Monday, June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Defends Vaginas if they're Made in China...

With the elections fast approaching and beginning to be assaulted by an endless amount of propaganda from the right, I gathered enough courage and checked Mitt Romney’s website.  Needless to say that I couldn’t care less about what is in his page so I went directly to what interested me:  his proposed plans.  There are so many issues on his page (don’t confuse it with plans, understand the difference) that I will tackle one issue at a time.

One issue on his page is very interesting, it’s about China.  It begins by claiming that China has experienced a dramatic growth during the last 30 years surpassing Japan to become the world’s second largest economy after ours and how fearful we must be of their capabilities.

Romney sees China as a military threat and even when he tries to soften his opinion, it is clear that he fears China – and perhaps we should – but so far China has not interfered with us.  China has, however, intervened in other countries affairs and even has participated in ballistic actions… just like us.  Mitt Romney believes that there is a high possibility that there could be “the potential for conflict with an authoritarian China” and we must discourage China from attempting to intimidate or dominate “neighboring states” (states?).  That job belongs to the United States apparently, we are the only ones that can intimidate or dominate countries not neighboring us but countries on the other side of the world, such as China.

Mitt Romney claims that China has accelerated its military.  As long as I can remember China has had a strong military if only by the sheer numbers of their militant force; it wasn’t by chance or luck that the Soviet Union never successfully invaded China.  It is a shame and embarrassment that Mitt Romney is not aware of this fact.  Regardless, to "protect" China’s neighbors, Mitt Romney proposes expanding our naval presence in the Pacific and to create a strong military presence in the region.  While we are there, we should sell armaments to the neighboring countries and train militarily them.  Mitt Romney claims that the over expansion of our military in the region, plus equipping and training China’s neighbors will not be perceived by China as an invitation to conflict… How stupid does Mitt Romney thinks China is?  Does he really believes that if we do this we will not provoke China?  If he truly believes this, he is dumber than I thought.

Further on the same issue, Romney wants to pursue a “deeper economic cooperation” with China’s neighboring countries and like-minded nations through the formation of a “Reagan Economic Zone.”  As it is already customary with Romney, he names a very catchy “reform or plan” but fails to provide the specifics as to what the plan or reform entails.  What the heck is a “Reagan Economic Zone” anyway?  Does he realize that, even by his own accord (“after 30 years of growth”) China was capable to grow as it has because of Ronald Reagan’s reforms?  Are we now pursuing to do the same with other countries in Asia?  Is Romney selling us to the Far East?  I think he might be considering it after all, that is what he does best:  sell.

The part I found hysterical is his opinion about defending the Chinese people’s Human Rights.  Mitt Romney says that it is obvious that any changes that occur in China it must be from within, however we, the United States of America, play an important role in encouraging the “evolution” of China.  I think he meant to say “revolution” but since he has always been a coward he’s probably afraid that China might read it, so he disguised it as “evolution.”

Mitt Romney closes the China Issue with what I think is a joke and a good one too:

A Romney administration will vigorously support and engage civil society groups within China that are promoting democratic reform, anti-corruption efforts, religious freedom, AND WOMEN’S AND MINORITY RIGHTS.  It will look to provide these groups and the Chinese people with greater access to information and communication through a stronger Internet freedom initiative.  Mitt Romney will seek to engage China, but will always stand up for those fighting for the freedoms we enjoy.

Now, tell me that’s not hilarious!

First of all, we cannot dictate how China supplies its citizens with Internet.  We cannot control what filters China applies to the Internet network within their borders.  That is an outright lie and Mitt Romney knows it.  Second, how dare he talk about anti-corruption and women’s rights?  How can he say this with a straight face when our rights have basically disappeared thanks to “Citizen’s United” and the Koch brothers?  Where the Republican Party, through the bills they have passed or are trying to pass, is constantly screwing every single American woman by inserting a new bill into their vaginas on a daily basis?  Where are the rights of the Women in THIS COUNTRY, Romney?  I guess the vaginas from another country deserve more freedom and have more rights that the ones in America…. Shit, for Romney the seal “Made in China” has more value that the one “Made in the USA.” 


  1. China's pretty serious about their anti-corruption too, if I'm not mistaken.

    We might consider some of their remedies.

  2. yes, it seem though that Romney is not planning to learn from this country but invade it... Poor idiot!