Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And Walker didn’t walk…

Last night was a huge blow for Democrats, not only in the state of Wisconsin but also for Democrats nationwide. After eighteen long months of collecting signatures, of protests, phone calls, ads and almost every venue available to us in modern times to promote the recall, Democrats in Wisconsin didn’t deliver.
According to the statistics, there are more registered democrats than republicans in Wisconsin. If all democrats would have turned out to vote, there is no way on earth that the outcome would have been what it was. I keep hearing all kind of excuses as of why Scott Walker overwhelmingly won last night, some say it was because of the money he raised and that most of the money came from out of state, others say that there were not enough ballots, while others believe that he probably cheated. There is no shortage of the usual cries that are so familiar every time one party wins and the other one loses… both parties do the same thing, it is difficult to accept failure.
However, I have a different opinion as to why we failed last night and it is not very pleasant for liberal democrats such as myself but I praise myself for being honest, with others and most importantly with myself. I will not sugarcoat my opinion simply put we are LAZY.
We are ready to give our signature to any petition, after all, we don’t need to go anywhere anymore, we can do that online without lifting our asses from our chairs. It is what happened in 2010 where we thought we would win as we did in 2008, because we were sure people remembered Bush’s days, because America wasn’t crazy enough to vote for those nuts that were the Tea Party, so we hoped for other democrats to vote and decided to stay home… after all, one vote couldn’t make a huge difference, could it? We know the answer to that question; I don’t need to tell you.
I am terrified at what will happen in November. Over and over democrats have displayed a lack of spine, conviction and fervor. We are not as united as the republicans are, they don’t have independent republicans, liberal republicans, centered republicans… they only have republicans and they are all extreme right conservatives. None of the republicans hesitate to stand by their representatives, even when they have committed some indiscretions they stand by them. We, on the other hand, have liberal democrats, centered democrats, conservative democrats, and plain and simple democrats. We are not as loyal as our counterparts, if one of our representatives commits an indiscretion we are quick to throw them under the bus – we need to show the republicans we have morals, while republicans might not like everything their candidate or elected official does, they stand by them. We, we want them to walk on water if they don’t we are ready to jump off the ship!
While we can easily walk away from any democrat official that has fallen short of being perfect, republicans do the contrary. Walker is currently under a John Doe criminal investigation for obstruction and an alleged pattern of illegal fundraising which seems to be a violation of campaign laws and judging from the amount of money Walker was capable of raising for his re-election there might be some truth in these accusations and despite it all, he won last night.
The results and consequences of what transpired last night in Wisconsin can either make us or break us. If we are optimistic, we can hope that this will serve as a lesson for every damn democrat to commit and vote, does not matter that there are millions of voters, we need to make every single of our votes count, every one. If we are pessimistic (some may even say realistic) what happened in Wisconsin is just a preview of what is to come in November… Where the weather will not be as pleasant, people will be lazier and as usual, we will expect our fellow democrats will be enough to make a difference while we watch the elections from the comfort of our homes, to cry fowl the next day because we lost.
Thanks to all the lazy democrats in Wisconsin Scott Walker will be down in history for being the first Governor in American history that survived a recall election. Way to go Wisconsinites!


  1. Union busting is just the beginning for whats in store for the US by the Right. For detailed plans please refer to Jules Archers book, "The Plot To Sieze The White House". It goes into great debt and I'm sure you will recognize names through out the book in todays news.

  2. Thanks, I will make sure to read it!