Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Carlito's Way

Carlitos2I moved into this house six months ago. I considered it a dump. There were about 20 cats roaming in the front yard. It’s a duplex and the next-door neighbor is co-owner of the property and the owner of the cats. Since I have 4 indoor cats and 3 indoor dogs, I didn’t have that many choices when it came to rent so I moved in even when I wasn’t too happy with the property but I only rent where my furry children are accepted.

Since day one there was one cat that caught my attention, Carlitos. One of his hind legs seemed a little deformed but his personality was wonderful! His eyes were very expressive, you could almost feel them caressing you and even when he wasn’t the prettiest cat in the bunch, he certainly was the one that you will remember.

We became very close. He used to lie down all day on my porch, snoozing the afternoon away until he heard my car. Every single time I came back from the store or from work, he would snap out of his haze and rush to the gate to greet me. No matter how many times I did this, he was always there like a silent vigilant watching over me and wishing my speedy return.

Carlitos was thirteen years old and had a stroke a year ago and that was the cause of his deformed leg. Last week, he had another stroke but was beginning to recuperate and I was truly hopeful. The first thing he did when he got better was to rush to my porch. However, early today he had yet another stroke. I had been dealing with my mother’s illness and couldn’t be at his side until I found someone to watch after my mother, as soon as I found someone, I rushed to his side and spoke softly to him, gently pat his head and I could see he was enjoying it; half an hour later, he left this world and I softly whispered in his ear to please look for me on my next life – I want him in it.

I have lost a friend, a friend that I looked forward seeing every day, religiously by my front door. He had become part of my life and I know that I was part of his. I already miss him so much!

I didn’t own him, he belonged to someone else, but I know that spiritually he belonged to me because there is no other explanation for his behavior or my attachment. I love Carlitos, coming home will not be the same without him…

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