Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More for 44... We built this!

After a year of deceptions and easily to debunk lies and when my stress levels were about to give me a heart attack, my faith in America has been restored, at least in some degree and I am glad its all over. Today is a day to celebrate, we earned this success, and we did build this!

I am glad that the majority of America was able to see through the hypocrisy and backed the man in Washington that is looking after their interests and not those of a corporation. Many will argue that President Obama is just like any other politician and that he protects corporations, I honestly don’t believe that but assuming he does he doesn’t place their interest above ours, the contrary is true.

What I am amazed and perplexed is the American decision to maintain the House of Representatives sequestered by the Republicans. It seems that two years of doing nothing while getting paid was not enough so they were rewarded with two more years of paid vacations so they can venture even deeper into all the vaginas in America. When you hear that John Boehner and Eric Cantor are still in Congress, the pathetic and the buffoon continuing to obstruct everything that will help the nation move forward, while one weeps as if he has a pubic hair caught between his balls every time he has to face the nation and while the other idiot sarcastically smiles taking pride at their strategy while America suffers is too much for me. Having to watch these two morons for at least two more years is beyond my comprehension. What were the people thinking when they re-elected them? Why are they punishing me so viciously? However, I am thrilled that Allen West was kicked out and I am ecstatic that Alan Grayson won; Florida did the right thing for once. And I am thrilled that Elizabeth Warren is back where she should be, no one fights harder for the American people as she does.

I often joke that I will run for office; I am seriously considering it now. It’s a great job don’t you think? About 3 months of real vacation, another months of holidays and you can screw up as much as you want that you will not lose your job. You see, your boss is the American people whom if you feed them enough crap they will re-elect you. It is a position with great job security, you can’t get fired and there is no 3-month probation period, you get hired and that’s it… the job is yours until you die or retire regardless of how efficiently you perform your job.

We all know that the Republicans in Washington will continue to obstruct every effort the President does to move the economy and the country forward. The obstructionist tactic didn’t place their positions in jeopardy even when polls said the people believed it was the worse Congress in history but they managed to get re-elected, so the struggle will continue. But there is one big difference this time… The President doesn’t have to worry about a re-election and they do. For now, all I care is that Democracy won and the country will move forward!

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