Monday, November 18, 2013

Let Them Burn It!

burning_money_lgAs many of you already know, I am a Liberal/Socialist. What you might not know is that a family that is mostly Republican/Tea Party surrounds me. This contrasting difference in political opinion leads to many heated discussions that at times has turned into a full blown ideological confrontations.

My brother came to visit me a couple of days ago and, from the minute I opened the door to welcome him he blurred out “How are you liking your president now?” I instinctively knew where he was coming from… the “news” circulating around the extreme right media claiming that President Obama “apologized for the Affordable Care Act. My reply to my brother’s hello was – and this I stole from my son – I love him even more! He apologized for people that want to keep a crappy insurance instead of a more economical and better plan to keep it… I am still waiting for your president [Bush] to apologize for starting a war based on lies. He laughed and said that we “liberals” (as if that was an insult) always bring into the conversation President Bush and blaming him for everything. I replied that as far as I knew, I was not blaming Bush for a single thing; I was just pointing out that the bastard sent thousands of our youth to their death for a war based on lies and to this day he still has not apologized to America for his “mistake.”

Let me make this very clear. President Obama DID NOT apologized for Obamacare, actually he was very smart and decided to fight fire with fire.

Insurance companies informed some people that their plans were being cancelled due to Obamacare, without further explanation. This caused that the recipients of these cancellations were outraged and raised hell, reminding President Obama of his promise that they could keep their old insurance if they were happy with it.

Our President is a brilliant man and instead of refusing to make any changes ACA he apologized for the cancelations and made some changes to the ACA. With these changes, insurance companies are now able to provide their old insurance plans but they must inform the insurers exactly what their plan offers and what its not covered; what is more important, they have to inform the insurer that in the Health Insurance Marketplace there are other plans that cover much more for far less. In essence, the insurance companies must inform insurers of what they are giving up in order to keep their sub-standard and over-priced insurance plans. If these people want to burn their money let them, after all Republicans and Tea Partiers are known for not being the sharpest knives in the block!


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