Monday, November 5, 2012

Back in Time or a Leap into the Future... Your Choice!

Tomorrow is the big day most of us in America have been anxiously waiting for. In a little over 24 hours, we will find out if we will have a new president or if our hard work and determination prevailed over the sea of deception displayed by the far right.

It will be up to women and minorities to decide whom do they trust. It will be up to them to decide if we will go forward or if we will go back in time where this same group of people had no rights and no one to defend them in Washington. But people forget, especially the young that believe they are invincible and who were not alive when women had no voice and neither did the Hispanics or the African-Americans.

Norquist, who I consider as the biggest lobbyist for the wealthy, made it very clear what he (they) expect the next Republican president to do. He actually said this to the American Conservative Union: “Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become President of the United States.

I don’t know about you, but after the attacks that our labor Unions have gone through I find it to be an oxymoron and offensive to have the words Conservative and Union in the same sentence.

But we must think about what the above statement from Grover Norquist means. It means that if Romney wins all he will be doing as a President will be to sign whatever the extreme conservatives want and whatever the multimillionaires that have made huge contributions to his campaign orders him to do. Does anyone here truly believe that these Multinational companies and these obscenely wealthy people care for any of us, enough to put our needs ahead of theirs? They bought him, and if Romney wins, he will have to pay them back with interest.

And that’s not all. There are 3 Justices positions that will probably become available during the next presidential term. If Romney becomes president, he will be electing the next Justices and we would have lost our voices completely. We can forget about Roe v. Wade, we can throw out the window equal pay for equal work, we can kiss goodbye to overtime pay and a 40-hour work week because that will be against those that have funded his campaign, those that bought his principles, if he ever had any.

They still believe, mainly because that is what they have grown seeing, that women are not the breadwinners, for them that’s a man’s role. They have no idea that many women bring the bacon home and believe me, it’s not a lot of bacon. But there are women supporting this man. Why? Is it the pro-life crap that made you flutter to their campaign as a moth to a light bulb? If that is why you are going to vote for him, think again. Democrats will not force you to have the child of a rapist or for you to die over the life of a fetus… Romney will. Democrats offer you a choice, Republicans a mandate. Democrats will stay away from your bedroom and your vaginas; you will have a Republican government involved in your family decisions, your bedrooms and your uterus.

Then, there is the simple fact that for the last 30 years Republicans in the White House have proven to be an economic disaster. Don’t let them brainwash you with the greatness of Reagan, they are re-writing history just as they are trying to do with George W. and with Romney’s past, Republicans are experts at re-writing stuff. During every Republican President since Nixon, the economy has not been buoyant. Every single one of them has increased the deficit and has left with an increasing unemployment rate. But Reagan is the one that began the true decadence of our economy when he began the now famous “trickle-down” economics that didn’t work then, didn’t work with any of the Bushes and it will not work in the future. If this tactic worked, we will be swimming in jobs… and we aren’t.

Hispanics, particularly old Cubans in South Florida, is another group shooting themselves in the foot. For decades they have been faithful Republicans just because they cannot forgive a Democrat for what happened to them in Bay of Pigs. They show the same cynicism as the rest of the GOP. Not accepting changes and firmly maintaining the same posture that haven’t worked for decades and that will not work in decades to come. But hate is at times more powerful than love, regardless of what romantically people tell you. No, hate is more powerful because it is damaging and it sets its roots far deeply than love does. These old Cubans couldn’t care less that if they were granted permanent asylum was thanks to a Democrat, not a Republican. They should thank Lyndon B. Johnson for that – along with Robert and Ted Kennedy and the source of Cuban’s hate, the great John Kennedy. If it were for the Republicans, these old Cubans would have been sent back to their island.

The following excerpt is from

The more than 25 million post-1950 immigrants, as is well known, have changed the face of America. As late as the 1950s, immigrants from Europe, who had contributed the lion's share of nineteenth-and early-twentieth century immigrants, still were a bare majority of all immigrants. By the 1980s, thanks largely to the liberal 1965 immigration act and the Refugee Act of 1980, the European share was down to about 10 percent, and immigrants from Latin America and Asia predominated. Although anti-immigrant attitudes again came to the fore in 1980s—sparked in part by Ronald Reagan's warnings about being overrun by "feet people"—and some scholars saw "a turn against immigration" and predicted effective legislative restriction of immigration, those feelings were not turned into an effective legislative consensus. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, immigration continued at a very high rate, and screening and facilitating that influx continued to be an important aspect of the work of American diplomacy.

As it is noticeable above, it was a Republican demigod the one that referred to immigrants in a demeaning way (while Cubans applauded, they loved the guy) by calling them “feet people,” implying these immigrants were so uncivilized that they wore no shoes. It was Reagan who began this openly expressed hate towards immigrants, towards those that are of Hispanic descent. But old Cubans are blinded by their hate and worship Reagan as the best of anyone from the Tea Party.

These same Cubans are now in their 70s or older and enjoying all the perks the far-Right is planning to eliminate: Welfare. Most of these Cubans enjoy receiving a supplemental check from that hateful government. They can afford to put food on the table because they get food stamps and all of them have Medicare and many enjoy Medicaid as well… Damn, they get whatever the government wants to give them and they can get their hands on!

Yet, most are voting for Romney. They swallow all the propaganda they hear at the Cuban far-Right radio stations that are shaping themselves more in tune to the likes of Rush Limbaugh. These Cubans follow like sheep, believing and not researching everything they hear. I don’t want Romney to win, but the only thing that will give me some kind of pleasure if he does, is to see these dumb asses get outraged when their “benefits” disappear as it will happen.

I’ve been writing for a while about the somber future that awaits this nation if Romney gets elected. I voted for my, for my family and for the people of America’s future. I have done my part and I hope all Democrats and Progressives do the same regardless of the long lines, the weather and the time. This only happens once every four years and you should do everything within your power to vote and offer the nation the chance to move forward and progress if you don’t, the extremist on the Right will have it their way and America will go back to a time that those that lived it, don’t wish to revisit.


  1. Would've been a great post until it turned racist. Not all Cubans vote Republican and not all Cubans or Hispanics are on welfare.

    You cannot call yourself progressive with a prejudiced mentality.

    1. I am sorry that you feel that way. However, everyone that is a senior receives Medicare regardless of ethnicity that is a fact. As for the rest of my comments towards the Cuban community (not the Hispanic as a whole) I clearly said MOST old Cubans are receiving these benefits and most of them are Republicans. If saying the truth makes me non-progressive, then so be it.