Wednesday, November 20, 2013


walmart-donationsA Walmart store in Cleveland is conducting a food drive for their own “Associates in Need” so they can enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner. This simple act of asking patrons to donate food not for the homeless, not for the poor but for their own employees has caused, and rightfully so, an outrage not only in Cleveland but all over the United States thanks to the Social Media where this picture has spread like wild fire.

Walmart should be embarrassed that their employees don’t make enough money to have a decent Thanksgiving dinner! But of course, the only thing Walmart cares about is to make an obscene profit! Walmart employees, as well as those employees of most of the giant chains will be working during the holidays while most of us will be with our families.

Walmart is advertising the “breaking prices” they will be offering during Black Friday, urging people to buy more Chinese junk. It is extremely sad to see in the news the imbeciles that spend the night waiting in line for those doors to open. Have they ever stopped to think, for just a minute, that this “fantastic sale” could have been held on Saturday? No, people are insensitive and think only of themselves… They are much to blame for these workers having to work during the holidays for crap.

Walmart offers their employees part-time jobs at minimum wage; hence most of their employees need assistance from the government because they are at or below poverty level. It is sad that a person that works has to receive assistance to survive. Many receive not only food stamps but also Medicaid that we, as taxpayers, pay for. The country’s financial situation its not stable enough to be subsidizing workers because they happen to work for a corporation that refuses to offer them a full time job and decent wages.

Workers Cost Month Total
Food Stamps 1,500,000 $160 12 $2,880,000,000
Medicaid 1,500,000 $75 12 $1,350,000,000
Handling & Processing 1,500,000 $25 12 $450,000,000
TOTAL $4,680,000,000 

This has to stop and fast. Walmart owes us, for one year alone, about $4,680,000,000. If the Federal government starts demanding a reimbursement for what we spend on their employees, I am sure that Walmart and the others will pay fair wages and offer full time jobs.

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