Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Introducing Mr. Bill

The life of each human being begins with fertilization, cloning, or its functional equivalent, irrespective of sex, health, function or disability, defect, stage of biological development, or condition of dependency, at which time every human being shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood.

"FERTILIZATION- The term ‘fertilization’ means the process of a human spermatozoan penetrating the cell membrane of a human oocyte to create a human zygote, a one-celled human embryo, which is a new unique human being."
The above is some of the text that appears in the H.R. 212 - The Sanctity of Life Act bill currently in Congress and endorsed by Republicans Paul Broun, Mr. Akin and Mr. Ryan among others.  In total this bill is endorsed by a total of 53 Congressmen and 3 Congresswomen.  How there can there be Republican women that do not understand that the fundamental goal of the GOP is to overturn Roe vs. Wade is beyond me.  If this bill passes, which I doubt, it will grant personhood to any fertilized egg, regardless of how it got fertilized, excluding incest or rape as a valid reason to terminate a pregnancy.  The life of the mother will also be removed, how can you determine which person has a right to live and which one doesn't?

This is the ultimate assault on a woman's right to control her life and her destiny.  This bill is a definitive invasion of her privacy.  I can't think of a valid reason other than future slavery, that the GOP might have to  be so determined in getting involved in what transpires in a woman's vagina and uterus.  Vagina envy?  Not getting enough?  Making sure that even son of bitches leave a little bastard for posterity?  I don't know what their reason is, but it is very dangerous.

While the GOP is creating more and more personhood - now we have clots and corporations proudly sporting the title of "personhood" granted by the far Right while women are becoming lesser people under the law.  I am yet to see a law that will diminish by one iota the right of men, those rights remain intact.  There is no doubt that for the religious Right a pair of testicles and what most of the times its a joke of a penis are far more important and valuable than a vagina or an uterus.  To think that every single one of them were raised by a woman and that they in turn hate women so much as to do everything in their power to place them in the kitchen.  

"The Sanctity of Life"  What a joke!  This coming from a group of people that thrive on wars, where thousands of our youth get slaughtered.  This coming from a group that looses no sleep when sending someone to death row even when there is a possibility of that person being innocent.  This coming from a group that worship guns which is nothing else but an instrument of death.  But we have to believe that they are pro-life.

This charitable group of people that are holier than thou are also working diligently in removing funds from medicaid, medicare and welfare... so they can increase the overly obscene defense budget.  Once more they are proving that they don't give a damn for a child that is alive and kicking... only the oocyte, embryo and fetus are sacred, a child can go to hell for all they care.  The Religious Right doesn't care about life, how can they when they hunt doctors that practice abortions and kill them?  Anyone that believe that they believe in life while committing murder is a big hypocrite; and I don't care that they are protecting the unborn "baby"... It is not a baby until it breathes air, it's a cocyte or an embryo but NOT a baby.  Killing a doctor that is practicing what up to know is a legal service is MURDER; two wrongs will never result in one right, sorry.

This bill H.R. 212, doesn't specify what the penalty or sentence would be if a woman uses a hanger to terminate her pregnancy or what a doctor's penalty will be for performing an abortion to save the mother's life.  This of course it's not mentioned because it will be a matter of the State where the "murder" of the oocyte was committed.  If it is a death penalty State, they'll fry the mother or the mother and the doctor, if one was involved.  If it is a no death penalty State, then they will be sentenced to life in prison.  Absurd!

When a bill is put together by men who have never experienced rape, who will never know what it is to be pregnant and not being able to afford a child or hating that child because it is the product of rape or incest, when these men think that they know more than a woman about the subject or what decision works for her best interest, when these men think they are so righteous as to force upon women their views, then these women are being raped by their government.  These women are being raped over and over again and they are being forced to put their lives at risk, unnecessarily.  Self-performed abortions have taken place since the beginning of time, usually resulting in the perforation of the uterus and the death of both mother and child, but the GOP couldn't care less.  

Another bill has been introduced (H.J. Res. 110) to amend the Constitution regarding parental rights.  This bill provides the parents "the liberty to direct the upbringing and education of the child."  It does not provide any exceptions, which means that a rapist will have an equal voice as the victim when it pertains to their offspring.  Ridiculous!

These Republicans are the only murderers here with an insatiable thirst for blood.  They don't care who dies; they just want to look "Christian" enough in the eyes of the Evangelical, Religious Right who are the ones filling their pockets for them to do their dirty deeds.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 RNC (Reaffirming No Compassion) Convention

That should be the real name for the RNC. This is the party of No Compassion other than the compassion shown when the very wealthy lose a few thousand dollars in the stock market, or when the very wealthy are charged a fair tax rate, then they all in unison cry out that there is class warfare.
For them it is perfectly fair to strip the elderly of their safety net, after all these are unproductive people that are sucking dry the funds of the nation. Who cares that they worked all their lives, contributed to this country by serving in the armed forces, worked, paid taxes, contributed to their SS… that doesn’t matter at all, that money in the Social Security funds, which not one penny has come out from the U.S. Treasury, could be put to work for a better cause than helping the depositors; things that are truly important like wars in the Middle East.

The GOP has come up with a great plan: Eliminate Medicare. By the eradication of Medicare as we know it, they are hoping that those senior parasites that in their view serve no good to society will die quicker. It is known that the life span now is greater than years ago, in part thanks to medical advances that are prolonging life and because our seniors lead a healthier lifestyle. If the access to medical care is made harder and inaccessible, logic tells us that seniors lifespan will drop, and drop fast at least for the regular senior, not the rich who can afford the best doctors.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, the GOP is removing the safety net from the poor. They want to strip them from all form of help such as Medicaid, Welfare and food stamps. The Right Wing is also working hard at making abortion illegal and contraceptives difficult to get if you are poor. The result of this agenda will translate in further poverty when these families and in particular women that are already struggling to survive, will find themselves having more children than those they can support, pushing them farther from ever coming out of poverty. Planning further into the future, the GOP wants to get rid of higher education financial aid, this is to ensure that the thousands if not million of children that will be born due to their reproductive laws, will never get an education. This will create a new generation of under educated people that in less than 20 years will enter the work force uneducated, creating a new form of slavery, where they will work for almost nothing and be thankful for the scraps or join the lower ranks in the armed forces to fight the never-ending GOP wars.
The American people are concerned with what is taking place right now and that will affect them in the very near future. Even the regular Republicans, when concerned about further down the road what concerns them is the financial debt of the country. None of them, right or left, seem to see the bigger picture and what everything that is being proposed by the GOP means to all of us. If we follow their agenda, we will be a third world country with two highly defined social classes: the very wealthy and the extreme poor.
I know that the people from the right reading this will accuse me of propaganda, of spreading fear, etc. But I ask, what will be the results if the GOP agenda comes through? So far we have bills making it almost impossible to get an abortion if you are poor (defunding Planned Parenthood); removing the coverage of contraceptives from tax payers funded insurance (Medicaid); eliminating Medicare by turning it into a voucher system, this translates into less preventive medical attention; defunding education programs which will make it impossible for poor kids to obtain a college degree; eliminating Social Security with the rhetoric that we shall plan for the future and be responsible for that future – which is exactly why we contributed to Social Security to begin with. I see no other result other than more people, less education which equals lower pay rates and less jobs in as short as 18 years. It is a grim future if the Right gets its way.
Now, the RNC (Reaffirming No Compassion Party) is holding their 2012 convention in Tampa, Florida, I can’t wait to hear what new "ideas" they will bring to their already outrageous agenda. It has been said that they plan to “unveil” a new idea that will bring more Latinos to their side. Other than the self-deportation and the electrified fence, Romney has promised to overturn the Dream Act, so that can’t be it. Perhaps they will suggest a voucher that will give the undocumented workers a permit to stay if they work for free for a certain number of years but it will not surprised me if they suggest to the undocumented immigrant to commit self-slaughter, anything is possible and I can’t wait to learn what new lies they concoct next.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Women are Second Class Citizens

Most of the comments and posters I am seeing in Facebook are related to the GOP actions and comments about rape.
For almost three years now, the Republicans in Congress have practically done nothing else but quietly pass laws that are methodically stripping women of their reproductive rights. Currently there are 67 Abortion bills in Congress vs. 0 Job bills, it is clear what their priorities are.
These Republicans in office know perfectly well that if they challenge Roe vs. Wade they will lose, so they’ve stopped attempting to change it, instead they opted for blocking women from any other mean of protection and funds to have an abortion if necessary or if she doesn’t want to have a child. In their obsession with protecting the life of an embryo they are obstructing every venue women may have to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. How can they be against contraceptives? Now they are not only pro-life but pro-cell, since an unfertilized egg is nothing more but a cell with an expiration date and taking that damn pill will only make that egg infertile. After all, as Todd Akin said if a woman is being raped her body will fight those sperms and she “magically” will not get pregnant. With contraceptives no babies would be harmed in the process, but the GOP is against that too.
While they are all for men taking that blue pill that will maintain their virile member erect (if for more than 4 hours, please contact your doctor) long after nature has asked for its resignation, they are doing everything possible for women to be just incubators with legs, with no voice as to whether or not she is ready to be a mother but healthy enough to enjoy sex. Nope, for the GOP women are not supposed to enjoy sex as the opposite sex does, which is the only reason why they take Viagra. How dare women to have sex for any other reason but to get pregnant? For the GOP only men are entitled to enjoy a night of passion for the simple reason that you like sex.
Most of the Republicans Representatives, Senators and Governors are slowly but surely changing the laws to an extreme position to satisfy their religious base and their own personal moral beliefs. Some years ago, the majority of them were against abortion except in cases of Rape, Incest or to save the mother’s life. Not anymore. The majority of them have gone as far as to remove from the list of acceptable abortions cases of rape and incest and even some have indicated no exceptions whatsoever. Some have gone as far as to insinuate that rape or incest cannot be legally proven for a woman to use that “excuse” to get an abortion; and the Left gets outraged. Posters with quotes from people like Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, Foster Friess and others begin to pop up everywhere. Some posters are asking women to vote Democrat; others are just simply mocking the ignorance of the person who made the statements. There are posters denouncing the whole thing as a War on Women but no one seems to get what is going on and what the Republican agenda is on this issue. I think I have deciphered it. By removing rape and incest as a valid reason for a woman to have an abortion, they are removing any guilt from the victimizer and placing it completely on the woman, by insinuating that there is no proof of forcible rape then it must have been consensual and therefore no there was no rape.
There have been signs proving that's exactly what the Right Wing thinks, for years they have blamed women for getting raped because they “ask for it” if they looked good and dressed provocatively, if they were walking at night alone, if they didn't say a resounding NO when a man forced himself on her… after all, they all know a NO could be a yes…
This whole obsession with women’s reproductive rights is nothing more than shifting the victim role from the woman – that bitch that with her beauty seduced and provoked the male – to the “poor and innocent” man that fell for her tricks.
The GOP has never cared for those that they think are inferior to them, this is just a serious effort to keep women as they like them best: barefoot and pregnant.  
Can anyone tell the difference between the Republican laws and the Shariah law?  They're both against women and are founded on religion, no difference.  

Quotable Quotes

Rape is like the weather. If it's inevitable, relax and enjoy it." - Clayton Williams, 1990 Texas Gubernatorial Hopeful
This contraceptive thing, my gosh is such inexpensive, back in my days we used Bayer aspirin for contraception, the gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly.” - Foster Friess, billionaire conservative and main supporter of Rick Santorum’s Super PAC, 2012
Rape and incest was used as a reason to oppose this. I would hope that when a woman goes into a physician with a rape issue, that physician will indeed ask her about perhaps her marriage, was this pregnancy caused by normal relations in a marriage or was it truly caused by a rape.”- Idaho State Senator Chuck Winder, 2012
"They had no problem having similar to a trans-vaginal procedure when they engaged in the act that resulted in their pregnancy." - Dana Loesch, syndicated conservative talk radio host, 2012
The odds are one in millions and millions and millions, and there is a physical reason for that. Rape, obviously, is a traumatic experience. When that traumatic experience is undergone, a woman secretes a certain secretion, which has a tendency to kill sperm.” – Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Friend, 1980

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elephants Do Love Nuts

It is amusing what is taking place in American politics. Has the Right wing gone completely insane? The 2012 Presidential Elections will forever be remembered as the wackiest in history.

Politics has always been, and will always be, dirty business but the level of dirt shown by the Right during these campaigns is off the charts. We’ve gone from a system of government with predominantly two parties, Democratic and Republican, who used to differ in many aspects but capable of finding a median ground where they could work and collaborate for the good of the country to what we have now, which is a completely dysfunctional system where if the Democratic Party says yea the other one by force must say nay, even if what they are rejecting are their own ideas. If instead of political parties leading a nation these were parents raising a child, that child would be removed from that household and placed in foster care due to abusive parents and child neglect. Yet we, the hypothetical children of these parents, are stuck with these parents where at least one of them couldn’t give a damn about us but we don’t have a Department of Children and Families to look after us and save us from these monsters. 

I am beginning to think that there is a secret competition among Republicans to see who does or says the craziest thing and gets away with it. It is almost as if they want to test how solid their base is, if they follow and are loyal to the Party because of the ideology or because of stupidity, and stupidity is winning. How else could you explain what is happening?

On September 12, 2011 at the GOP/Tea Party Express Debate, Wolf Blitzer asked an hypothetical question about a healthy 30 year old man who chose not to have health insurance and all of the sudden gets sick and needs intensive care for six months. When the Blitzer asked Ron Paul if society should let him die, there were people in the audience cheering and yelling “Let him die!” Ironically, the majority of those people call themselves Christians.  Ron Paul didn't agree, none of the candidates did but not a single one of them made a comment against what those in the audience yelled, and we all know that silence speaks volumes.

During the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate at Reagan’s Library in Texas, Brian Williams asked: “Governor Perry, question about Texas, your state has executed two hundred thirty four death row inmates more than any other governor in modern times [applause], have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that anyone of those might have been innocent?” When the audience heard “more than any other governor” they went wild applauding and even whistling in approval and Governor Perry far from showing an image of concern or consternation, openly showed a smile, a smile that can only be described as content and pride for holding such a record. Governor Perry went on to explain that he didn’t lose any sleep over it. Apparently everyone that is in death row in Texas is guilty without a shed of a doubt even though there has been proof all over the United States of people in death row that later were found to be innocent, without a trace of a doubt. But Perry doesn’t let that bother him. For me that is a man clearly without a conscience; I do not say that he should have been apologetic, after all the Death Penalty is legal in Texas but… not being or expressing any concern for executing an innocent person? That is heartless and barbaric and does not make him any better than a murderer or terrorist. 

There was a time when those running for any office, whether it is for an Executive or Legislative position, would not dare touch the subject of Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security because they did not want to alienate the senior citizens. Not anymore. Today they go rampant and feel free to say that they will privatize the only safety net most seniors have… and the Republican seniors cheer with huge smiles on their faces! The same goes for women, Right wing women. The Republicans running for office or already holding a position such as Governor, Representative or Senator have decided that a woman’s vagina is one of the few things that are public domain and that government has a right to dictate what a woman can and can not do with what she has between her legs. They have suggested probing, testing, poking and everything you can think of with or without the woman’s consent. In my books, that is known by one word: RAPE. Yet, many of the Republican women sitting in Congress have approved of this invasion of their privacy. More unthinkable is the fact that there are common women affiliated with the Republican Party that apparently do not mind this intrusion. They seem to be Republican in soul, body and vagina! This might explain why Rep. Todd Akin believes and publicly said that “if it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”, perhaps he was referring to the governmental rape which lacks cojones and therefore sperm, and as “to try to shut that whole thing down” is his way of saying that is precisely what the government, if Republican, will do: shut your vaginas down.  Later, Akin tried to rectify his unfounded and ignorant comment retracting from that statement but once a statement like this is recorded, it can not be taken back.  These Republican officials are the same ones that are always claiming they want smaller government, but that only pertains to governmental departments that will keep corporations on check by regulating them, but they are more than willing to create even larger departments to control our bodies and what we decide to do with it.


The Republican base has been demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate since he won the presidency. It matters little to them that he has provided copies of it; they believe it’s a fake and no matter what proof is given they will reject it because no matter what President Obama presents it will not change one simple fact: his race and for as long as the race on the birth certificate reads Black, it will not be accepted by the Right wing but of course, they do not want to be accused of racism so they have to adhere to the birth certificate issue. Now, they have a presidential hopeful that has a history of scheming small businesses for decades, who has cheated this country by hiding his fortune overseas in order not to pay income taxes and when he has paid those taxes (if he has) it has been at a rate of 13% but refuses to show more than an incomplete year of tax returns. The Right wing has no problems whatsoever with Romney’s refusal to provide us with his income tax returns. What’s more, they claim it is not important. Not important? How can they say that? For them it is not important whether or not the person they want to elect for president of this country has systematically and unscrupulously screwed this nation by being a tax dodger, hiding his fortune and outsourcing our jobs.  For them these is fine and dandy, they see nothing wrong with this. 

A little over a week ago Mitt Romney made his choice for Vice President public and the “comeback team” was created. No one has asked “comeback” to where? They were never a team before so they can’t be a comeback team so I am sure they are referring to a time in history. Where to? The Bush-Cheney era, is that where they wish to go back to? Or perhaps they’re dreaming of going back to the Reagan-Bush era? Neither one was good. One we all remember since we are still suffering the effects of that administration, the other one the GOP has worked diligently in one of the best marketing campaigns in history: To make out of a terrible president who was practically insane a hero, a demigod and the face and values of the current Republican Party. It took time, but they erased, altered or dismissed all the bad things that Reagan did, such as the famous "Reaganomics" which ran a huge deficit and fail to produce revenues to sustain the expenses, so in 1986 and as a direct result of "Reaganomics" the United States went from a Lender to a Debtor and the GOP glorifies it.  The GOP has eliminated the contra scandal and substituted it with a fantasy which is that Reagan ended Communism in Europe and hold as proof the “Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall” speech that Reagan read at the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987. It was an inspiring speech but in and by itself did nothing to open the gates that separated Germany and East Germany. The German people brought down that wall two years later on November 9, 1989, not Gorbachev and not Reagan. But the Right wing do not give credit to the German people for this huge accomplishment, they  give all the credit to Reagan and to a speech that was written for him by Peter Robinson.


Since when going backwards moves anything forward? 

The above are just a few examples of the wacky ideology of the new Republican Party and the behavior of their representatives.  I always heard that elephants love nuts, the above just confirms it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Death of Democracy

I have no doubt that President Obama would be re-elected if the GOP did not tamper with the elections.    Unfortunately, the Republican Party is a party without honor and who would cheat and suppress voters in order to win, especially when they know that their chances of winning are slim to none.
I feel nauseated to see what is happening and how the GOP is raping our country, our constitution and our rights but most of all I feel sick that we are letting it happen.
Out of the 50 States of the Union, 29 have a Republican Governor and 27 a Republican Legislature. These states are more than willing to do whatever is necessary to win. They have no scruples but that is nothing new; we remember how they stole the elections in 2004! Now, they are at it again but this time they are changing the voting laws in their states to make it more difficult for minorities and seniors to vote. They are well aware that these groups will vote democratic and are either the majority or could tilt the balance towards more electoral votes for President Obama.

We must do everything within our power to help secure the democratic vote. Help people in your area to obtain a valid ID, help them obtain an absentee ballot, offer to drive them to the voting polls. If you can, try to rent a van so you can drive more people to vote. We allowed the Republicans to cheat in the past, but this time we must not sit idle because this time the danger is even greater. We will be allowing a puppet to hold a pen and sign whatever he is ordered by Grover Norquist and the Americans for Tax Reform.

When a country allows things like this to happen, we stop being a democracy and if we just whine but do nothing to stop it we are silent conspirators of the destruction of this society, this country and the collective future of this nation.
Nothing in this Act shall be construed to deny, impair, or otherwise adversely affect the right to vote of any person registered to vote under the law of any State or political subdivision.” - Voting Rights Act of 1965

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Which Middle Class is Romney Referring to?

I haven’t been on Romney’s website for a while but yesterday I was back at it, scrutinizing it as usual. I feel embarrassed that while there I saw what at I believed it was Mitt Romney's announcement of his choice for VP.  I was wrong and I do apologize for my mistake, I'll be more cautious in the future.
Moving forward, today's subject will be Mitt’s “Plan for a Stronger Middle Class”. Yes, you didn’t misread… Romney has a plan or so he says. But I wonder which Middle Class is this plan for? I know it is not for our Middle Class. It must be for the ones in his circle, since the people at his financial level have different wealth categories: Poor (≥$1,000,000 ≤$29,999,999), Middle Class (≥$30,000,000 ≤$999,999,999) and Wealthy (≥$1,000,000,000) – I guess Romney is talking about his Middle Class, definitively not ours.
His plan consists of five points: Energy Independence, Skills to Succeed, Trade that Works for America, Cut the Deficit and Champion Small Businesses.
ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: Romney says that he will increase access to domestic energy resources and streamline permitting for exploration and development. All this means is that he will allow more offshore and onshore drilling, lifting restrictions that are currently in place to either protect the oceans or our forest and national parks. This also means fracking and endangering our water reserves everywhere. We are constantly watching the consequences of fracking, but even though there was a time when Romney was against anything that would endanger the environment but that Romney is a thing of the past if he ever existed, especially if by “fracking” the environment he gets elected. There will be no limitations to where the oil moguls can extract the fossil fuel that keeps our umbilical cord forever attached and dependent of oil. And that is what Mitt Romney calls “energy independence.”
Further on the same issue, he promises to eliminate the regulations that are restricting the coal industry. Once more he will be helping the middle class group in his world. The environment can go to hell; our air can be contaminated as long as the coal industry is happy and their campaign dollars keep pouring in.
Last on this point and just to reinforce his complete disregard for this planet and its inhabitants he promises that he will approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project!
SKILLS TO SUCCEED: Romney offers what he thinks is his educational plan but it is not, since it has been proposed before. He mentions that he wants to give every family access to a great school and quality teachers. How many students will be able to go to a “great school” if everyone has access to it? What he is proposing is nothing more than a voucher system that will benefit those kids from wealthy neighborhoods but do nothing for kids from the ghetto. Quite the contrary, while the schools that are considered to be the best will attract the best teachers and the largest quantity of kids and therefore more substantial funding the schools in the poor districts will hire those teachers that are not as good hence receiving less funding than an A school, providing a mediocre education to children in the poor neighborhoods.
He also mentions that he will make higher education more affordable and effective. Is that what he meant when he replied to a student that he should shop around to find, not the best college but an affordable one? I guess the access he mentions must be a list of crappy colleges that the poor (our poor) kids can afford. No more Pell grants or financial aid.
For adults, Romney says he will focus on job training programs, which by the way, it already exists so all he will be doing is continuing it instead of eliminating it… Unless he will eliminate the funding of these programs and charge the unemployed to receive the necessary training which wouldn’t surprise me. These job training programs are nothing more than vocational schools which are offered at many vocational schools and at night at most high schools throughout the country and which will prepare you for a blue collar job.
Romney also wants to “attract and retain the best and the brightest from around the world”, not being content with outsourcing our jobs to foreign countries now he wants to “insource” the workers from foreign countries. This means that we will be losing our jobs both to abroad and in our country as well. These “best and brightest” will work for less than an American with the same skills would, since for them coming to America with a work permit and the promise of a green card a few years later is incentive enough to accept the job for much less, actually it would be their dream come true.
I would love to know how does this help the REAL American Middle Class? So far, all these points benefit Romney’s “middle class” not ours.
TRADE THAT WORKS FOR AMERICA: On this topic, Romney, once more, singles out China. I agree that China has taken advantage of us and that something must be done; I just don’t think that being so openly hostile during the presidential run will help at all in dealing with China, who practically owns us, in the future if, may the FSM protect us, Romney becomes president. This constant attack on China can be dangerous, China might demand we pay them what we owe them and we all know we can’t pay back at this time. Of course, maybe Romney is planning to pay our debt to China with his own money in which case I will be all for it.
Romney wants to open new markets for American goods and services. He fails to mention that thanks to him and Bain Capital we barely have “goods and services” that we can sell to anyone. Besides oil, movies, automobiles (most parts are made overseas) and Monsanto’s poison… what “goods” are we currently manufacturing that we can export?
Latin America seems to be very attractive to Romney, he keeps mentioning that he wants to build stronger economic ties there. I guess he is probably thinking that is a good place to outsource more jobs; they’re closer which will mean cheaper import charges and cost and a place where he might find those “bright and best” workers that he wants to attract and retain.
Last on this issue is the damn “Reagan Economic Zone” which is nothing more than a group of countries that will trade among themselves, but excluding those that might not be in agreement with us such as Cuba, Venezuela, China and perhaps Russia. There is already a group that does not restrain countries: The World TradeOrganization.  Romney seems not to like this organization since it does not have the ridiculous nonsensical name of “Reagan Economic Zone”. Wait, I get it! Reagan was senile and had Alzheimer, is he talking about creating an Old and Crazy Economic Zone? Yes, that’s probably it, encoded!
CUT THE DEFICIT: Romney promises to reduce non-security discretionary spending by five percent and Cap federal spending by 20% of the economy. That means cutting on Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all the public services offered to the poor, our poor, and the elderly – the parasites of society according to the GOP. Once more the ones that need help the most will be the one “saving” the economy while the fat cats rejoice in their good fortune.
He also wants to delegate to the States the responsibility for these programs, and we know what a disaster that would be. We have seen how compassionate some of these Governors can be towards our seniors, our poor and our veterans; all we have to do is take a look at Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, etc.
Mitt Romney is also proposing to align the salaries of federal workers with those in the private sector. Will that include members of Congress? If it does, I am all for it but I seriously doubt it!
CHAMPION SMALL BUSINESS: Taxes (which Romney refuses to show) will be once more reduced for job creators through individual and corporate tax reform. This is nothing more than the so well known trickledown economics that have yielded so many jobs during the decade they’ve been in place. This is nothing more than a permanent extension or increase of the Bush tax credit for the wealthiest Americans. He is also proposing to get rid of taxes altogether and instead increase the sales tax across the board to approximately 23%, this sounds very nice and fair until you start thinking about it. Let’s say you want to buy a new car.  The price of the car is $25,000 and the sales tax would be $5,750 plus interests. If your salary is $51,000 (average middle class salary) the sales tax you will be paying for your car represents 11% of your net salary. Now, let’s assume you are among the wealthiest American, those that enjoy having one billion dollars or more and you want to buy the most expensive new car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with a price tag of $2,400,000.  The sales tax for this baby would be $552,000 and most likely you would not pay interests because you can buy it on the spot without the need to finance it. Assuming you only have one billion dollars and not a penny more, you will be paying 0.06% of your net worth. The same goes for everything else, from eggs to a home. Does this “tax reform” still look fair to you? I don’t think so.
Romney will eliminate regulations because according to him it’s damaging “job creators.” Mitt wants Wall Street, the Oil Industry, the Coal mining industry and any other industry currently being regulated to do as they please. I can’t believe that deregulating is back on the scene, it  barely has been four years since we experienced the worst global economic collapse since the Depression as the result of this dangerous tactic and from which we haven’t emerged yet but apparently Romney believes it worked just fine.
Unions didn’t go unnoticed in Romney’s plan, after all they work to protect and defend the rights of workers against greedy and unfair employers. That is unthinkable in Romney’s world! So in his plan he promises to protect “workers” and businesses from labor unions. What he will really be protecting is the corporations not the workers.
And finally, Romney promises to replace Romneycare… I mean, Obamacare and replace it with Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” where Medicare and Medicaid will be privatize and only the wealthy will be able to afford excellent insurance coverage while the true middle class and the poor will have to content with a second-rate health care plan since the voucher they will be getting will not allow them to afford a good or excellent insurance coverage.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Puppet Show

It is common knowledge that politics is a “dirty” business, but Republicans have taken it to the filthy level. It is repulsive to see how they have no scruples. Sadly, they know perfectly well that their base is very gullible and that in their hateful minds any lies that it’s constructed to tarnish our President’s reputation will not only be believed but also welcomed, generating the anger and ire of the Tea-baggers and the Republican base. 

I take the latest comment of the GOP’s puppet, Mitt Romney, as a desperate action. After his disastrous European tour, where Romney illustrated his qualifications as a contender for Head of State and where he was the subject of mockery, both abroad and at home, because of his ineptitude Romney has resorted to this new attack on President Obama which is nothing more than an attempt to salvage a comatose campaign that is desperately grasping for air.
President Obama's lawsuit claiming it is unconstitutional for Ohio to allow servicemen and women extended early voting privileges during the state’s early voting period is an outrage.

The brave men and women of our military make tremendous sacrifices to protect and defend our freedoms, and we should do everything we can to protect their fundamental right to vote.

I stand with the fifteen military groups that are defending the rights of military voters, and if I'm entrusted to be the commander-in-chief, I'll work to protect the voting rights of our military, not undermine them.
For those of you that don't know where Mitt Romney got his idea about President Obama suing the State of Ohio and for those that might believe such allegations, let me tell you exactly what the suit is all about, in simple words and not the legal mumble jumble. The State of Ohio just passed a law [HB224] that will impose different dead-lines for in-person early voting between the military and civilians.  Ohioans were able to  early vote starting three days prior to Election Day, with this new law this is prohibited except for the military.  All the suit is demanding is the restoration of the three day early voting rights to all Ohioans, not just the military.  That's basically it.

President Obama is not against the military, quite the contrary. But President Obama wants the rights of all citizens to be honored and respected, not just a few. As it is customary with Romney and the GOP, they don’t dare debating on true issues because they know they will lose, so they twist the truth and hope that it will stick.

Republicans know they can't fight President Obama using the truth, so they must fabricate lies. We’ve seen them do it over and over: Obama was born in Kenya; Obama needs to show his birth certificate; Obama wants to implement a “death panel”; Obama is gay; Obama will favor African-Americans; Obama wants a racial war… and the list of unfounded lies goes on and on. It is truly heartrending to realize that there are people that are too lazy to research for the truth in an era where there is nothing secret anymore. At a time when with a few strokes at the keyboard and the Internet you can find out everything you want to know. But the right base is lazy, mostly uneducated and let’s face it, it is far easier and takes less effort to believe all the absurdities reported by Fox News (no news there), the ridiculous never ending accusations of Michele Bachmann and those of the GOP’s marionette, Mitt Romney.

America can't afford to have another puppet for president. America can't go back in time as the Right wants... The future is always ahead of us, never behind us... Let's move forward, let's re-elect President Obama for four more years and remove all the Tea-baggers and Obstructionists from Congress. If we want to move forward, we can't surround ourselves with retrogrades.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Tour of a Madman

After the fiasco and embarrassment of his London “tour”, Romney's next stop was Israel. While in Jerusalem he gave a Press Conference where he offered to back up the State of Israel in ANY way necessary against Iran, if he was to become president of the United States. In other words, he is serving our youth on a silver platter to engage in yet another war, one perhaps more dangerous than any we’ve been involved before and with catastrophic consequences not only for our young men and women, but for the people of Israel, the people of Palestine, Iran and the world: a nuclear war.

That Romney is so irresponsible as to make these type of assertions, doesn't surprise anyone.  That the Jewish people in America can see through him and this speech will not make them change their minds, it is also known.  But we all know that Romney is willing to sell his soul to the devil if by doing so he would get a chance to be in charge of the most powerful country on earth.  Romney has no limits to his ambition, and if "a little nuclear war in the Middle East" will get him elected... then so be it!

However, in a town hall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa during his presidential campaign in 2007 Romney was very “appreciative” of Hezbollah and their democratic ways, so much so that he though that Hezbollah was an example of diplomacy and couldn’t praise them enough.

It is sad that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu believes all that Romney is promising. Promises he is making to get the Jewish vote in America. It is sad the PM Netanyahu publicly said: “Mitt, I couldn’t agree with you more and I think it’s important to do everything in our power to prevent the Ayatollahs from possessing that capability. We have to be honest and say that all of those sanctions and diplomacy so far have not set back the Iranian program by one iota. And that is why I think that we need a strong and credible military threat coupled with the sanctions to have a chance to change that situation. We’re going to discuss all these issues and the turbulent region that the Middle East has now become in our talks. I want you to know that in this great convulsion, there is one stable democratic ally of the United States here in the Middle East and that is Israel; and that is why I think its strengthening the relationship between America and Israel is in the interest of peace and benefits both our countries and I believe your visit it’s an expression of that desire on both of our people. So, I welcome you here on behalf of the State of Israel, the champion of democracy in the Middle East as a representative of the United States the greatest champion of freedom in the world. Welcome to Jerusalem. “

We all know the relationship between PM Netanyahu and President Obama has not been the best, but for Netanyahu to be discussing in private with none other than Romney about Israel’s state matters is not only inconceivable but quite honestly, irresponsible. After Romney announced to the world that he met with MI6 (which is supposed to be top secret) how can any head of state confide anything to this idiot is beyond me!

While in Israel Romney is using the Israel’s conflict with Iran as a ploy to get what he wants, the American Jewish votes. By offering our full support if Israel is to go to war with Iran he is hoping that the State of Israel will support him, if not financially with their votes. PM Netanyahu and obviously Romney (who really doesn’t care what happens) have ignored warnings from two former Mossad Directors, Meir Dagan and Efraim Halevy.

Efraim Halevy goes as far as suggesting that the constant mention of the Iran nuclear threat is a fear tactic from those in power to arouse the people, both domestically and internationally.

These two experienced men are basically warning the world of the consequences of provoking Iran and yet, that is precisely what Romney and PM Netanyahu are doing. If Iran is at the early stages and years away from acquiring nuclear weapons… do we truly believe that with these threats they will stop or speed up the process to “defend” themselves? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Flop, Flop, Flip, Flip… Oh What A Big Twit He Is!

Mitt Romney is the most inconsistent person that has ever ran for any governmental position during my lifetime, certainly a man with little or no convictions, who is willing to do and say anything in order to get what he wants, on this occasion getting elected.

Following is just a few of the issues where Mitt disagrees with himself:

Flip: 1994. Agriculture. When he was running for Senator of Massachusetts Romney said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Agriculture and called for reducing farm subsidiaries.

Flop: 2007. When he was trying to be the GOP contender for the Presidency, he changed his tune. In 2007 he loved agriculture and firmly believed that agriculture was “key to the economy and the American people.” By 2012, I guess agriculture is no longer the “key to the economy or the American people” since the subject is not even mentioned on his website.

Flip: 2003. Environment. While Governor of Massachusetts he was a big supporter of regulating coal power plants and implementing tough emissions standards. He believed in global warming, in the greenhouse effects and he went as far as issuing a 72-point Climate Protection Plan. Surprisingly and unusual coming from him, he maintained his position for eight years and on June 2011 during an interview he said that he believed in global warming and also that humans contributed to it. 

Flop: 2011. A month later, in July during a town hall meeting in Derry, NH he is against regulating coal power plants and now believes that carbon emissions do not harm our bodies. Three months later, in October he completely abandons what he had fought for and believed for so long and publicly states that there is no such thing as global warming. Eloquently he said these words of wisdom: “By the way, they do not call it America warming, they call it global warming it loses jobs for Americans and ultimately it won’t be successful, because industries that are energy intensive will just get up and go somewhere else.

Flip: 2006. Health Care. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney created the blueprint on which “Obamacare” was later built. In 2009, Romney publicly suggested to Obama to use tax penalties or credits to induce people to acquire insurance.
Flop: 2007. A year later, in the midst of the Tea Party and the GOP outrage for “Obamacare” Mitt changed his mind and sided with the Right calling Obamacare “an unconstitutional abuse of power.” By 2011 Romney was a full pledge supporter of the Ryan plan “The Path to Prosperity.” Today, Obamacare is one of the thousand things he is going to repeal on “his first day in office.”
Flip: 2002. Campaign Funding. During his Senate Campaign Romney proposed spending limits on congressional campaigns and abolishing political action committees (PAC). 
Flop: 2007.  In 2007, a few months after leaving the Governorship, Mitt Romney was against the McCain-Feingold Law claiming that it was unconstitutional. Back then, Mitt Romney said “We step into dangerous territory when politicians start eviscerating our fundamental freedoms in the name of amorphous principles, like campaign finance reform.” Today he is more than happy to receive and accept unlimited funds from PAC, Citizen’s United and the Koch Brothers.

Flip: 2008. Auto Industry. When the American Automobile Industry was desperately trying to keep their heads above water and avoiding bankruptcy, Mitt said on national television “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” The modern version of “Let them eat cake.”
Flop: 2012. Romney has the audacity to say that President Obama followed his advice!

Flip: 2009. Stimulus. On January Mitt Romney gave his opinion about the stimulus by saying “I think there is a need for an economic stimulus. Americans have lost about $11 trillion in net worth. That translates into about $400 billion a year less sending that they’ll be doing, and that’s net of additional government programs like Medicaid and unemployment insurance. And government can help make that up in a very difficult time. And that’s one of the reasons why I think a stimulus program is needed.

Flop: 2012. Romney openly criticized Obama saying “[Obama] wants another stimulus, he wants to hire more government workers. He says we need more firemen, more policeman, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

Flip: 1994. Abortion. Mitt Romney believed that abortion should be legal and during his Senatorial campaign he said: “regardless of one's beliefs about choice, you would hope it would be safe and legal.” Further, when accused by Ted Kennedy of his position being a “multiple choice” he stressed his position by stating “On the accusation of being 'multiple-choice', I have to respond. I have my own beliefs, and those beliefs are very dear to me. One of them is that I do not impose my beliefs on other people. Many, many years ago, I had a dear, close family relative that was very close to me who passed away from an illegal abortion. It is since that time my mother and my family have been committed to the belief that we can believe as we want, but we will not force our beliefs on others on that matter. And you will not see me wavering on that, or being multiple-choice, thank you very much.”

Flop: 2005. No longer running for Governor or in office, Mitt Romney changed his believes and erased from his mind that "dear, close family relative" that passed away from an illegal abortion. He said in an interview for the Boston Globe on July “I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother. I wish the people of America agreed, and that the laws of our nation could reflect that view. But while the nation remains so divided over abortion, I believe that the states, through the democratic process, should determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate." However, Mitt Romney is the only Republican presidential candidate that refused to sign the Pro-Life Pledge sponsored by Susan B. Anthony.

Flip: 2002. Stem Cell. Mitt Romney was an advocate for stem cell research and promised to lobby George W. Bush to accept steam cell research.

Flop: 2008. By this time, Romney advocates banning stem cell research because “it cheapens the sanctity of life.”

Flip: 1994. Gun Control. Romney supported the Brady Bill and some gun regulations. He acknowledged that probably that decision wasn’t going to make him any friends at the NRA. He said back then “That's not going to make me the hero of the NRA. I don't line up with the NRA.”

Flop: 2008. Romney joined the NRA.

Flip: 1994. Gay Rights. Romney supported gay rights and proposed a policy for domestic partnerships. In 2002, he said: “All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation." Romney said that domestic partnership status should be recognized in a way that includes the potential for health benefits and rights of survivorship.

Flop: 2011. Romney opposes gay marriage however; he still supports policies to grant rights to domestic partnerships. It must be said that on the same year, Romney refused to sign a pledge opposing gay marriage but by October he had signed the 2012 Presidential Pledge sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage.
I am sure that the flip-flopping will continue. Mitt Romney can’t help himself, he wants to win and will say whatever is necessary to win... Except going against his sugar daddies, that is when he draws the line after all, the one thing he firmly believes in is that money talks and bullshit walks!
Some information obtained through Wikipedia