of yesterday’s elections proved to me that the government of Israel and the majority of Israelis only remember when the genocide was on their people. It is unbelievable that today they are the ones exerting the same violence inflicted to them less than 100 years ago.

Back in the 1940s, Hitler with the support of most Germans and many other Europeans were set on destroying the Jewish people. Like a cancer, the forces of the Nazis were eating at the Jewish population from every country they conquered and the world looked in the opposite direction. Sadly, only a handful of people cared what was happening on another land that wasn’t theirs. That is how Hitler was capable of conquering a country after country because no one cared until it was their turn. Even the US, who at one point was contemplating siding with Hitler… until they found out that Hitler had his eyes on these shores as well. Then and only then was the US willing to be the knight in shining armor.

Today, we can’t understand how the world was capable of ignoring and allowing the atrocities committed against the Jews. Why did the majority of people ignore such horrors? We might never know. Some say Hitler was a great orator, others say people responded out of fear. The only sure thing is that it was allowed and whoever didn’t protect the Jewish people by denouncing those horrors were and are guilty of that genocide.

It is sad that it is those same people that suffered in their flesh those monstrosities, are the ones doing it to other people. It’s the narcissist or bully syndrome I suppose. We have heard that those abused as children most likely will become abusers when they grow up. I think that is what’s happening to Israel and its peopleThe difference is that Israel is keeping their horrors centralized and practically out of view from the rest of the world. Israel hasn’t crossed any boundaries (other than to steal the land from the Palestinians) or invaded any neighboring country. And as long as they keep it within their borders the world will look the other way while the monster this time is not bearing a swastika but is committing these crimes sheltered by the star of David.

I have heard from Jewish friends that Palestinians are so bad, so unwanted that not even their “Muslim brotherscare about them. They have tried to dehumanize Palestinians, practically portraying them as the cockroaches of the world deserving to be annihilated. Israelis forget the land they claim as theirs was, less than 100 years ago, Palestine where the majority of Muslims coexisted with a very small number of Jews. During that time, where Muslims were the majority, they coexisted without any problem. The problem began with the dissolution of the Mandate and, more importantly, with the Zionist arrival in Palestine. They forget this.

Zionists do not want to coexist; they never did. They have the same ideals and concept as the Nazis. They want to eliminate everything and anything that is not Jewish, in other words, they want to purify the land, just like Nazis did. I know many of my Jewish friends will not accept this, the few I have left will most likely end our friendship but the truth always hurts. It is their attitude of rejection to others opinions, of accusing those that want peace and are against the actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians of being “anti-Semite," that keeps critics abate. I refuse to be like those Europeans that looked the other way when Jews were being slaughtered. I refuse to look the other way when now the Jews are ones doing the slaughtering; I could not live with myself.

Now, Netanyahu won again and got the vote of the people by stating that there will never be a Palestine State under his watch. That statement brought the Israelis out in numbers which for me it means that those who voted for Netanyahu are bloodthirsty, murderers who are no different from the Nazis.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Palestinian Holocaust

gazaHere we go again…. Another confrontation between Israel and Palestine. What else is new?

What’s new is that finally the world is fed up with the abuses of the government of Israel. Netanyahu has pushed the envelope quite too many times, and the world sees through his lies.

On April 23, 2014 Hamas, controlling the area of Gaza and Fatah, controlling the West Bank, agreed to unite their government and create the Palestinian Authority. Needless to say, the government of Israel did not like this union and openly expressed their disagreement. Ignoring the opposition of Israel, the new Palestinian government continued their negotiations and on May 28th a new government began to take form, announcing that in less than a month they will have a new cabinet. That is exactly what happened and on June 9th the new cabinet of the Palestinian Authority was created.

The new government of the Palestinian Authority begins taking bids for the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas within the Palestinian land (Gaza and West Bank), bids were to end on June 30, 2014.

On May 15th, two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead by IDF, but no one has heard about it, the media is not interested in showing Israel as anything but an innocent victim… These two teenagers were Nadeem Siam Nawara, 17, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16 and perhaps their deaths were what prompted the kidnapping and murdering of the three Israeli kids, most likely done by a family member of the deceased Palestinian kids seeking revenge.

It was not Hamas, but this provided the government of Israel the excuse they were looking for and, if there had been none, they would have created it… damn it, they may have even been the ones that kidnapped and murdered those kids. You know how the saying goes: In love and war, all is accepted.

Due to the leaked video of the shooting of these two Palestinian teenagers, the US government questioned Moshe Ya’alon, Israel Defense Minister, about the deaths of Nadeem and Mohammad. Mr. Ya’alon claimed “Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown at border police officers who felt that their life was threatened, and acted accordingly.” Further, Mr. Ya’alon without seeing the video alleged that the images of the video were manipulated through editing… without seeing the video, he was already sure the images were manipulated, of course… IDF and the Israel Police Department are never at fault, just like our Defense and policemen, they are always fair, just and within the law, ha!

On June 12, 2014 three Israeli teenagers went missing: Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16 and Naftali Frenkel, 16. One of the kids abducted, called the Israeli police department on that same day and with a low and trembling voice, reported they had been kidnapped… the police answering the phone heard voices and what it was, unmistakably, gun shots and then silence. Today, all cellular phones are equipped with GPS so we can be almost sure that the police knew exactly where these boys were. According to Israeli police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, the Israeli police knew that Hamas didn't commit this horrible act but a lone cell; I can almost be sure that it was in retaliation for the deaths of Nadeem and Mohammad…

By June 15th, Hamas learns that Netanyahu is blaming them of kidnapping the three Israeli teenagers and denies their involvement in the kidnapping.
Coincidentally, on the day the Palestinian Authority is to end accepting bids, the bodies of the three teenage boys are found in a shallow grave in the West Bank, not Gaza, on June 30, 2014.

Besides a few ruffled feathers, Israel does nothing major against Palestine; the Palestinian Authority hasn’t announced who the winners of the oil and gas bids are; Israel and United States made bids and are hopeful to be the winners… The Palestinian Authority rejected their bid, and rumor has it – I can’t confirm it – that the bid was given to Russia.

Now, knowing full well that they will not get their hands, legally, on the Palestinian oil and gas Netanyahu attacks Gaza on July 8th, 2014 with all the might of a power country… attacking with everything Israel has except a nuclear bomb; perhaps if they can’t get the oil and gas legally, they can by force.

israel planeOn July 17th, the Malaysian flight MH 17 was shot down, and the US accuses Russia of indirectly being responsible of this sinister, after all, the weapons used by the Ukrainian rebels was provided to them by Russia… as if the US doesn’t do the same. Making this accusation is just a way to put Russia (Vladimir Putin) into defense mode and neglect Russia’s interest in the oil and gas of Palestine.

It has been 20 days of Israel slaughter on Gaza and counting. We keep hearing that one Israeli soldier died yesterday or that 3 soldiers died a week ago… or that one rocket was fired by Hamas to Israel, and as usual, either missing the target or getting intercepted by IDF. No one seems to know how many bombs and rockets have been thrown by Israel, I guess it is way too difficult to keep count. But we rarely hear what is happening inside Gaza; the media is silent.

I used to support Israel, but I can’t anymore. What is happening cannot be called a war, no matter how much the Israeli government insists it is. It can’t be a war because only one side holds all the weapons. Only one side has a military force to reckon with while the other is just a bunch of militants, a handful of renegades that after more than 50 years of occupations, usurpation and abuse are fed up and are fighting back. 
When a country with the advantage attacks civilians, when it attacks schools and shelters, that nation is not worth defending, that nation should not be considered a victim.

Hamas is no angel, but neither is Israel. The youth on both sides is growing up with their hearts and souls filled by the hatred towards one another. There has to be two independent countries, not as Israel foresees it – with the Israeli government controlling all access to water, food, medication, roads, transportation, etc. – but by Palestine becoming a true independent nation, without the interference of Israel.

I no longer stand by Israel… Doing so is supporting the ethnic cleansing being done by Zionist Jews, a genocide, a holocaust. I've lost many Jewish friends over this; they can't understand that I love the people of Israel but it is their government I despise.

وداعا والسلام
 الحرية لفلسطين!

 להתראות ושלום
 חופש לפלסטין!