Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Of Values and Vaginas… or is it the Value of Vaginas?

As I have been doing, I am continuing reviewing Mitt Romney’s “issues” as cited in his website, I will give my opinion of his comments about “Values.” This section is extensive and I will break it in three sections, today I will review the first section of those values: “Abortion”

We all know that there is not one single Republican candidate that is openly pro-choice; even if personally they might sympathize or agree with the pro-choice movement they will never say this publicly because that would represent the end of their political career. I do believe that Romney is truthful when he says he is pro-life and I applaud him for it. However, Romney claims that “almost all Americans recognize that abortion is a problem.” I do not agree, at least not completely. I agree abortion is a problem but I think that when he refers to “all Americans” he means his base, since this issue has been a constant battle between the parties and groups. Romney believes that people of “both political parties” know that more than a million abortions a year cannot “be squared with a good heart” and perhaps he is right but, are those “all Americans” ready to offer and approve an economical and financial support to the millions of babies that would be born if the mothers wouldn’t end an unwanted pregnancy? I seriously doubt it. There is nothing more sacred to a Republican than a fetus but a child that is alive should never be a burden to society. They believe that the mother should deal with it after all no one told her to open her legs, “she should have held an aspirin between her knees” instead of being so irresponsible, they would say.

On the same subject, Romney says that he believes life begins at conception and that he wants the laws of this country to reflect his views. He proposes that the next step to right what he believes is wrong is to overturn Roe v. Wade because that law was the result of “judicial activism” and the decision to decide if an abortion should or should not be legal should be left to the people and not unelected judges. The problem I find with his opinion and that of pro-lifers is that they want the law to change based on their own opinion and views in complete disregard to the opinions, views and rights of the opposition. Abortions have been performed since the beginning of time when a woman decided not to have a child and did everything possible to end that unwanted pregnancy. Terminating a pregnancy in a safe environment by a professional will only serve to prevent losing two lives instead of only one. The only reason pro-lifers are against a woman having an abortion is because it is against their religious believes, nothing else. These same people have no problem enforcing and supporting the death penalty and some of them couldn’t care less about human life; we have seen too often in the news how they are willing to kill practicing abortion doctors, their staff and the women who go to their offices seeking professional help to end a pregnancy. Making abortions legal and accessible to any woman that needs one should not be based on religious views; if your religion and beliefs prevent you from having an abortion then don’t have one. Is your religious belief that by having an abortion a person is committing a capital sin? Let them burn in hell. If you don’t agree or approve of terminating a pregnancy, no one will force you to have one however, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, then you are imposing your personal and religious beliefs upon the rest of the nation. The law should never be based on religious beliefs and personal views; that is what churches are there for.

If elected, Mitt Romney will also promote health care workers to “follow their conscience” instead of the Hippocratic Oath; allowing them to refuse performing an abortion if they personally don’t agree with this practice. I don’t really have a problem with this; after all, I think that if you are a neurosurgeon you will never have to perform an abortion. If you, on the other hand, are an OBGYN you probably can perform abortions but I doubt you will be forced to perform an abortion. If there is such a probability, I believe we have enough religious hospitals in this country where these doctors can work at and of course, most OBGYNs have their own private practice. 

Mitt will also revoke funding for abortion advocates such as Planned Parenthood. I truly hope that means that he will support increasing the funds for Medicaid, Food stamps, HUD and Welfare so the millions of children that will be born into impoverished homes can at least go to a doctor and have decent nutrients as they grow up. But we know that will never happen, republicans are against abortions but they are also against supporting what in their opinion are social “parasites” living off the system.

But he is not content with controlling the vaginas of American women, oh no! He proposes that America should expand their vaginal obsession to China. Who on earth does the Chinese government think they are restricting women from having another 20 million babies in an already over-populated country? How dare China impose any control over their population? They should be like us, imposing control over the American vaginas to force them to keep popping kids as if raising children and providing them with a decent life was free! I must ask you… what is Romney’s obsession with China? Is this a tactic he would use if (may the Spaghetti Monster have mercy on us!) he becomes President to evade paying our debt to China?

Romney closes the “Abortion Value” (didn’t know abortion was a “Value”) by saying: “Americans have the moral duty to uphold the sanctity of life and protect the weakest, most vulnerable and most innocent among us. As president, Mitt will ensure that American laws reflect American’s values of preserving life at home and abroad.” I have to laugh at this because they are NOT protecting the weakest “among us” since an embryo is not among us and those same ideals and sanctity do not extend to the fetus once it has passed (alive) through the birth canal. Mitt is a vagina freak, who probably would love to have many vaginas at his service.

Vaginas of America, Unite in defeating the Republican Party that wishes to control you since they can’t have you! Tightly close those legs, open your mind wide and move those facial lips… Give them a piece of your mind the next time you hear them deciding what you can do with your own vagina!



  2. Spoken like a true democratic donkey...or ass as we republicans prefer

  3. You are an ignorant, mentally imbalanced moron. And I sincerely mean every word.

  4. Thank you for your well based criticism and the courage of addressing my views with nothing more than personal offenses. It reflect the type of individual you are, the type I have no respect for. You would benefit from taking some courses in addressing issues in a way that you can expose a valid opposing opinion and at least give the impression that you have some brains. The more people like you make these kind of statements the stronger my views are and the one losing in the process are them and in this particular case, you... and I sincerely mean every single word.