Friday, March 16, 2012

I am lucky enough to have other bloggers as friends and that have me in a high regards to reward me with bloggers awards, today I found out I was granted the H.U.G. Awards by a dear friend and fellow blogger, the Obamacrat.

This award is very special.  It's an award for those who promote hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people and I am honored to be a recipient.  As it's customary with blogger's awards, it is my duty to pass this award to other bloggers or people who I believe are contributing to spread hope, love, peace, equality and unity in the world we live in.  I have many people that I would like to nominate, and as the guidelines says, I can give this award to others in the future.

Here are my nominees, for now:

1.  M.E. Diaz de Villegas. I've known Diaz de Villegas since I was 4 years old and I can honestly say that I have never met a gentler and kinder soul than her.  In all the years that we've known each other, never have I witnessed a selfish act from this woman.  There might be others than can be at the same level of kindness and love but no one can surpass her.  I am truly honored to have been lucky enough to have her in my path through life and I truly hope we meet again in the next one - she is like a sister to me and I love her.

2.  Farlefty.   Another expressive blogger who fights for what's right, using a good doze of sense of humor, after all laughter it's said to be the best medicine.

3.  Unabashed Left.  A pacifist, optimistic, always willing to help his fellow-man, loving and sweet in everything he does.  Never have I read anything offensive or negative from Unabashed.  

4.  Democracy First.  To this blogger I owe my initiation in the bloggers' world.  Unselfish, relentless, a fighter of just causes and a great friend and co-blogger.

5.  J. Schapiro.  A friend who's help is invaluable for me and who with a sense of humor and refined attitude can defend the defenseless, a person that has gone through hell and back and who I am sure that would go back to hell if it is to help someone.  A true and great friend.

6.  The Progressives Influence.  A blogger that fights for what's right and expose the injustices that plague this world.

7.  And finally, I have to re-nominate or at least mention, The Obamacrat.  He is a tireless fighter for equality, for love and a defender of women's rights like no other and thank you once more for thinking so highly of me!

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