Friday, June 15, 2012

For Sale

Mitt Romney doesn’t waste any opportunity to claim that while he was the governor of Massachusetts he brought down the unemployment rate.  He keeps mentioning that during his reign, I am sorry, his governance of Massachusetts thrived and everything was peachy.  For that reason, I decided to research how much truth there was to those claims and see for myself what the unemployment rate was in Massachusetts compared to the rest of the nation. 

I was not expecting what I found.  It really took me by surprise.  I know he is a lair, but this information is easily obtainable to anyone who looks for it and the chart that I am providing is easy to re-create if you have basic knowledge of how to use excel.  It turns out that Romney’s “success” was no better than that of the nation.   We must take into consideration that the nation’s rate is an average of every state; it also reflects any natural disaster that has taken place in any of the states that affects the unemployment rates.  From 2003 to 2007 there were at least 10 natural disasters that affected the national unemployment rate, which didn’t affect Massachusetts.
I often wonder why Mitt Romney served only one term as governor and didn’t seek re-election.  After the research I did today, I came to only one conclusion:  Simply put, he walked away before the shit hit the fan.  In other words, he knew that the unregulated banking expenditures and the uncontrolled mismanagement of the Bush administration were going to bring chaos to every state and ultimately the country, and he was going to fail miserably at trying to weather the storm that was approaching.  Mitt Romney is an expert at bringing revenue to big corporations at the expense of the working class and small businesses; I think it’s safe to say we all know that.  What he has no experience at is taking a corporation that is bankrupt and make it wealthy again.  As proven record of his capabilities Romney always brings up his years at Bain Capital, the proverbial big fish that swallowed all the small fish it could find not the other way around.  Most of the companies acquired by Bain Capital were successful small companies that Romney drove to the ground to liquidate and produce the big revenues for Bain Capital, not once did he acquire a company that was failing and made it successful… Romney has no idea how to accomplish that huge task.  It amazes me to see that there are so many Americans that believe that he can take this country out of the recession it is in now.   Romney will not bring us out of the recession, instead he will drive this country to the ground; the question is… who will he sell us to?   

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