Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tonight... We try to take over the World!

Today I read that the GOP is accusing President Obama’s Administration for recent suspected leaks of highly classified information. That accusation should not come as a surprise to anyone. As usual the GOP, through their military make-believe hero John McCain, is claiming that the “leak” benefits Obama at the upcoming elections, how or why do they believe this beats me since the information leaked is not beneficial to our President but we all know they will say whatever they want and if repeated enough times, they will even believe their own lies and so will the members of their Party.
The GOP is demanding an independent investigation to find out who among President Obama’s administration is leaking the classified information. I find it extremely odd that, the majority of the Committee on Homeland Security members are Republicans and, they are the only ones that truly benefit from this allegedly leak. We know that Republicans are willing to take this country to hell and not necessarily back if by doing so they will get absolute power which is the only thing they care for. They don’t give a shit about the country, patriotism, American citizens, education, economy, jobs or anything else. All they care for is power; they are like Brain from “Pinky and the Brain”… probably Romney asks the Koch brothers “What do you want to do tonight Koch?” – “The same thing we do every night Romney – try to take over the world!” I am really offending Pinky here, I doubt Romney is as smart as this adorable mouse was.  I think I will start calling them Mitty and the Bain.
The Republican Party’s elected officials are a disgrace to this country, composed of people of little or no morals, no ethics, no values, no patriotism and no compassion even when they shout at the top of their lungs how moral they are and all that crap about family values, there is a saying that goes something like this: “He who shouts the loudest is the one who knows the least.” I’ve always been a democrat, a liberal and have not agreed with many of the ideals republicans had stood for in the past but there has been a common ground before, things where both parties would agree to but sadly, that is a thing of the past. Today, if President Obama says the sky is blue… I am sure that the GOP will stand up in anger shouting that the sky is not blue but gray. You don’t believe me?
President Obama bailed out the American automotive industry; we all remember the GOP comments where they criticized Obama for trying to save a “dinosaur.” I remember when the discussions were taking place in Congress and the GOP kept praising all these foreign companies such as Honda, Toyota and the South Korean Hyundai and how great they were doing in some of their states. That the American industry should follow the example of these companies which meant that the American automotive industry should have lowered the salary of the workers, their benefits and dismantle their unions. When the bailout worked, now they are trying to steal the thunder and claim that Obama did exactly what they suggested he would do… sure!!!
Child obesity is an epidemic that is seriously affecting our country where one fifth of our children are obese and 4 percent of the children population is morbidly obese. Our first lady has adopted “Let’s Move” as her personal project and she has been a formidable representative in this fight against child obesity. Leave it to the GOP to criticize and ridicule even this wonderful campaign and mock our First Lady for having an ass that can compete with that of Jennifer Lopez, our First Lady is fit, toned and has a very nice curvy body… I guess Republicans are not used to having a hot First Lady and President, after all, has anyone noticed how fat most of them are? Just think of Christie, need I say more?
I think President Obama should say that he wants to promote Citizens United, tax cuts for the rich, eliminate governmental jobs and try to ban same-sex marriage. You may think I am crazy and maybe I am, but I am sure that if President Obama would say anything of the above, the GOP would immediately say and push for the opposite maybe that way we will finally see Citizens United reversed, the tax cuts a thing of the past, micro-government stopped and our gay friends will be able to make their vows in matrimony.
The above is just a thought… everything else has failed except for the GOP to go against whatever is proposed by a Democrat. Perhaps is time to play reverse psychology!

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