Monday, May 21, 2012

You say Mo-NATO and I say No-NATO

NATO was created in 1949 and this year the NATO Summit was held in Chicago, Illinois for the first time. Leaders from 60 nations visited the windy city as well as thousands of people that traveled to Chicago to participate in the protest against this Summit.

Forty-five Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans threw away their "Global War on Terror" medals, symbolizing with this gesture their opposition to this false war on terror. These veterans marched alongside Occupiers, arm in arm with Afghans for Peace and side by side to women of all ages that called themselves Grannies at the G8 or Nanas at NATO who were marching to voice their discontent for war and for the war conservatives have declared against women.  Together were the young and the old, women and men, Black, Asians, Latinos, Whites and Native Americans, united as one to express their disapproval for the never ending war in Afghanistan, the mistreatment of the Afghan people and the use of drones by the military that indiscriminately kills innocent lives in order to destroy one al Qaeda or Taliban member.

As it has become the norm, the riot police welcomed the unarmed protesters in full riot gear. Once more, the police was armed by their inseparable baton but, as far as I know, this time they left the pepper spray at the police station. As it has happened before, protesters were physically hurt by abuse of power of the police that didn't hesitate to use their batons against the occupiers. Again, the street of a city was stained by the blood of its citizens for exercising their constitutional right. This country has paid with blood for the freedom and the right to assemble; we have the constitutional right to peacefully protest for that which we don't agree and against this Summit that I don’t care the name it's given it is a meeting about war.

I find appalling that during these difficult financial times where many nations are on the verge of bankruptcy – particularly Greece, this meeting took place and “defense” deals were secured and everything was business as usual. The participating NATO Countries all belong to the Northern Hemisphere, after all NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Several other countries were invited to participate in the Summit as guests as well as the member countries of ISAF. It is odd that China wasn’t invited, one would think thy have an interest on what is taking place after all, they are practically financing the United States but no, not one representative from the Socialist Republic of China received an invitation perhaps the invitation was lost in the mail.

It is my personal opinion that NATO is nothing more than a club of powerful nations that together confabulate to control the world while interchanging strategies and weapon contracts that will bring them closer to that goal. We cannot expect that they will openly admit this, so the meeting gets camouflaged as an alliance of countries for the security, peace keeping and partnership among the 28 countries that form NATO.

No one can expect for any country to abandon all their weapons and I am not suggesting that, every country must have the capability of defending themselves, and that includes our enemies; what I can’t comprehend is how, at a time where almost every nation is bankrupted and unable to even pay their debts or fulfill their obligations to help the citizens that are struggling to survive in each of these countries, including ours, these nations have the money to purchase these drones and armaments which price tags are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. I can’t understand how the United States can continue ordering weapons such as these and go on with a war no one wants and even threatens Iran with a military intervention if they do not stop their nuclear experiments. How can we continue on this ballistic path? How can the United States finance the rebuilding of the countries we have destroyed while our own infrastructure is falling apart? How can we continue to indiscriminately borrow more and more money to finance these absurdities? Wouldn’t it be easier, simpler and more efficient to end these fucking wars once and for all, stop investing in these drones and other extremely expensive and unnecessary weapons while we have people that have nothing to eat in our own backyard and all over the world? How many nuclear bombs do we need to destroy one another? Would we ever be armed enough? Will the scientific community ever invent an antipsychotic medication strong enough to finally treat the paranoia of the leaders of the United States, the NATO countries and any other country on this planet? I love my president but I can’t support wars it goes against every fiber of my being, after all, I am all for peace and love, not wars.

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