Friday, October 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities: Calgary and Honolulu

Rafael Edward Cruz, that’s the real name and spelling of Senator “Ted” Cruz. The correct spelling of his first name is Rafael, not Raphael as many have said.

Ted Cruz’s father is Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, Cuban born, and an opportunist that has claimed he helped Fidel Castro when he was only 14 years old and fled the island in 1957 when he realized Castro was a Communist that “was seizing private property and suppressing dissent.” There is one flaw with this story and which is that Castro didn’t claim he was a Communist until after the U.S. Embargo in 1962; Castro was not in power to seize any private or public property at that time Castro was not capable of suppressing anyone, much less any rebels when he was a rebel himself. Fidel Castro triumph was on January 1, 1959; two years after Mr. Cruz had fled Cuba.

According to his own words, when Cruz fled Cuba he went to Austin, Texas where according to his biography he attended the University of Texas without knowing any English and with only $100 that he had sewn into his underwear. How could he attend the University without knowing English is beyond me but more so with only $100, which regardless of the time when this happened, it was still not enough to cover rent and food much less to cover the expenses of studying at a University.  Mr. Cruz claims he worked as a dishwasher earning .50 cents an hour, still not enough to pay for that education.  Mr. Cruz graduated four years later and received a degree in mathematics and chemical engineering.  Also, his story about having only $100 sewn into his underwear is a story that is not original and which I guess he stole the anecdote from the biography of Isidor Straus (February 6, 1845 - April 15, 1912), whose mother sewed $1,200 in gold into his undershirt when he was traveling from Charleston to Liverpool in 1863. Using that story served Mr. Cruz Sr. by making his beginnings more humbled and his accomplishments greater.

Mr. Cruz moved to Alberta, Canada with his wife where they worked as geophysical consultants for the oil industry.   While in Canada Mr. Cruz became a Canadian citizen.  In 1970, Mr. Cruz and his second wife had their first and only child Rafael Edward  Cruz, who was born in Alberta Canada.  In 1974 the family returned to Houston, Texas.

Rafael Bienvenido Cruz today is, thanks to his son, very involved in politics and a loud voice as to how this country should be run. Today Mr. Cruz Sr. is, out of all things a pastor, I guess he figured that “career” was more lucrative than a geophysical consultant, more money with less work. He and his son claim to love this country, however, Rafael B. Cruz didn’t become a citizen of the United States until 2005. It took him 31 long years to love this country enough to renounce his Canadian citizenship and his Canadian son thought about renouncing his Canadian citizenship when he entertained the idea of becoming President of the United States… not until then was he interested in “fixing” that little problem. And we have to believe these individuals truly love this country!

For six long years I’ve heard birthers scream at the top of their lungs that President Obama was born in Kenya, that they need to see the birth certificate (no matter how many times it has been presented, they think it’s a fake) and that because President Obama was born in Kenya he can’t be President.

These same people want Sen. Ted Cruz to be the next President of the United States. They have no problem accepting that he was born in a foreign country, Canada, from a foreign father and an American mother. The fact that his mother is American makes him, automatically, a natural American and therefore, according to the Constitution, eligible to become President of this great nation. I am fine with that… but I need some clarification, some explanation to my questions. Why is Ted Cruz eligible to be the President and not President Obama? Let’s take a look at both men, shall we?

Given the above scenario… Why are the people who vehemently support Ted Cruz do not accept our President? Their paths are very similar: both their mothers were (or are) Americans; both their fathers were (or are) immigrants. One has shown that he was born in the United States, we even have the name of the Hospital where he was born, the other one was born in a foreign country and after a lengthy research I was not able to find out which hospital in Calgary was he born in.

You would ask yourself why one is accepted without hesitation and for the last 6 years the other one is not. The answer is quite simple: Ted Cruz’s skin is white; our President’s skin is black.

The Republicans and members of the Tea Party refuse to accept the reason of their rejection is racism because their own racism would be on display, but heir devotion to Ted Cruz speaks volumes that what matters to them is the color of the skin and nothing else.

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