Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There is nothing I could say that could be better than being able to compare, side by side, the Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney and the President of the United States.

To be able to "feel" what they believe America's future should be. One believes in helping the American youth get an education by providing easier access to Federal Pell Grants, Financial Aid and lowering the interest rates of their loans; the other suggests that our youth ask their parents for a loan to start a business. That alone, should tell you the vision Mitt Romney has of America: a place where parents have financial solvency, a solid financial situation enough to lend their children money to start a business, like the story he mentioned in his speech, we all have parents able and capable of lending us $20,000 just because we want to venture into business immediately after high school. Perhaps, this is very easy for him and his circle of friends, but for the common and almost extinct middle class American its a dream beyond their current capabilities.

This is the man that wants to run this country. A man that thinks that a college student should start their own business instead of finishing school and of course, do not ask the government for help, ask your parents... after all, he is positive that everyone in America has 5 mansions, 10 cars and probably several bank accounts with over six figures in all of them, so there should be no problem!

Please notice the students behind President Obama, their enthusiasm and participation throughout the speech.  The atmosphere was vibrant.  No one can deny that President Obama is a great speaker, he lifts the spirits and inspires the masses.

Now in contrast, notice the students are barely keeping awake.  Not only do we have to endure Mitt Romney's sucking his teeth every so often during the speech, but he has some sort of speech impediment, he stutters a lot. The rhythm he maintains during his speech is enough to knock anyone out, it is almost unchangeable, from beginning to end.  The audience is not engaged, actually it's comatose.

THE UGLY:  I had to throw this in here to cover for the Ugly, sorry no transcript...   

Well, what can I say about Ron Paul, I think he is delusional if he still believes he has any chance of winning the primaries... but I think he will run as an Independent, I sure hope so, it will be better for President Obama if he does.




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