Monday, March 5, 2012

Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word...

Today, Rush decided to “apologize” on air about his remarks against Ms. Sandra Fluke. This new apology is as bad or worse as the one he provided two days ago. As is common with bullies, Rush is not offering a true apology since he keeps apologizing for using inappropriate words, not for his statements. In today’s new and improved apology, he decided to take it a bit further, and put the whole blame on Democrats.

According to Rush, he lowered his standards trying to fight Democrats and in doing so became like them. I couldn’t believe my ears! Since when has Rush held any “standards”? He is well known for being a guy (I refuse to call him a man) who verbally abuses women, gays, people of other races and all the Liberals, Progressives and Democrats on the face of this planet. His vulgar demeanor is well known. It is that vulgarity and absurdity, which feeds the Neo Nazis who waste their time and the little brain they have left with vile hate against everything and everyone, that fills his pockets.

He had the audacity to say, in today’s version of his “apology”, that he has always maintained a VERY HIGH DEGREE OF INTEGRITY and independence on his program! Really? It must be that for cormorants the type of behavior displayed by Rush is what constitute a high degree of integrity, we can’t expect him to know what integrity means, he knows not the meaning of the word.

He went on and on trying to make a connection as to the reason for his blatant attack on Ms. Fluke – mentioning only the one day he called her a “slut” and a “prostitute”, conveniently omitting the other days where he trashed her without using those two words, but insulting her again by saying that if he was to pay for her contraceptives, in return he wanted a video of her having sex. But no, no mention of that because he couldn’t blame the Democrats for him “losing his integrity” again and again… could he?

If you wish to read the transcript of his excuse, sorry, “heartfelt apology”, click here.

For the a transcript of his "apology" on March 3, 2012, click here.

For Rush message to the Advertisers abandoning his show, click here.

For those that have the stomach to hear the apology, below is the link. Enjoy!

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