Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tribulations of a Mover Moving

I have many attributes; but organization is certainly not one of them.  I moved by the end of May and, even when this is not my first time moving, for sure it has been the most disastrous.
It all began at the beginning of May when, all of the sudden I found myself with a notice that I had to move because the house I was living and which lease had expired had been sold. The previous owner never told me the house was in the market, everyone that came to the property I was told were contractors because the house needed a few repairs to be up to code... Obviously they were not contractors but potential buyers, I felt deceived but there was nothing I could do but pack and go. Easier said than done! I never realized how much junk I have collected over the years and, even when I gladly departed from a lot of things, there was not time to go through everything so I found myself just putting things in boxes and get the hell out of there as fast as I could.
I found a wonderful house, actually much better than the one I left, I think this is the best house I’ve  ever lived in – of course, it’s been only one week since I moved and my opinion is purely based on aesthetics and nothing else. I am happy here, but the move has been the move from hell if there is such a place.
It all began when I rented a truck and got help to move all my stuff instead of hiring movers, I thought I could save some hard earn money that way. We managed to move everything in two trips, but at the new house the boxes – all of them – were placed all over the living room, a total mess where you could find shoes in one box and sitting on top of it another box full of things for the kitchen… did I mentioned I am not too organized? I forgot to mark the boxes for easy finding, so everything is like a treasure hunt – you never know what you will find in any of the boxes.
Once we finally moved all the boxes and before we moved the furniture, I needed to move my pets to the new house and keep them safe in a room. So, I got all my 4 cats and three dogs in my car and drove them to our new home, I had a symphony of barks and meows all the while I was driving. At this point I was about to go crazy but it got the task done without anyone losing their mind, including myself.
Next, I decided to pay a lady to clean the old house including the appliances. I instructed her to throw out everything that I had left behind, including the food in the refrigerator. She did as I instructed her, cleaned everything perfectly, I paid her and she went her merry way. The next day, the owner of the house I had just vacated, called me to tell me that the cleaning lady had placed the trash under a pole and a City Inspector was going to issue a fine of $300 unless the trash was picked up no later than 2:00 PM. I got the call at 12:30 PM which left me no time to make any type of arrangements so, without hesitation, I jumped into my hatchback car rushed over to the old property and began putting the trash in my car. Everything was going perfect until the last bag, the one with the food that had been “cooked” by the sun for a day and rained on that day, broke spilling a green and pestilent liquid all over the back of the rear seats. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me! Damn! In top of all the things I had to do, now I had to add to the list cleaning my car inside out with soap and water…
The house was not Internet ready and cable companies do not service this area, so I was incommunicado for days and now I am stuck with a Satellite Dish which I hate since every time there is a slight rain the signal is lost, thankfully I don’t watch TV that much.  The problem was that  I was without an Internet connection making my nights seem longer than usual; I was glad that by nightfall I was so tired that more than falling asleep I really just dropped dead! The Internet was a longer waiting period; I just had it installed last night… I’ve never been happier!
I still have about 15 boxes decorating the living room. I have no idea what’s in them or what is worse, where will I put them since I have no space for them. I am seriously thinking of decorating the boxes to make them part of the décor that would make my life a lot easier – if I don’t need to look into any of the boxes in a few months, I can then start throwing them away or donating them if what it is in them is worth it.
Today on my way home from work I bought a Lottery and a Powerball ticket. If I am the lucky winner, I will buy a house so I will never, ever, move again… I am debating if I win whether I should drop a damn match all over my junk or leave the landlord $5,000 to do with it whatever he wants! The idea of the match its very tempting though!
I hope that if I don’t win the lotto that I will stay put for years to come. The next time I move I will throw everything away and I mean EVERYTHING except for the pictures.   I solemnly swear, I will never go through this ordeal again, no matter what!


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