Saturday, November 3, 2012

With The Eyes On The Nation

Finally the end of the election cycle is near.  In three days everything will be over and hopefully President Obama will be re-elected.

I've been hearing that the House will remain hostage to the Republican Party.  That is unbelievable to me; after enduring two years of practically a stand still in Congress particularly in the House of Representatives, I can't believe the American people is going to reward these hypocrites by granting them a re-election and the control of the House to perpetuate their agenda of getting paid by the American people and not work.  I'm losing faith in the American people, I truly think that not only there is an obesity epidemic in this country, but as their bodies get fatter and fatter their brains get smaller and smaller!  

Anything is possible.  When we have a candidate such as Mitt Romney who changes opinions on political stands more often than he changes underwear.  A candidate that has been taped saying that 47% of Americans do not matter to him.  A candidate that believes the middle-class in America makes between $200,000 to $250,000 and who has made billions outsourcing jobs needed in America in order to profit from it; a candidate that  is currently under investigation for profiteering.  A candidate that lies so often that he can't recall what he stands for... when such candidate it's almost tied with President Obama one has to lose faith on the American people.  I really thought they were smarter, that they could smell or at least recognize a rat when they saw it, apparently not.

Mitt Romney - A few of his flip, flops that he can't keep track of.

If after a year of this display of double-talk, dishonesty and deception in an era where information is so readily available, the American people elect this moron as a president then this country will deserve everything that it will get.  If this happens, there will be no other valid reason other than this is and will remain for a long time a very racist country, so racist that the American people prefers to destroy the country rather than having a black man as president.  But I still have hope that President Obama will be re-elected, I have to believe that we as a country are better than that.  I have to believe that for Americans what matters most is the well being of the nation, not the color of the flesh.

Below are the speeches from President Obama during his last week of campaigning.  How can people prefer Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and their extremism over President Obama is beyond me.

The eyes, it is said, are the windows to the soul... Looking at Mitt Romney's eyes gives me the chills because most of the times he has the gaze of a lunatic, a familiar lunatic.  The same cannot be said about President Obama's eyes, his eyes reflect the vision of a good man, an honest man and a trustworthy leader. 

October 23, 2012 Delray Beach, Florida November 1, 2012 Green Bay, Wisconsin November 1, 2012 Boulder, Colorado November 2, 2012 Springfield, Ohio November 2, 2012 Hilliard, Ohio


  1. Indie, i do appreciate your blogs. You are always spot on. Keep it up and I'll keep reading.

    1. Thank you Anon, it's always good to hear a word of appreciation!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. You expressed my very feelings and beliefs.