Monday, June 25, 2012

The Fight Begins Now!
Fighting out of the blue corner is Barack Hussein Obama, a young, vibrant and freethinker fighter. He stands 6-feet-1-inch tall, weighing in at 165 pounds. He holds a professional political record of 2 wins and 0 losses, with 2 wins by knockout, he is the current and defending President of the United States. Fighting out of the red corner is Mitt Romney, an aging, not so agile, etch a sketch fighter.  He stands 6-feet-2-inches tall, weighing in at 197 pounds with a professional political record of 1 win and 3 losses, all by knockout. Riiiiing... Let the fight begin now! 

As we already know, what matters most to Mitt Romney is money, lots and lots of money.

We can easily perceive through his webpage his stands on immigration issues: If you are wealthy, we welcome you with open arms, but if you are poor… you can go to hell!
To corroborate the above statement, Mitt Romney says about immigration that “it is too difficult for businesses to secure visas for foreign workers to make up for labor shortages and gaps in skills.” Labor shortages and gaps in skills, really? How unattached is this guy? Under what rock has he been hiding? Mitt Romney not only believes in outsourcing jobs to other countries for big corporations to make even larger profits but he also wants big corporations to bring to this country workers to occupy the jobs that Americans so desperately need and we can do. Why not provide incentives to these companies to train American workers to acquire the skills they need? No. Mitt Romney is a firm believer in outsourcing and filling the few jobs that are in this country with foreigners, all in the name of profit…

Romney continues to say that President Obama has failed to solve the immigration problems of this country. He really has balls to say such a thing! President Obama has tried to find a solution to the immigration problems faced by this nation since the first year in office but, it has been very difficult to accomplish this when the Republicans in Congress obstruct every effort, not only to solve the immigration problem but any other of the many problems that invade us. Republicans are so adamant to move forward that they have rejected even those bills they have created in the past if President Obama is the one asking for it. They do this to discredit President Obama and proclaim he is a failure. They [Republicans] stopped caring for this country and Americans a long time ago, please notice I didn’t say people, since Republicans do care for some people, they care for those that instead of a date of birth have a date of incorporation.

For years the Dream-Act has been going around in circles in Congress. The Dream-Act has been rejected over and over by Congress, even by those Republicans that not only endorsed it in the past but also helped redact it. Yet, since Congress is so set on their agenda to reject anything that forms part of the President’s promises, it should be of no surprise to anyone that once more the Right Wing in congress obstructed the passage of the Dream-Act, leaving no alternative to President Obama but to turn what otherwise would be a permanent solution into a temporary executive order. Now, Republicans are outraged at his audacity… how dares President Obama pass a “mandate”? No one has ever raised so much as an eyebrow over a presidential mandate before, it is not as if no other president before him have ever signed one, but they must make a big deal if it is President Obama the one that passes it.

Mitt Romney’s page on the Issue of Immigration is full of contradictions. On one hand he says that the system “turns away even those foreign students whom we educate here” and on the next paragraph, he says that President Obama has obstructed “many of the deportation cases” and that “his [Obama's] Department of Justice has sued to stop states from assisting the federal government in enforcing immigration laws.” So which one is it Mitt Romney? President Obama turns them away or has tried to protect them? Take a pick, but it can't be both.

Mitt Romney uses a lot of words hoping to create the perception that he truly has an Immigration plan. We know that he doesn’t have a plan of his own, rather his plan is whatever the Koch brothers and Citizens United tell him it is. His Immigration “plan” is not really a plan, there is none; rather he mentions talking points that he believes will satisfy his base and to superficial to scare potential Hispanic voters. We have been witnesses of the IQ level of most of the GOP followers, they're easy to influence and will believe whatever Fox News pushes down their throat, so these talking point with no specific mention as to how will he solve, implement or accomplish them is what Mitt Romney calls a “plan.”

As mentioned in the third paragraph, Mitt Romney wants to bring foreigners with degrees (obtained somewhere else) to obtain high paying positions that should be given to an American worker. But of course, a foreigner’s salary would be below that of an American performing the same task – so he will push, once more, to benefit corporations rather than American workers.

He is proposing to raise the visa cap for these foreigners, making it even more difficult for American professionals with the same knowledge and expertise to secure a position within a Multinational corporation. Way to go Mitt! Next, he offers to grant permanent residency to graduates with advanced degrees in math, science and engineering – and I am all for that, but… what about those students that got a degree in let’s say, education? Don’t we need good educators in this country or is he going to bring teachers from others countries too?

Furthermore, he claims that he has a “strong stand against illegal immigration” and this is true. On the last year and on the last month of his governorship, Romney signed an executive order (how dare he!) allowing state police officers to round up and arrest anyone suspected of immigration violations and to deport those arrested. There goes that stapled green card to a diploma! That executive order was never implemented because the new Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, revoked it a month after he became governor.

Romney says that he will secure the border by completing a “high-tech” fence and increase the border patrol. That sounds very much like the same crap that Herman Cain talked about during his campaign, but since Mitt prefers to keep the suspense about his “plans” no specifics were provided. We can assume if we wish that he wants to build a huge electric fence to keep “illegals” from trespassing our borders… Sure, who cares that the economy is in the red and this fence would cost billions of dollars to build! Let’s build a huge electric fence and the Mexicans will build an even higher rubber ladder! Idiot!

The next item addressed in his website is “Magnets.” He claims that he will establish a “tamper-proof” employment verification system similar to E-Verify that will enable employers to hire only legal workers and turn away those that are “illegal.” With this statement, Mitt Romney is fully placing the responsibility of hiring undocumented workers solely on the worker and not the employer. Granted, there are those that will produce a false or stolen social security to secure a job, but most often than not the employer knows very well that the worker being hired is undocumented, the employers benefits when hiring them because they will work more hours for much lower wages and no insurance coverage, sick days or vacations. But Romney wants us to believe that employers are completely unaware of any illegality and are the victims of those bad, corrupted and undocumented immigrants! There is a system already in place but employers look the other way and play dumb because it provides them with a modern-day slave and if caught, they simply will say they were tricked into it and blame the immigrant. Mitt Romney says that he will also “enforce the law,” because apparently up to now no president has ever enforced the federal immigration law. He is promising to pass the same law he signed on the last month and last year of his reign, I mean, governorship previously mentioned.

And last but not least, Mitt Romney opposes amnesty. Again, there goes the green card to graduates or to the young men and women that wants to serve in the military.

Romney wants to attract the vote of Hispanics, which keeps eluding him. He is aware that if he publicly admits and describes what his plans and opinions towards undocumented immigrants truly are, that will not make him very popular among the Latino voters. He doesn’t care for any worker, undocumented or not, he only cares for the executives and professionals that should come to our shores to take the jobs that Americans can do and that we need so much.

I am amazed that he hasn’t made any changes to his site now that President Obama gave the GOP a slap on the face when, tired of waiting for Congress to pass the Dream-Act, President Obama signed an executive order granting a temporary safe haven to so many children of undocumented immigrants that didn't ask to be brought here.

The GOP keeps obstructing and our President keeps moving forward… with or without their help, but this time President Obama will make sure the American citizens know who is procrastinating, blocking, obstructing and basically denying the opportunity for this country to move forward.

The Republicans want a fight and we have the Champion in our corner. Let the fight begin now! Only one fighter will be left standing and that is President Barack H. Obama!


  1. You are speaking on one of my hot buttons, the H1 and L1b programs! The expansion of these programs started in 1998 and continues to this day. Worse yet, even the DoD and other government entities hire them on contract at the expense of US workers. Worse even still? In the Jobs act there was a Hire America / Buy America clause, the GOP struck it.

  2. I know. I've worked for Corporate America all my life, I see how they manage to get foreigners to occupy positions that Americans are fully qualified to perform, but they list as requirements something absurd and completely unnecessary to bring them here with a working visa. After three years, they all apply for a green card and most often than not they get it. We have good engineers, architects, finance professionals, etc. in this country, yet these positions are being filled by foreigners. I don't know what else does the GOP needs to do for their base to realize they are voting against themselves and against the country. It's sickening.