Thursday, November 15, 2012

When a Comment is Better than the Article

I've never done this before, I mean, turning into a post the comment made by someone to one of my articles; but this comment was so good, so brilliant that I decided to share it with everyone.  It is a shame that I can't give credit to the author.

November 14, 2012 11:22 PM

To the idiot states who wish to "secede:" You can't secede. And, you won't secede. You morons are merely expressing your IMPOTENT anger at President Obama’s crucial re-election. Let’s recap that: President Obama got re-elected even with all of the Republican-driven voter fraud, the Republican-driven impedance of votes, the Republican-driven dumping of millions upon millions of dollars in to the SuperPACs for the SOLE purpose of BUYING VOTES. The Reality of the situation is that your states cannot, and will not, secede.

►We reverse the situation. We, the *MAJORITY*, who voted President Obama in a SECOND TERM, demand that all persons who support secession LEAVE United States soil, NOW. Take your cancerous carcasses, your brain rot and your damaged gene pool and vacate the land mass that is the continental United States of America. It is WE, who do not want YOU HERE. YOU are no longer welcome here. GET OUT NOW.

A) While the Constitution may not expressly forbid secession, the states that were on the losing side of the Civil War had to agree to adhere—in perpetuity— to the Reconstruction requirement that they never attempt to leave again in order to be restored to the Union with full rights. On top of that, in the 1866 treaty ending hostilities between the Republic of Texas and the United States, it was made crystal clear by the treaty and presidential proclamation (and backed by Congress) that NO state can leave the Union once joining. Period.

B) In order to protect from another secession and civil war, all states had to sign permanent loyalty agreements, especially the former CSA members. Any state government that tries to secede from the Union is automatically guilty of treason and those who brought about proposed secession would be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for their treasonous activity.

C) What these idiots fail to understand is that if they even COULD secede—which they can't—THEY WOULD BE DOING THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A *HUGE* FAVOR. We would LOVE IT IF YOU DID SECEDE. I, personally, would love it even MORE if you TRIED to secede and were put on trial and executed for treason, as would happen for attempting to secede. PLEASE. Try to secede. PLEASE! :)

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