Wednesday, March 18, 2015

There Is No Hope For Israel Or Palestine

I lost all faith in the State of Israel and, sadly, in the majority of the Israelis specifically those that voted to perpetuate the reign of Netanyahu.

The outcome of yesterday’s elections proved to me that the government of Israel and the majority of Israelis only remember when the genocide was on their people. It is unbelievable that today they are the ones exerting the same violence inflicted to them less than 100 years ago.

Back in the 1940s, Hitler with the support of most Germans and many other Europeans were set on destroying the Jewish people. Like a cancer, the forces of the Nazis were eating at the Jewish population from every country they conquered and the world looked in the opposite direction. Sadly, only a handful of people cared what was happening on another land that wasn’t theirs. That is how Hitler was capable of conquering a country after country because no one cared until it was their turn. Even the US, who at one point was contemplating siding with Hitler… until they found out that Hitler had his eyes on these shores as well. Then and only then was the US willing to be the knight in shining armor.

Today, we can’t understand how the world was capable of ignoring and allowing the atrocities committed against the Jews. Why did the majority of people ignore such horrors? We might never know. Some say Hitler was a great orator, others say people responded out of fear. The only sure thing is that it was allowed and whoever didn’t protect the Jewish people by denouncing those horrors were and are guilty of that genocide.

It is sad that it is those same people that suffered in their flesh those monstrosities, are the ones doing it to other people. It’s the narcissist or bully syndrome I suppose. We have heard that those abused as children most likely will become abusers when they grow up. I think that is what’s happening to Israel and its peopleThe difference is that Israel is keeping their horrors centralized and practically out of view from the rest of the world. Israel hasn’t crossed any boundaries (other than to steal the land from the Palestinians) or invaded any neighboring country. And as long as they keep it within their borders the world will look the other way while the monster this time is not bearing a swastika but is committing these crimes sheltered by the star of David.

I have heard from Jewish friends that Palestinians are so bad, so unwanted that not even their “Muslim brotherscare about them. They have tried to dehumanize Palestinians, practically portraying them as the cockroaches of the world deserving to be annihilated. Israelis forget the land they claim as theirs was, less than 100 years ago, Palestine where the majority of Muslims coexisted with a very small number of Jews. During that time, where Muslims were the majority, they coexisted without any problem. The problem began with the dissolution of the Mandate and, more importantly, with the Zionist arrival in Palestine. They forget this.

Zionists do not want to coexist; they never did. They have the same ideals and concept as the Nazis. They want to eliminate everything and anything that is not Jewish, in other words, they want to purify the land, just like Nazis did. I know many of my Jewish friends will not accept this, the few I have left will most likely end our friendship but the truth always hurts. It is their attitude of rejection to others opinions, of accusing those that want peace and are against the actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians of being “anti-Semite," that keeps critics abate. I refuse to be like those Europeans that looked the other way when Jews were being slaughtered. I refuse to look the other way when now the Jews are ones doing the slaughtering; I could not live with myself.

Now, Netanyahu won again and got the vote of the people by stating that there will never be a Palestine State under his watch. That statement brought the Israelis out in numbers which for me it means that those who voted for Netanyahu are bloodthirsty, murderers who are no different from the Nazis.

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