Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice 20/20

GZ injuriesLast night we witnessed a mockery of our justice system and what a prosecutor that doesn’t want to prosecute can do.

These are the pictures of George Zimmerman taken at the Sanford Police Department right after Trayvon Martin’s murder.

George Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon Martin was covering his mouth and that he was afraid to be suffocated, reason why he feared for his life and shot the teenager. If that was true, why there is no blood all over his face? A nose, when broken, bleeds profusely, he should have blood all over, but that is simply not the case.

The next two pictures are of the minuscule cuts on George Zimmerman’s head, another part of our bodies that will bleed heavily if cut. According to George Zimmerman accounts of what took place on that fatidic night, he was on the ground, facing up while Trayvon Martin was pounding his head on the cement, another reason why George Zimmerman thought he was in great danger. When you receive a cut on the head and you are facing up, the blood doesn’t run towards your face… it’s impossible since gravity will force it to run towards to ground. Every single one of the dry blood on George Zimmerman’s head are going towards his face, as if he was looking down, not up when the blood was flowing. These injuries are consistent with self-inflicting injuries.

Then we have a picture of George Zimmerman’s back. For a man that was on his back on the wet grass and concrete it is remarkably clean. We cannot see a speck of grass not even dirt! How can this be when he was on his back all the time?

trayvonThe pictures of Trayvon Martin’s body also tell us a story. First of all, the body was moved. Trayvon Martin died face down on the dirt (lower picture) and was moved to face up by the police (top left). On that picture you can see where marking number 7 is relative to the body. Marking number 7 is Trayvon Martin’s cell phone. If you turn the body to the original position, that marking will be very close to Trayvon Martin’s hand, which can only mean that Trayvon Martin was holding his phone while he was beating George Zimmerman to a pulp, this is inconceivable. But the prosecutors didn’t pick up on any of these inconsistencies, they accepted George Zimmerman’s version of the event without even questioning it, without even presenting a different scenario to the jurors.

The autopsy performed by the Volusia and Seminole Medical Examiner doesn’t mention any injuries, markings, or anything unusual on Trayvon Martin’s hands except for a minute abrasion on his left fourth finger. Trayvon Martin was right handed, I am positive that when he punched George Zimmerman – if he ever did – he used his right hand. This abrasion could have happened in many different ways, the autopsy doesn’t even say if this abrasion was fresh or if it appeared to be a few days old; but regardless if fresh or not, unless he was wearing globes, I am sure some abrasions to his knuckles would have been present, yet there were none. To see the Forensic Report, click here.

All of these pictures mean to me that the prosecution didn’t do their job, and they didn’t because either they were lazy or because this mockery was a show to satisfy the black community but they never intended to win the case.

There is no justice in this country if you have dark skin. Justice is not blind and will always lean in favor of the NRA, the wealthy, the powerful and against minorities. Our judicial system is not broken; our judicial system is just for sale but not if you happen to be black.


  1. I also wondered about the blood. Is this real blood? There is something wrong with no wipeing or smearing of blood on face. It should dripped somewhere.

  2. Great article. I didn't know the bit about young Trayvon supposedly "suffocating" poor little Georgie-poo. But I would like to add to your last comment ... I don't think that it is so much the prejudice of the color of our skin that is the worst thing these days in our country ... it is the color of what's in your wallet and what your credit report says about you. Regardless of your skin color, money is what does the most talking these days. So if your ledger is in the red, as it is for MOST of us, that makes our lives meaningless to the 1%. We poor people are treated as less than someone who has money. Think about the prejudice against those who live on government assistance ... interesting tidbit that most people don't know ... the majority of people who are on food stamps are WHITE PEOPLE. We all bleed red but you have to have the green to survive without prejudice these days.

  3. Let's not forget that if a person's head is bashed against concrete several times to the point of feeling like you'll die, you will most likely have a concussion and the first place Zimmerman would be taken would be an ER not a police station.

  4. I totally agree that the prosecution was lax in this situation. I said it from the start. I also questioned the fact that if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when he fired the shot, wouldn't there be blood spatter at minimum on Zimmerman? At close range there would have been some trace of Trayvon's blood be on his clothing. I don't think you have to be a rocket science to figure that out. I'm still stuck on the fact that he was told to go home and they would send someone to check things out so in refusing to follow simple direction he wanted to play flashlight cop and kill and young man with so much more to offer this country. Did anyone emphasize that Trayvon may have felt his life was in danger and he was in fact the one who had the right to execute the stand your ground? Black, White, Latino, green, blue or purple, we are losing too many our young men due to senseless violence.

  5. A young 140 lb 16 yr old just turned 17, Trayvon Martin winning a fight against a 200 lb 28 yr old Zimmerman, who took Mixed Martial Arts 3 times a week? The craziness never seems to end.