Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 RNC (Reaffirming No Compassion) Convention

That should be the real name for the RNC. This is the party of No Compassion other than the compassion shown when the very wealthy lose a few thousand dollars in the stock market, or when the very wealthy are charged a fair tax rate, then they all in unison cry out that there is class warfare.
For them it is perfectly fair to strip the elderly of their safety net, after all these are unproductive people that are sucking dry the funds of the nation. Who cares that they worked all their lives, contributed to this country by serving in the armed forces, worked, paid taxes, contributed to their SS… that doesn’t matter at all, that money in the Social Security funds, which not one penny has come out from the U.S. Treasury, could be put to work for a better cause than helping the depositors; things that are truly important like wars in the Middle East.

The GOP has come up with a great plan: Eliminate Medicare. By the eradication of Medicare as we know it, they are hoping that those senior parasites that in their view serve no good to society will die quicker. It is known that the life span now is greater than years ago, in part thanks to medical advances that are prolonging life and because our seniors lead a healthier lifestyle. If the access to medical care is made harder and inaccessible, logic tells us that seniors lifespan will drop, and drop fast at least for the regular senior, not the rich who can afford the best doctors.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, the GOP is removing the safety net from the poor. They want to strip them from all form of help such as Medicaid, Welfare and food stamps. The Right Wing is also working hard at making abortion illegal and contraceptives difficult to get if you are poor. The result of this agenda will translate in further poverty when these families and in particular women that are already struggling to survive, will find themselves having more children than those they can support, pushing them farther from ever coming out of poverty. Planning further into the future, the GOP wants to get rid of higher education financial aid, this is to ensure that the thousands if not million of children that will be born due to their reproductive laws, will never get an education. This will create a new generation of under educated people that in less than 20 years will enter the work force uneducated, creating a new form of slavery, where they will work for almost nothing and be thankful for the scraps or join the lower ranks in the armed forces to fight the never-ending GOP wars.
The American people are concerned with what is taking place right now and that will affect them in the very near future. Even the regular Republicans, when concerned about further down the road what concerns them is the financial debt of the country. None of them, right or left, seem to see the bigger picture and what everything that is being proposed by the GOP means to all of us. If we follow their agenda, we will be a third world country with two highly defined social classes: the very wealthy and the extreme poor.
I know that the people from the right reading this will accuse me of propaganda, of spreading fear, etc. But I ask, what will be the results if the GOP agenda comes through? So far we have bills making it almost impossible to get an abortion if you are poor (defunding Planned Parenthood); removing the coverage of contraceptives from tax payers funded insurance (Medicaid); eliminating Medicare by turning it into a voucher system, this translates into less preventive medical attention; defunding education programs which will make it impossible for poor kids to obtain a college degree; eliminating Social Security with the rhetoric that we shall plan for the future and be responsible for that future – which is exactly why we contributed to Social Security to begin with. I see no other result other than more people, less education which equals lower pay rates and less jobs in as short as 18 years. It is a grim future if the Right gets its way.
Now, the RNC (Reaffirming No Compassion Party) is holding their 2012 convention in Tampa, Florida, I can’t wait to hear what new "ideas" they will bring to their already outrageous agenda. It has been said that they plan to “unveil” a new idea that will bring more Latinos to their side. Other than the self-deportation and the electrified fence, Romney has promised to overturn the Dream Act, so that can’t be it. Perhaps they will suggest a voucher that will give the undocumented workers a permit to stay if they work for free for a certain number of years but it will not surprised me if they suggest to the undocumented immigrant to commit self-slaughter, anything is possible and I can’t wait to learn what new lies they concoct next.

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