Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Report Republicans Don't Want You To See

This is the report that was pulled out due to the pressure from the Republicans in Congress.  The reason you may ask... Well, it's quite simple: The Republicans in Congress do not want you to learn that what has been for decades their theory that Reaganomics is what creates jobs its not true.  The trickle-down theory simply does not work, it is a scam to benefit the rich.  

Their economic theories are false and the only purpose it has served is to hurt this country, the middle-class and making the gap between the middle-class and the very wealthy wider and wider while sinking the working class into poverty.  That is the Republican Party for you, their only interest is for the rich not their constituents, not "we, the people."

I decided to post it this way instead of just the link to the report (which you can find at the bottom) because I am sure that it will not be available for long.

To read the report directly on the Congressional Research Service site, click here

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