Saturday, March 24, 2012

When Racism Goes Rampant

I think I can’t get away from the Trayvon Martin’s case even if I wanted to.  Every day I hear more information and what disturbs me the most is that there are so many people defending George Zimmerman.  I try very hard not express what I really think at the first confrontation, but if I am to be honest, the thought in my mind always is: “sure, because Martin was black we must give the benefit of the doubt to Zimmerman.”

How can anyone say that there is any doubt?  Martin was walking on a sidewalk, if he looked suspicious or not it shouldn’t matter.  His actions are what should have been important.  All he was doing when Zimmerman saw him was walking, and when Martin realized he was being followed, he walked faster.  The way a person walks should not serve as an excuse to kill them.  Assuming, and this is not true by the way, that Martin was drunk or on drugs on his way home.  Still Zimmerman had no right to kill him.  Simple.

Then I have met a few people on Facebook who keep posting articles of black men that have killed white folks, with comments such as “where is the rage for these people?”  I must mention that the black men that committed those horrific crimes were caught and are in jail, even the one that claimed that he killed the victim in self-defense.  That is not the case with Zimmerman who is free almost a month after he murdered Martin.

There are those that mention the now infamous “John.”  The elusive neighbor that said that Martin was the one on top of the obese Zimmerman and Zimmerman was the one crying for help.  The same John that doesn’t want to face the reporters and that most likely will not appear in court.

A month after the assassination of this young man, the white racists that are so abundant in this country are trying to make the victim out of the victimizer… The thing is, their “logic’ simply doesn’t add up.
Analyzing things from a purely objective perspective, I can say that:

1. Trayvon Martin had all the right in the world to walk in that gated community at whatever time he wanted as long as he wasn’t disturbing the peace – walking doesn’t disturb anyone.  His father lived there and Martin was staying in that community.  He wasn’t an “intruder.”

2. Zimmerman in his vehicle (which can be a lethal “weapon”) was the one following Martin even going against the police officer suggestion of to not follow Martin.  Martin was trying to get away from Zimmerman.

3. Zimmerman confronted Martin and to do this he stepped out of the car.  Martin didn’t go to Zimmerman’s car and knock on the window.

4. Zimmerman claimed to police after the killing, that he stepped out of the car to take a better look at the street name to be sure he would give the cops the correct street where Martin was.  There are so many holes in this claim that I am surprised that no one has made any comments about it.  Why would a man that patrols the neighborhood every night and therefore should know the community like the palm of his hand, step out of the car to read the street name?  He should have known it.  Second, if Martin was walking, by the time the police would arrive I am sure that Martin would no longer be there… so why look at the street name?  That statement alone doesn’t hold any water.

5. Zimmerman claims that while he was looking at the street name, Martin attacked him from behind and beat him to the ground.  Zimmerman claims he was screaming for help.  Keep in mind that Zimmerman was 100 pounds heavier than Martin and that Zimmerman was carrying a gun while Martin was carrying an Arizona Tea can and Skittles.  But we are to believe this story!  Sorry, but I don’t.  

All autopsies are Public Record, the Sanford police haven’t released the results of Martin’s autopsy (almost a month after his death) but I am sure that if what Zimmerman claims was true, by now the Sanford police would have at least make mention that Martin’s knuckles showed signs of aggression (this could still be true if he was defending himself) but the fact that the police, who has been so terrible in their investigation to the point of stepping down, haven’t mentioned it to at least "save their reputation" leads me to believe it is because there are no signs of aggression whatsoever.  

6. People are claiming that Martin attacked Zimmerman and the fact that Zimmerman was ‘bloody’ from his nose and his shirt showed grass stains suggesting a struggle is proof enough.  It would not be the first time that a murderer staged a scene to protect himself, especially one that had aspirations of becoming a cop and knows the tricks of the trade.  Smacking yourself on the back of the head or even punching yourself on the nose in order to avoid jail is not unthinkable nor would it be the first time it has ever been done.

7. Then we have idiots like Geraldo Rivera that blame Martin for wearing a hoodie… Since when an article of clothing it's an excuse for murder?  

Or others like the lunatic of Glenn Beck that is claiming that because Martin was suspended from school he was a no-good individual.  If that was true, most of us belong in the same category.  

8. There is one witness who is on tape with the 911 police that states quite the contrary of what Zimmerman or John said.  This caller saw the whole thing at ground level – not from inside his house  or from a window (like John).  This caller was walking his dog and saw Martin on the grass screaming for help.  He was going to help him but his dog got away.  As he went to get his dog and while Martin was screaming, he heard the one shot that ended Martin’s life.  This man is on tape telling police what he had witnessed but no one seems to care.   Listen to the tape at around 01:07, that's when this witness picks up the phone from his sister to talk to the police.

So I beg of you, all the racists out there that persist in blaming Martin and are saying that we are not allowing due process to take place, that we are serving as juror, judges and executioners to stop this bullshit. If this case is being investigated (a month after the murder) at all it’s precisely because people have demanded it, because if it was for people like you, Zimmerman probably would receive a medal of honor!  For people like you, it is a crime to be black.  Period.

Edited by: J. Schapiro

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