Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Puppet Show

It is common knowledge that politics is a “dirty” business, but Republicans have taken it to the filthy level. It is repulsive to see how they have no scruples. Sadly, they know perfectly well that their base is very gullible and that in their hateful minds any lies that it’s constructed to tarnish our President’s reputation will not only be believed but also welcomed, generating the anger and ire of the Tea-baggers and the Republican base. 

I take the latest comment of the GOP’s puppet, Mitt Romney, as a desperate action. After his disastrous European tour, where Romney illustrated his qualifications as a contender for Head of State and where he was the subject of mockery, both abroad and at home, because of his ineptitude Romney has resorted to this new attack on President Obama which is nothing more than an attempt to salvage a comatose campaign that is desperately grasping for air.
President Obama's lawsuit claiming it is unconstitutional for Ohio to allow servicemen and women extended early voting privileges during the state’s early voting period is an outrage.

The brave men and women of our military make tremendous sacrifices to protect and defend our freedoms, and we should do everything we can to protect their fundamental right to vote.

I stand with the fifteen military groups that are defending the rights of military voters, and if I'm entrusted to be the commander-in-chief, I'll work to protect the voting rights of our military, not undermine them.
For those of you that don't know where Mitt Romney got his idea about President Obama suing the State of Ohio and for those that might believe such allegations, let me tell you exactly what the suit is all about, in simple words and not the legal mumble jumble. The State of Ohio just passed a law [HB224] that will impose different dead-lines for in-person early voting between the military and civilians.  Ohioans were able to  early vote starting three days prior to Election Day, with this new law this is prohibited except for the military.  All the suit is demanding is the restoration of the three day early voting rights to all Ohioans, not just the military.  That's basically it.

President Obama is not against the military, quite the contrary. But President Obama wants the rights of all citizens to be honored and respected, not just a few. As it is customary with Romney and the GOP, they don’t dare debating on true issues because they know they will lose, so they twist the truth and hope that it will stick.

Republicans know they can't fight President Obama using the truth, so they must fabricate lies. We’ve seen them do it over and over: Obama was born in Kenya; Obama needs to show his birth certificate; Obama wants to implement a “death panel”; Obama is gay; Obama will favor African-Americans; Obama wants a racial war… and the list of unfounded lies goes on and on. It is truly heartrending to realize that there are people that are too lazy to research for the truth in an era where there is nothing secret anymore. At a time when with a few strokes at the keyboard and the Internet you can find out everything you want to know. But the right base is lazy, mostly uneducated and let’s face it, it is far easier and takes less effort to believe all the absurdities reported by Fox News (no news there), the ridiculous never ending accusations of Michele Bachmann and those of the GOP’s marionette, Mitt Romney.

America can't afford to have another puppet for president. America can't go back in time as the Right wants... The future is always ahead of us, never behind us... Let's move forward, let's re-elect President Obama for four more years and remove all the Tea-baggers and Obstructionists from Congress. If we want to move forward, we can't surround ourselves with retrogrades.

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