Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Street

Friday, July 13 the Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, took to the airwaves in a futile attempt to “get the records straight” demanding an apology from President Obama for publicly unmasking Romney for his self-claim assertions that he is a “job creator.” Romney is demanding an apology from President Obama for saying the truth, regardless that so far he has repeated lies after lies about President Obama and we are yet to see, read or hear an apology from him. He believes he is too grand to provide an apology.

Romney is claiming that he left, and this he has repeated incessantly, on February 1999. He claims that is the year he left Bain Capital to be in charge of the Utah Olympics. While it is true that he was in charge of the Olympics, what is not true is that he left the company for good and made no decisions about the company after that date. Several documents have surfaced that proves otherwise and list him as CEO, President and Managing Director of Bain Capital during 2000 and 2001. Mitt Romney have said that while he was in Utah overseeing the Olympics he had to travel to attend board meetings and while this is normal, after all he was the owner of that company, what it is not normal is for him to think that anyone is going to believe that as such, he had no saying on the decisions or the course the company was going to take. That it’s inconceivable and if true, a greatly irresponsible behavior towards his investments and that of the investors that placed their trust on Mitt Romney as the owner of that company. If true, is that the kind of President America needs? A President that will not lead but blindly delegate and that will assume no responsibility if anything goes wrong? I don’t think so, we had a president like that before: Ronald Reagan, but at least when Reagan pulled that one off he had Alzheimer.

I honestly believe that his refusal to show his tax returns from 2000 and 2001 is because we will see that he listed Bain Capital as his employer. Nothing else remains to be known but that fact, we all now he off-shores his money, that he has Swiss accounts and a stash of money hidden in the Cayman Islands. We all know he outsources jobs and encourage other American companies to do the same. All there is left for us to know and for him to hide is that he lied about Bain Capital and the his Tax Returns will provide the irrefutable proof that he has not been truthful and expose him as the liar he truly is.

From 1999 to 2002, Bain Capital bought, drove to the ground and destroyed many companies.  During that time thousand of workers were laid-off and hundreds of jobs were outsourced to China and India while making millions of dollars in the process. Business is business and we can’t criticize him for that. However, Mitt Romney should take responsibility for being a great contributor to the demise of the economy, for being a job creator overseas but definitively not in America. He made his bed, let him lay on it instead of desperately trying to disengage from that particular period. Romney's involvement with Bain during that period will debunk his rhetoric as “a job creator.” He is no “job creator” at least not in America; here he is a job destroyer.


For those that still believe that Mitt Romney is a good candidate, we just have to evaluate where most of his investments are, according to his Public FinancialDisclosure Report, signed in 2011, where we can see that he has several million dollars invested in Goldman Sachs and Bank of America among others. We can conclude that, without a doubt, Mitt Romney will remove all regulations from the banking industry. Those regulations on Wall Street are not helping him make more money and that is all he truly cares about. Deregulating Wall Street will serve him well as he truly is a Wall Street guy not because he is rich, but because he is a big component of Wall Street and its collapse.

I can’t comprehend how regular folks out there can back this guy up… a man that all of his life has worked at destroying this country not giving a damn to move it forward and caring only on how much more money he can make. I wonder what deals will he make and what treaties will he sign with China that will allow him to increase his wealth even more at the expense of the American people and the country.


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