Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Manufacturing of Lies

Continuing my previous post and to show how deceiving and manipulative the Right wing and their current front runner are, I used the same source Mitt Romney used on his website to clearly demonstrate how Mitt Romney is constantly misinforming his base. 
I think it is funny to see how easy it is to disprove Romney's claims, it speaks volumes about what Mitt Romney and those that support him think of the American People.  They are confident that even when given the source of the information, people will not try to confirm their allegations and sadly they are right.
On his website, Mitt Romney shows a graph with only two columns, one from 1975 and one from 2010. He doesn’t specify if the Chart is for the Private Sector, the Public Sector or both sectors combined. Of course, you will assume that the chart represents both sectors… but this is not true.
He shows only two columns so he can place the blame solely on President Obama. If he were to show all the columns with each president since 1975 and reflecting both the Private and Public Sectors, the chart would show a very different story. Below is the graph using both sectors and the presidents during each of those years.  The source used to create the following chart is the same Mitt Romney used:

Clearly we can see that the combined private and public union members have remained practically the same since 1975 with a peak during President Carter (1979) and a decline that began with President to the present.
Again, comparing the chart I created for the combined sectors and that shown on Mitt Romney's site we can see that this is not the data he used.  I went ahead and created yet another chart showing the Public Sector numbers, hoping that it was there where the data will coincide:
If we take a look at the Public Sector (government) then we can say that President Obama has done nothing to increase the number of union members or number of employees, actually by the pressure of a Republican Congress the number of jobs in government has decreased at a time where jobs are needed most; a very smart tactic used by Republicans in their quest to make of President Obama a one-term President at the expense of the country and the American people. In reality, and using the same source as Mitt Romney, it was President George W. Bush the president that since 1975 increased the number of employees in government, in other words, George W. Bush was the “big government” President, something that the right is always accusing the left of doing. This chart you will not find it in Mitt Romney’s website, it goes against what he is so proclaiming.
Which brings me to the chart used by Mitt Romney in his website – the private sector. This should come to no surprise since it is the only sector that Mitt Romney is truly familiar with. His views on government and the way he operated during his term as Governor of Massachusetts is that you handle government the same way you handle private companies. I guess the government shareholders are not the people, but the companies within the State or if president within our borders that should matter to a Governor or President, the ones deserving of protection, not the people [human beings, that is].
Once more, Mitt Romney was careful to remove from his Chart the years between 1975 and 2010 simply because if shown people could see that President Obama had nothing to do with the decline. Manufacturing jobs flourished during President Carter and began to decrease during President Reagan, culminating with the economic crash as a result of the over-expending, deregulations and excesses of the Bush Administration and whether Republicans like to admit to it or not President Obama inherited. Given the “hot potato” passed down to President Obama, he has performed something short of a miracle containing a meltdown, without any help from a Republican Congress and as shown in the Chart it is beginning to show signs of recovery.
Mitt Romney continues to blame President Obama for everything that happens in the private industry and Unions. As an example he talks about the suit filed by the NLRB and the International Association of Machinists against Boeing America opening a facility in South Carolina. He fails to mention, conveniently, that Boeing America, the NLRB and the International Association of Machinists reached an agreement and the plant opened in South Carolina. That little detail is purposely left out, because he knows that most of his base will not do any research to investigate, preferring to be compliant and lazy accepting whatever their candidate, Fox News or Rush Limbaugh tells them is the truth.
Mitt Romney is outraged because the NLRB changed “the rules of the game.” He is upset that now employers will receive “as little as ten days” notification to organize against unions if they formally file a petition to vote. I find this to be so ridiculous! Corporations do not give people more than 2 weeks notice if they are to be fired and that is if they are "lucky" most often than not is pick up an go. Corporations have a legal department that can put together the toughest cases against an employee or anyone without any problem and in basically no time. But they cry fowl if unions don't give them more than two weeks notice to counter-attack. Good for Unions! Mitt Romney continues to accuse Unions of conspiring against corporations for a year to attack innocent corporations… as if corporations do not do the same during their shareholders quarterly meetings! Give me a break!
Mitt Romney’s accusations that President Obama is to blame for the decline of manufacturing jobs are false as most of his statements are. I’ve used the same exact source used by Mitt Romney, with the difference that I didn’t conveniently picked only two years as he did, instead I selected the last year of every president since 1975 not only to be fair but most importantly, to find out the truth. Republicans when they are not correct will alter the information (lie) in order to look good and deceive their constituents, that is the Republicans way… Mitt Romney and Republicans only care for Corporations they don’t give a damn about the people, the hard-working American people that is the force that has made this country the best country in the world. If corporations care so much for this country, why is it that they outsource our jobs and place their bank accounts offshore? That is not “Love American Style!” That is greed.

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