Saturday, July 21, 2012

What is Romney Hiding?

It was a great feeling to see Lawrence O’Donnell present the inaccuracy of Mitt Romney claims about when he left Bain Capital in the exact same way that I did in Facebook for a few days before The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell aired with this basic math: 1977 + 25 = 2002.  In my previous post I presented a video where Romney says that he was at Bain for twenty-five years and I said the same thing but expressed it  differently.

Mitt Romney doesn’t want to submit his previous years tax returns and he just threw a "bone" at us by submitting only last year’s tax return and a projection of what his taxes might be for this year. Big deal! He is a true Wall Street guy, he is presenting a projection, not a tax return; a projection is nothing more than a mere speculation. 

It is my opinion that Mitt Romney might not want to release his tax returns for other years because we will see when he really departed Bain Capital and when he stopped receiving a salary from that company instead of dividends as he has claimed. Another reason might be that on previous tax returns, he either paid zero taxes or way below the miserly 15% shown on the only tax return he has provided. Think about it, if he knowing that he was going to run for the presidency and that he would have to provide his tax returns paid only 15%, imagine what he paid when no one was looking. This goes to show that he never thought he had a real chance to be the Republican contender and was unprepared and now he is caught “off guard” and doesn't know what to do but refuse to provide those records.

Even Ann Romney, his wife, admits that whatever it is in the tax returns will be used against them. Why? All the presidential contenders in the past have submitted several years of tax returns and there were no attacks by either party about those tax returns. Even if Romney's assumptions were true, the President provided 7 years worth of tax returns, why would a mere contender be allowed to give only one? The only possible reason why Romney is so adamant about submitting them must be because he has cheated on his tax returns, he has off-shored his money to countries like the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to evade paying his fair share of taxes.   And he dares to claim that he loves this country but not as much as he loves his money. 

Ann Romney said that Mitt Romney is a "very generous person" and as proof of his generosity she mentioned that he donates 10% of his income to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Utah. Ok, 10% of what?  We have no idea because we can’t see his previous tax returns only the one for 2011. How can she say he is a generous man when all he gives is the minimum tithe required by his church and not a penny more? I'm sorry, but that is not generosity by any standard. Is that “donation” the only one that they can brag about? If this tithe is the only donation he does, then Mitt Romney is a penny-pincher who doesn't care for the needy and not only he is not generous, he is heartless.   Then, she stresses that since he is "so generous" why would he have anything to hide?  The fact that it was her, Ann Romney, the one that unrelated to being generous or not mentioned the fear that we might believe they are hiding something makes me believe they certainly are.

Romney... Have the decency of telling America what is it that you are hiding!


  1. I would be highly surprised if Mr. Romney releases any more than he has already agreed to, though we do need to keep asking.

    If Mr. Romney hunkers down and releases no more information, the likely result is that he will lose the election.

    If Mr. Romney releases more information he will probably still lose the election - and suffer a lot more humiliation (if not worse) in the process.

    Mr. Romney KNOWS what is in those returns. We can only guess.

  2. I agree, but we must keep demanding that he releases them.

  3. In Mr Romney's religion you become a god of your own planet or universe. If you are faithful here on earth. Perhaps he wants to get a jump on how to rule his own planet in advance. I suppose there is nothing that replaces on the job training.