Friday, May 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders is an Independent. He is also a Socialist.

The problem with people in the US is that they do not know or recognize there is a difference between socialism and communism. They are not the same even though most communist countries claim to be socialists, in reality they are not.

It's like saying Imperialism and Capitalism are the same, they are not.

There is no harm in Sanders' socialism. That type of socialism works for the betterment of society. It tries to help the helpless; to bring up those that have no voice, no future and that have lost hope due to the greed and arrogance of the upper class. Wanting to provide free education for everyone, is socialism. Wanting to offer everyone with medical attention and healthcare for free, is socialism. Don't buy into the bullshit that a socialist wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor, that is a fear tactic used since Hoover to demonize socialism. All a socialist wants is better wages for the working class, better working conditions, less taxes for the poor and the rich to be taxed appropriately. If this is not good for you or me, and I am talking to every Democrat and Independent out there, then you are not a Democrat, and you are simply fooling yourself.

I will vote for Bernie Sanders, and I have said this since he came into the picture as the only one in Congress watching my back. Long before he announced he was running. I have said I would vote for him or Elizabeth Warren before most Democrats were shouting they would and begging Bernie to run, just so now that he listened and is running to run like scared rats... Now we hear more often than not that he will lose because he is a socialist. That we want history to be made and elect the first woman (without giving a damn that she supports Monsanto and that she is a corporatist)... If you wish to make history and history is so damn important I will give you history:

Bernie Sanders will be the very first openly Socialist President of the United States of America. How about that for making history?


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