Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let it Fall Off The Cliff!

I don’t know if it is because of the Holiday Season, the down after the rush or simply that I am in one of these moods where everything seems to be uninteresting. Perhaps I can attribute this feeling to being unemployed and therefore broke. I have no idea what is it, but I have not been too inspired lately.
Then, I turn the TV on and start hearing the comments from those on the Right, you know the ones… those that live in mansions and have more money than they know what to do with. I start hearing that in order for them to continue to operate their businesses they must cut the working hours of their employees.  Of course, they are not talking about the salaried employees – I am sure they would be happy to work less hours and receive the same pay – no, these sons of bitches are cutting the hours of their hourly employees, the ones that earn about $10 an hour, the ones that are struggling to survive. When asked why were they doing this, they blamed it on Obamacare. My ass, Obamacare does not go into full effect until 2014!
They are just throwing a temper tantrum because their Party LOST and the Right can’t accept defeat, they have never been able to handle it gracefully. They have a lot to learn from Democrats who have always accepted defeat with decorum, even when the win has been stolen from them as it happened in 2004.  We accept our loss, move on and set our eyes on the next election, we behave like adults, and they behave like brats. I’m sure it is very difficult for them to handle defeat when they invested so much money in their candidates’ campaigns, when they concocted every possible idea to obstruct Democrats from voting and they still lost the electoral votes and the popular votes by a wide margin. That must be a very hard pill to swallow!
I am sick that so many so-called “Americans” are signing petitions to secede from the Union. Who gives a damn about these traitors? Let them leave! It would be a much better country if they all would get a one way ticket to hell never to set foot on this land again… They are all just a bunch of losers who are so immature that they can’t even comprehend why they lost. They blame everything and anything but themselves. They fail to recognize that their actions and complete disregard of the working class, their racism and sexism, their absurd disregard about science and the environment as well as their obstructionism is what made them fail miserably and what people rejected, but they refuse to accept it or acknowledge it and even less rectify their ways.
Now, we are back again at the beginning: the fearful “fiscal cliff.” While Boehner lies with a straight face and publicly say that the Republicans are willing to work with the President to avoid a fiscal cliff, the very next day he nominates Paul Ryan, of all people, to be the lead of the fiscal negotiations with the President. We can be sure that the Republican Party is still playing the same games, the “my way or the highway” tactic. Paul Ryan is on record saying that he will not approve or agree to raise any taxes. He is all for saving money by cutting funds to “unnecessary” programs. Which programs is he talking about? That’s easy because he is quite open and blunt when it comes to his fiscal ideas, the “programs” he is willing to put on the chopping block are Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Social Security, Financial Aid for college Students, Education, Food stamps and any other program that was designed as a safety net for the poor. In a recent ABC interview with Jonathan Karl, Ryan had the audacity to say that the President has no mandate to increase taxes on the very wealthy, because the people retained the Republicans in the House. Not for long, I can assure you that!

These idiots have learned nothing, they refuse to recognize what the majority of the people voted in favor of, because this is not what the people that financially support them, that bought them, want to hear. The Republican Party sold their soul to the devil (Norquist) a long time ago and it’s a Party on the way to extinction unless they mend their ways.

In the meantime, the media is once more instilling fear in the American people with the financial cliff drama. The “financial cliff” is not the end of the world, actually it is a very nice and smooth ride and we should let the taxes fall off the proverbial cliff. Let them smash at the bottom into tiny pieces:

Hefty Tax Breaks were on the verge,
Hefty Tax Breaks fell off the fence,
All the rich Asses, and all the Congressmen
Couldn't put Hefty Tax Breaks together again!

Taxes will go back to how they were during the Clinton Administration. Let Congress fix the tax codes and close all the loopholes and then provide the middle-class with tax breaks in a retroactive manner. If this can’t be done, I rather not get a tax break than continue financing the rich to get more tax breaks with the excuse that they “create jobs,” they haven’t done so in over ten years.

Republicans don’t have a foot to stand on; this time around they have nothing to bargain with. The American people through their vote spoke loud and clear, we want fair taxation; it is time for every American to help move the country forward, because the working class cannot carry that burden alone!

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