Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice 20/20

GZ injuriesLast night we witnessed a mockery of our justice system and what a prosecutor that doesn’t want to prosecute can do.

These are the pictures of George Zimmerman taken at the Sanford Police Department right after Trayvon Martin’s murder.

George Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon Martin was covering his mouth and that he was afraid to be suffocated, reason why he feared for his life and shot the teenager. If that was true, why there is no blood all over his face? A nose, when broken, bleeds profusely, he should have blood all over, but that is simply not the case.

The next two pictures are of the minuscule cuts on George Zimmerman’s head, another part of our bodies that will bleed heavily if cut. According to George Zimmerman accounts of what took place on that fatidic night, he was on the ground, facing up while Trayvon Martin was pounding his head on the cement, another reason why George Zimmerman thought he was in great danger. When you receive a cut on the head and you are facing up, the blood doesn’t run towards your face… it’s impossible since gravity will force it to run towards to ground. Every single one of the dry blood on George Zimmerman’s head are going towards his face, as if he was looking down, not up when the blood was flowing. These injuries are consistent with self-inflicting injuries.

Then we have a picture of George Zimmerman’s back. For a man that was on his back on the wet grass and concrete it is remarkably clean. We cannot see a speck of grass not even dirt! How can this be when he was on his back all the time?

trayvonThe pictures of Trayvon Martin’s body also tell us a story. First of all, the body was moved. Trayvon Martin died face down on the dirt (lower picture) and was moved to face up by the police (top left). On that picture you can see where marking number 7 is relative to the body. Marking number 7 is Trayvon Martin’s cell phone. If you turn the body to the original position, that marking will be very close to Trayvon Martin’s hand, which can only mean that Trayvon Martin was holding his phone while he was beating George Zimmerman to a pulp, this is inconceivable. But the prosecutors didn’t pick up on any of these inconsistencies, they accepted George Zimmerman’s version of the event without even questioning it, without even presenting a different scenario to the jurors.

The autopsy performed by the Volusia and Seminole Medical Examiner doesn’t mention any injuries, markings, or anything unusual on Trayvon Martin’s hands except for a minute abrasion on his left fourth finger. Trayvon Martin was right handed, I am positive that when he punched George Zimmerman – if he ever did – he used his right hand. This abrasion could have happened in many different ways, the autopsy doesn’t even say if this abrasion was fresh or if it appeared to be a few days old; but regardless if fresh or not, unless he was wearing globes, I am sure some abrasions to his knuckles would have been present, yet there were none. To see the Forensic Report, click here.

All of these pictures mean to me that the prosecution didn’t do their job, and they didn’t because either they were lazy or because this mockery was a show to satisfy the black community but they never intended to win the case.

There is no justice in this country if you have dark skin. Justice is not blind and will always lean in favor of the NRA, the wealthy, the powerful and against minorities. Our judicial system is not broken; our judicial system is just for sale but not if you happen to be black.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We Are Trayvon Martin

hoodieIt’s a dark and rainy night even though is only 7:30 PM. You are walking on that miserable night on your way to where you have been staying for a few days but this is not your “home” and you are not familiar with the neighbors. As you are walking you noticed a car with a person watching your every move, but think nothing of it until you notice that the car is following you. Your heart beats faster and your pace picks up a bit. You walk by the car and make eye contact with the driver; you want to send him a message that you know what he is doing. You hope this will deter him from following you.

You decide to walk into an area where the car can’t follow you, with any luck whoever is following you will desist now that you are not that accessible. To your surprise and dismay, the person comes out of the car and starts walking in your direction.

Damn rain! What does this guy wants to come after you even under this miserable rain? Does he want to abduct you? You run and hide behind some bushes hoping that the guy will walk away and the whole thing has just been a mere coincidence. But the man doesn’t walk away, rather he takes out a flashlight and now you are positive he is after you and will search for you and what’s worse, he will find you! Before you are surprised, you decide to surprise him instead and confront him.

The man seems confident and cocky when you ask him what is it that he wants. Not once this man asked where were you going or tell you he is the captain of the neighborhood watch nor does he tell you that the police is on their way. For you, this man wants to harm you and you have no idea what his intentions are. Words are exchanged and you punch the man right on the nose. The man falls and hit himself on the concrete. Before he gets up, you jump on him and try to subdue him and you even managed to throw a few more punches.

All the while, you are crying at the top of your lungs for help. You hope that someone will come to your aid, but no one does. The man pulls out a gun and the unmistakable sound of a gunshot is heard in the dark and your cries for help are forever silenced. You fall face down on the ground, and your last gasp for air is filled with grass, water and the dirt that is under you.

The shooter doesn’t feel any compassion for you or remorse for his actions, for having taken your life. Rather, he desperately is trying to find a weapon on you, unsuccessfully. He is trying to find something on you to justify in front of the police why he had to shoot you but all he finds is an unopened can of Arizona tea and a bag of skittles.

According to many people, you deserved to die for throwing that first punch. Long gone are the days where two men would have a fistfight and where the only thing coming out of that fight would be a few bruises and a broken ego.

Everything that will be heard after your death will be the story given by your murderer, since no one in that neighborhood had the guts to come out in your defense, not on that night not  afterwards and the other witness, you, is dead.

Stand your ground can be translated into I’ll put you in the ground and walk free, especially if you happen to be a black man in Florida.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Take a Bite out of Crime!

bite-out-of-crime2Half of all the states in the United States are Red, this means that the Governors are Republicans and a Republican majority controls the Legislature. The representatives from these states, at a State level and at a National level, are diligently working at passing laws to prohibit abortions and control even dispensing contraceptives designed for women, not men. Some of these states have gone as far attempting to pass laws that will grant parental rights to rapists. The vast majority of the legislators are men and these are the men dictating what a woman can or cannot do with her own body, her family and her reproductive system.

They have thought of everything imaginable: probing, ultra sounds, sermons, waiting periods, forcibly making a woman watch the image of the fetus and watch horrendous pictures of aborted fetuses. It seems that these men believe women are like them, incapable of thinking and allowing the “lower head” to do all the thinking for them. The problem is… women don’t have a “lower head,” only men do and it is that head the one that control most of their thoughts and actions.

The Republican legislators are not obsessed with women’s vaginas, no. They are obsessed with control. Their obsession is to subjugate women to the role of servants; servants to their husbands, fathers, preachers, and anyone else who has a decorative pair of testicles hanging between their legs. That is the reason why you don’t see them include any women in the committees legislating abortions. Republican men make these decisions without taking into consideration the opinion of a woman or a doctor, because as it is obvious in the legislation drafted by these men, they truly believe that women are incapable of making their own decisions.

The proof of this is the fact that these retrogrades believe a woman makes the decision of having an abortion without knowing what the procedure entails. They think that by showing a woman a sonogram, by giving her pamphlets telling them how sacred life is and how a zygote develops the woman is going to change her mind. Little do they know that women, at least most of them, know perfectly well what an abortion is and thought long and hard before taking that step. It’s not easy to decide to end a pregnancy; most women debate with their conscience, most feel guilty but at the end, once a woman has made that decision, they will have an abortion; the means in which they will obtain it depends on the legislation: a certified physician, a coat hanger or a back-ally butcher, but have no doubt about it… she will end it.

This country was based on principles that ensured that religion didn’t crossed the boundaries of politics – the Founding Fathers made sure to keep religion out of the Constitution and they did this for a reason. They believed that every individual had the right to practice their religion or, if agnostic or atheist, the right not to believe in a deity. Today’s Republicans will not accept this and they believe they are the keepers of their god, pushing down the throat of everyone else their religious views ignoring any other religion, and stepping on every single individual that is not a Christian, their kind of Christian.

The obsession with vaginas has more to do with religion than morals. It is an attempt to take women back to the days of the scriptures, a time where their god – after playing with the idea of creating a human being created Adam and perfected his creation with Eve. Ever since a man wrote that absurd story to explain how mankind ended up on this planet, men have convinced themselves that they are the all knowing, the masters of the universe and women were created to serve their every need, without a peep. These Republicans yearn for that, for the day where they are the supreme masters and women are here for their taking.

Things will not change until women start demanding equal legislation about penises, testicles and the men reproductive system. Women should demand their legislators to create bills prohibiting the use for erectile dysfunction drugs for purposes other than blood pressure – not sexual – and if a doctor prescribes them, then the men should be chemically castrated, no hanky-panky allowed. All men should have a vasectomy, those between the ages of 14 and 50 should have a reversible vasectomy, and those above 50 should have a permanent vasectomy, they would be too old to be procreating since they have a greater risk of not being around until their child reaches adulthood. A vasectomy will prevent these men from irresponsibly impregnating a woman, which could lead to an abortion, it will also prevent a woman from getting pregnant if raped.

Sperm banks should also be illegal; those little sperms kept in a bottle should be seen as half babies suffering the cold environment and in danger of perishing just because an irresponsible man wants to make a few bucks. No sir! Those half precious human beings must be protected at all costs, that is why I suggest that we make it illegal to masturbate, but only men since women do not expel an egg when she reaches an orgasm, men on the other hand discard thousands of half babies every single time they ejaculate – so no more masturbation for men and men only, women… have fun, you are free to masturbate as often as you want.

If a man is infertile and since for Republicans procreation is so important, these men should undergo treatment to correct this anomaly, regardless if the man wants to have a family or not, it is up to the State to decide this, not them.

Of course I am joking about the above, but only up to a point.  I do believe that decisions about men's reproductive system should be made by women for as long as men are making the decisions for women.

For centuries if not millenniums, women have been subjected to the fastidious caprices of men – even when men, by their own admission, have difficulties understanding women let alone their bodies. I find it incredible that men with this mentality were not only conceived but also raised by women and yet, they do not respect or acknowledge women; they think of women as a subspecies far inferior to males.

To balance this injustice, a Committee for Men’s Health Issues should be created and composed mainly by female members of the legislature – at State and National levels. In the eventuality that there are not enough women to create a Committee, the Committee women should select the most submissive male members to occupy the position – there should be at a minimum a ratio of 4 to 1, women should be the majority at all times, no exceptions.

What the Republican Legislators are doing is a crime; it’s a crime against the rights of an individual that works and contributes to society, this must stop. Women should demand changes, not ask but demand them now, not tomorrow.

I think it is well over do for this mentality to change and for women to start making decisions about those flimsy penises. Let’s see how they like having a donkey up in their urethra!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Carlito's Way

Carlitos2I moved into this house six months ago. I considered it a dump. There were about 20 cats roaming in the front yard. It’s a duplex and the next-door neighbor is co-owner of the property and the owner of the cats. Since I have 4 indoor cats and 3 indoor dogs, I didn’t have that many choices when it came to rent so I moved in even when I wasn’t too happy with the property but I only rent where my furry children are accepted.

Since day one there was one cat that caught my attention, Carlitos. One of his hind legs seemed a little deformed but his personality was wonderful! His eyes were very expressive, you could almost feel them caressing you and even when he wasn’t the prettiest cat in the bunch, he certainly was the one that you will remember.

We became very close. He used to lie down all day on my porch, snoozing the afternoon away until he heard my car. Every single time I came back from the store or from work, he would snap out of his haze and rush to the gate to greet me. No matter how many times I did this, he was always there like a silent vigilant watching over me and wishing my speedy return.

Carlitos was thirteen years old and had a stroke a year ago and that was the cause of his deformed leg. Last week, he had another stroke but was beginning to recuperate and I was truly hopeful. The first thing he did when he got better was to rush to my porch. However, early today he had yet another stroke. I had been dealing with my mother’s illness and couldn’t be at his side until I found someone to watch after my mother, as soon as I found someone, I rushed to his side and spoke softly to him, gently pat his head and I could see he was enjoying it; half an hour later, he left this world and I softly whispered in his ear to please look for me on my next life – I want him in it.

I have lost a friend, a friend that I looked forward seeing every day, religiously by my front door. He had become part of my life and I know that I was part of his. I already miss him so much!

I didn’t own him, he belonged to someone else, but I know that spiritually he belonged to me because there is no other explanation for his behavior or my attachment. I love Carlitos, coming home will not be the same without him…