Friday, March 9, 2012

Ms. Sandra Fluke goes to Washington

I have been receiving many emails asking me to sign a petition to force the obnoxious Rush to apologize for his heinous behavior and insulting language towards a 3rd year law student, Ms. Sandra Fluke. I’ve been bombarded with article after article in Facebook from friends relating the story or, once more, to sign more petitions demanding that Rush apologizes. I ignore them.

First of all, this individual that does not deserve to be called a man, Rush, and I refuse to dignify him by even calling him by his full name or last name, the bastard doesn’t deserve that distinction and I must apologize to any bastard in the real sense of the word that might be out there, he thrives on this type of revolt. By keeping his name afloat, he is rejoicing by the free publicity we ‘liberals’ are giving him. No. I refuse to give him any reason to inflate his ego more than already is, I actually don’t know what’s greater, his weight or his ego.

What we must be talking about and focusing our efforts on is the courage, integrity and eloquence of this young lady, Ms. Sandra Fluke, who at the young age of 23 stood before Congress and said it like it is. A young woman that spoke softly, clearly and addressed the many issues that concerns million of women in this country, while she kept her calm and demeanor. That’s admirable and more so when facing a group of people that considered her not fit to give her statement when the so-called “experts” gave theirs in front of Congress weeks before. According to Congress, these so-called experts were composed of men, not one single woman exposing her views on the matter. No, every single one of them were men, but that’s not all, there were all representing a religious group. They were: Rev. Matthew Harrison, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Dr. Craig Mitchell, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Roman Catholic Bishop William Lori, Rev. Jonah Paffhausen, Washington archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America and Rabbi Meir Soloveichik. None of these men have any, I repeat, any medical background. Apparently, they were experts in women issues much more than a woman and Ms. Sandra Fluke was denied her participation. I salute the congresswomen that decided to ask where the women were in that panel and walked out on such charade!  

Also, notice should be taken that the Congressmen that have actively tried to block President Obama’s mandate on contraception are all men too. The bills that Senators Fortenberry and Rubio as well as Representative Blunt brought before Congress were not co-sponsored by any woman, which makes me wonder what it is that these men think they know about women that women don’t? How can these men, political and religious men, say that if the need for contraceptive pills was for medical reasons other than preventing a pregnancy they would not be fighting it, when it is a medical fact that these pills are used for many female conditions besides preventing a pregnancy; yet, they want the insurance companies not to provide contraceptives in their plans, even when women will be paying for it. That is absurd! Why is it then that Viagra is covered under the insurance plans offered to the religious clergy? For crying out loud, it is on the Catholic Priests plans! Aren’t they supposed to be celibate? What possible explanation can there be for the inclusion of Viagra other than sexual? Ah! They will claim that Viagra controls hypertension but, if the contraceptive pills that control many illness suffered by women can’t be included because the side effect is preventing a pregnancy, therefore going against their religious believes then, Viagra shouldn’t be included either – there are other medications without the so welcomed side effect of an erection to treat hypertension – and, since the priests are not supposed to fornicate because that too is against their religious beliefs… What the heck is Viagra doing in their plan? What’s good for a dick must be good for a vagina! 

Ms. Sandra Fluke tried desperately to express the importance contraceptives play in treating medical illnesses that many women suffer in our country.  Every woman doesn’t take the infamous pill just for sex; many take it for health reasons. I knew of a little girl that was prescribed contraceptives by her pediatrician because her ovaries were not developing properly, so yes, there are many other uses for contraceptives.  (for a transcript of Ms. Fluke Statement to Congress, click here)

These extreme right-wing Senators and Representatives in an effort to gain the pious vote by siding with the religious institutions have opened a Pandora’s box. It is obvious that they know so much about women that didn’t think they would turn in masses against them. They stupidly decided to secure religious freedom, to side with religious institutions that by the way, contribute zero to the finances of our government since they are tax exempted and are supposed to respect the statute 501c3 by making no contributions to any political candidate or party. These Congressmen decided to go against the rights of millions of women who do vote, pay taxes and unlike a theological ideology, are breathing and living human beings. I am certain these Congressmen didn’t think of the huge favor they were doing to the Democrats, you see… they’ve decided to wage a war against women by trying to control their reproductive system over a decadent and perverted Catholic Church. At the end, we must thank the retrograde Republican Party for waging this war against women; nothing worse than an enraged woman, Catholic women do take contraceptives and they do vote, and their rage will be felt on November 2012!

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  1. Many of you have likely seen the testimony of Ms.Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University, before a make believe, Congressional Committee "hearing" staged by Nancy Pelosi and the press. She was lamenting that no one would subsidize her birth control expenses, which she claimed would amount to $3000 during her three years in law school. After watching Ms.Fluke describe her desperate situation, since I am a Physicist, I sat down with my calculator and worked through some numbers. Ms. Fluke’s expense account for birth control (aka sexual entertainment) was claimed to be $3000 for three years at law school. Let’s presume that as an educated woman she wants to be doubly safe and uses both birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and condoms to prevent STD (sexually transmitted disease).

    Using the Wal-Mart cost for birth control pills of $9 per month, her birth control pills will cost her $324 for her entire law school career. This leaves only $2676 for her condoms.

    I went to, and found quality condoms available for 33 cents each in packages of 60 condoms each. This cost includes tax and shipping. Since she has $2676 for her 33 cent condoms, she will be buying 8109 condoms during her law school “career” (not to mention there are places where condoms are available for free.)

    To use her 8109 condoms (remember, $3000 was Ms. Flukes’ own number) she would have to have sex 7 times a day. This number presumes that she has sex ten times a day on Sundays when she has more free time.

    So, having worked through these numbers, I have some suggestions for Ms. Fluke to help her work through her crisis:

    - Find dates who are gentlemanly enough to either provide their own condoms, or at least split the cost with her. Selection criteria is the key to this one.
    - Spend more time studying. So much sex everyday will surely cut into study time. This would not only save money but would improve her education as well.

    Just trying to help out a starving student.
    By the way, the average starting salary of new Georgetown Law School graduates is $160,000 a year………….

    1. I will recommend that (1) stop watching Fox-make-believe-News (2) Stop listening to Rush and (3) read the whole blog and watch the embedded video.

      Ms. Fluke used an estimated figure for the contraceptives and, if you would have BOTHERED to listen to her (not Rush) and read you would realized that she didn't want scums such like you to pay for her contraceptives (actually, she wasn't even asking for herself, but you wouldn't know that because you didn't bother to read, your penis does the thinking for you, all you think is sex); what she testified for was for her insurance to cover contraceptives, an insurance that she pays for, not the University and not you.

      But I guess that coming from a Rush fan I could expect nothing more than what you just stated, repeating like a parrot what your moronic leaders feed you. If insurance covers for that wonderful blue pill of yours to make your penis go erect when "God" has ordered it to go limb, then insurance should cover for a woman to be able to have sex and not get pregnant by the guy using that little blue pill (which is far more expensive than contraceptives). It's only fair, don't you think? And again, read before you speak or write, by the way, Ms. Fluke is not a graduate..... yet.