Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sacrificial Lamb

We can find real and solid evidence of what truly matters for Romney and what his core values are under the Regulations tab on his website.

Mitt Romney begins by saying: “Multiple factors contribute to America’s faltering performance. But a major part of the problem over successive presidencies, and one that the Obama administration has sharply exacerbated, is the regulatory burden on the economy. Regulations function as a hidden tax on Americans, with the federal government’s own Small Business Administration placing the price tag at $1.75 trillion annually—much higher than the entire burden of individual and corporate income taxes combined.”

He asks, “How did we reach this state of affairs?” and blames the Federal government and regulations for everything that has gone wrong lately. He desperately tries to portray big corporations and Wall Street as the victims of a blood-sucking vampire named Barack Obama. While these poor corporations and the good people of Wall Street are doing their best to amass more and more wealth regardless of how they obtain it, the sinister government persists in regulating and obstructing them in their effort to make even more money by cheating and stealing from the worthless middle-class. Why would President Obama want to regulate the banking industry and corporations? What does President Obama knows about the market and banking? Does President Obama know more than Wall Street or has the same interest they do to succeed? Wall Street and other corporations are capable of regulating themselves as the responsible companies they are, we must believe this and forget the economic chaos that began just 5 years ago because another puppet thought the exact same thing.

Romney wants to repeat George W. Bush's tactics, but I think he will be even worse and certainly more dangerous than G.W. Bush ever was, if that is possible.

Romney will repeal every one of President Obama’s mandates – even the good ones. We must understand that if it was signed by President Obama, a moderate Democrat that happens to be black, then by default whatever he signed into law must be repealed, period.

Romney also promises to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. He will not change it, he will repeal it. Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in regulating Wall Street, as it is his opinion that the economic crisis was not Wall Street’s fault, rather it was the people’s fault for not being savvy enough to know that the bankers were screwing them. He believes that it was our irresponsible desire for a better life that forced bankers to reaffirm that we could afford those houses on our salaries.

It was our mistake for the banks to tell us the price of our houses were going to increase and it was our fault that these banks broke our mortgages in many parts which in turn they sold to various countries around the world making it impossible to collect or sell when the economy crash happened. It was our fault to think that it was safe for our 401K savings to be placed on their hands. Bankers had nothing to do with it. Wall Street's false speculations to drive the prices of stocks and commodities had nothing to do with the economic crash… if anyone is to blame it must be the stupid little investors that believed them!

Among the many things the Dodd-Frank Reform Act ensures is that there will never be another bank “too big to fail” where we, the citizens of this country, will have to help with our tax money those that ripped us off. The irresponsibility of Wall Street drove our economy, and that of the world as well, to the biggest economic crisis since the Big Depression which effects we are still feeling to this day. But Mitt Romney doesn’t want Wall Street to be regulated; he wants to repeal the one regulation that is keeping Wall Street and most banking institutions at bay. It is the Dodd-Frank Reform Act that has forced credit cards companies to be transparent about what they charge us. It is the Dodd-Frank Reform Act that keeps the lavished expenses of bankers under control. But Mitt Romney wants Wall Street and bankers to be like whores out of control, there's no fun if they are restrained. Romney doesn’t want to reform this regulation, he wants to annul it.

Not so with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act signed by George W. Bush, he just wants to reform it. This is a good bill despite that it was signed by Bush. In a nutshell, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (better known by SOX) is intended for Public companies to accurately maintain and present their financial reports, preventing fraud that will affect not only the companies but also the investors. This is bill was sponsored by Senator Paul Sarbanes [D-MD] and Representative Michael G. Oxley [R-OH-4] after the financial scandals of Tyco International, Adelphia, Peregrine Systems, WorldCom and who can forget, Enron. Well, Mitt doesn’t want to repeal it but wants to amend it. I wonder what changes will he make, but I can assure you he will go easy on his friends!

We heard this litany before. We heard it from George W. Bush who lifted most of the regulations that were in place for Wall Street and the banking industry and which is what caused the economic collapse of 2007… and Mitt Romney wants to follow Bush’s steps! There are idiots out there that have forgotten who’s to blame for the condition our country is in and what’s worse, they’ve forgotten what brought us to where we are today: deregulation.

Romney also attacks the EPA. He mentions EPA and the Obama Administration’s war on “carbon dioxide.” For those that don’t know what the war on “carbon dioxide” is, it’s nothing more than the regulation of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a utility plant or the use of carbon dioxide in hydraulic fracturing or what is commonly known as fracking. That is what Romney is complaining about, particularly that the EPA is opposing fracking in areas where there are serious risks of contaminating the potable water in the area. Mitt Romney says he will ask Congress to change the environmental laws to be more “cost efficient,” in other words, rush the permits for drilling anywhere, in any fashion as long as there is an oil company that wants to extract oil, even if it poisons our water supply. And, on top of all that, he will ask the government to provide a few years for companies to comply with whatever environmental rules and guidelines he leaves in place; no rush, let the corporations take their sweet time complying with environmental regulations.

His “concern” is how much the government is spending by enforcing regulations. He makes no mention about how many lives can be saved by these regulations or that the regulations imposed on Wall Street will save us from another collapse in the future. And when I say save “us” I don’t mean the country I mean us, the citizens who through our hard work and by contributing with our unfair share of taxes are the ones that bailed out these fat cats after they ripped us off. No, Romney conveniently leaves those “little” details out of his website. For Romney companies' wealth and well being will always be a priority above that of a citizen and, if you read his website you will realize that he doesn’t hide this fact, he might not express it clearly but he doesn't hide it. He knows that the followers from the Republican Party are supporting him merely because they hate “the black guy in the white house.” These people will not bother to interpret what he is saying they will simply swallow whatever he pushes down their throat.

Under his Plan section, he promises to “tear down” the majority of the regulations created by the Obama administration. He also promises to change the “federal bureaucracy” in order to “ensure economic growth” as the most important factor when new regulations are created. In other words, money and not health, money and not the environment, money and not people is his number one priority.

Out of all the regulations implemented by the government, only the ones created by the Obama administration will be annulled, previous ones will be “carefully scrutinized” but not necessarily repealed.

Romney says that he will repeal Romneycare, oops! Sorry, Obamacare. It doesn’t matter that the Health Care plan signed by President Obama was based on Mitt Romney's own health care plan. The Koch brothers hate it and therefore, so does he. It is for that fact that Mitt Romney doesn’t deserve any respect. When a person is capable of hating and criticizing their own creation to please those that contribute financially to their campaign, which means that they are willing to sell their soul to the devil to get what they want. This type of people has no dignity, no self-respect and no values.

The worst part of his “plan” is the regulatory zero cap. That simply means that in order for a new regulation to be implemented, all previous regulations will be null and void and only the last one is valid. Let’s say that there is a regulation that prohibits certain ingredients in our food because it has been proven they cause dangerous or life threatening side effects. A new regulation is created that doesn’t mention all the prohibited ingredients – perhaps because companies are no longer using them. The prohibition of these ingredients will no longer be prohibited because they will not be in the new regulation and the previous regulations where repealed. This concept will come in effect for every single regulation that exists. Romney is proposing the regulatory zero cap to save money. If the government were to ensure that this oversight would not happen, then it will have to spend millions hiring an army of readers to go through each and every regulation (some regulations are 800 pages or more) with a fine comb to make sure that what is vital remains in the new regulation. This will not only be time consuming but also will be a tremendous risk for the safety of the country, the environment and the citizens.

Of course, he is also proposing a reform on the legal liability system “to prevent spurious litigation,” but if the regulatory zero cap comes into effect, most future litigation will not be "spurious" it will be the result of Romney's irresponsible and greedy behavior that caused the assault on the environment and the health of the citizens. Mitt Romney wants to change the laws so whatever happens as a result of the zero cap regulations, we won't be able to litigate, fight back or be compensated.

That is Romney, the Koch brothers, Citizen’s United and the GOP for you. For them money is god and we are the sacrificial lamb.


  1. To put it simply:
    It costs business less if they're allowed to poison the water, air, food supply, gene pool, financial system, and the legal system. It just costs us more. A lot more.

  2. Exactly! After all we are replaceable and spendable .