Saturday, July 28, 2012

And Mitt Burnt the London Bridge*!

That there are some Americans that still believe that Mitt Romney could ever be a good representative of our people, that he could be the President of the United States is a mystery to me. How can they even consider electing another brainless man to represent us? Americans have always thought of being the axle of the world, the center in which the rest of the world depends on and revolves around. But in an era where we are more connected than ever, this axle is slowly eroding and how our leaders interact with each other is detrimental to the prosperity of their countries and the world. From that interaction we can either create friends or foes, and we all know we have enough enemies as it is, there is no reason or excuse to antagonize the few friends we have.
As a diplomat Mitt Romney is a failure, a huge failure and he selected the United Kingdom to display his ignorance. The Brits are known for their outspokenness, their wit and sarcasm and can shed into pieces those that dare to cross them… and that is exactly what Mitt did! On his first trip overseas as a serious contender for the Presidency of the United States, he couldn’t contain his ever-lasting vanity, the opportunity to put others down in order for him to shine since he has no glow of his own. How stupid can you be to put in question the capabilities of our most trusted ally to put together the 2012 Olympics? How stupid can you be that in order to shower yourself with self-praise you can’t keep your mouth shut? I thought that Bush was an international embarrassment, Mitt is far worst. And who can forget Tina Fey's  “I see Russia from my house” impersonating the "brilliance" of Sarah Palin? I thought she was an international laughing stock and that no one could ever outdone her… I must admit I was wrong!
Mitt Romney had time to prepare for this trip. He had time to be coached by his advisors, he had time to learn the names of the leaders of every country he is to visit, at least he should have learned the names of those leaders he was to meet with. But no, narcissist Mitt is too “important” in his own little head to bother with learning their names, English names that would have been easier for him to remember. How can we expect him to learn the names of leaders in countries where the names are so difficult to pronounce? During a press conference, after meeting with Ed Millband, the leader of the Labour Party and of the Opposition, Mitt Romney couldn't remember his name and resorted to call him "Mr. Leader."  What a fiasco!

What amazes me the most is, that it took the Brits barely two days to recognize the scum Mitt Romney is. To denounce what a moron Mitt Romney truly is. It took them less than two days!!! Why, oh why it’s so difficult for his supporters this side of the pond to recognize he is an utterly failure?
I’ve come to the conclusion that those supporters have an IQ lower than George W. Bush and Sarah Palin hence, they think these two are brilliant and of course white, a big plus in their racist minds. Imagine, they cheered and followed a woman that wanted Alaska to secede from the Union (there is a sure proof of her love for America!) and a man that systematically has been destroying Americans by outsourcing their jobs… then these followers have the audacity to call themselves “patriots” but what remains to be known is that they are patriots but, of what country?

*The phase "burnt the London Bridge" is not referring to the actual London Bridge, but that Mitt Romney burnt his bridges, in this case London.... for those of you that don't get it.


  1. Unfortunately I belive that this man is a product of his own miseducation - a belief that the white man is superior to all others and even more so if he is a rich white man - he is not alone in this belief as I know of many white males across the world that have this same understanding that because they are white that they must be in charge - what they don't seem to realise that they are fast becoming a minority group - as the younger generation merges with the more cosmopolitan multi-cultural environment of the 21st Century - men like Romney did not have that when they were growing up - as men of privilege they were, in their time a unique sect and saw themselves above the prolitariat - they see their women as being tied to the sink bearing children, and people of colour as slaves in the field - while the rest of the world sees themselves as the human race -these white men see themselves as gods on earth - they purport to be Christian with Christian values - but they really don't understand their own religion at all - on the other hand there are many men from other cultures that feel the same way about their women - hidden beneath veils, or slaving in fields while the men sit idly by and they are not white and many aren't even very rich - this arrogance is inherent among many men who say they are merely following their religious guidelines but in essence they are led by their jealousy, arrogance and very small minds and what the world really needs to do is remove from their belief system that women are the source of all evil - money is - and that we are all members of the human race with no-one gender and no-one colour superior or better than the other - of course we can only do this if we remove a book that in many ways has so much value except that it was written by men for men and to control the insecure masses - just remember that people like Romney no matter where they come from cannot buy their way into heaven and only the meek will inherit the earth.

  2. I agree with most of what you are saying, except that "the meek will inherit the earth," I believe that is in the scriptures as a way to keep the poor - which constitute the majority - from rebelling against the obscenely wealthy. It applied two thousand years ago, it applies now.