Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Ugly Face of the Conservative Future

I am beginning to notice what is that the extreme right is envisioning. It is a scary thought but the only thing that makes sense. The extreme right and so-called conservatives are proposing changes that will affect everyone living in America and the thing is, most people are not noticing what their true agenda is. We are all fighting on separate issues and not connecting the dots. Today, by mere coincidence, all the dots became clear to me, as if an epiphany had taken place and I am for sure sharing it with the world because it is of extreme importance that we fight their plans with all our might.

The far right is pushing for changes in our society that will only benefit the large corporations they so intensely protect, the ones that they so valiantly gave the title of personhood. Let me begin opening your eyes:

The conservatives in this country are pushing for the abolition not only of abortion, which depending on your personal religious belief they may be right or wrong; but they are also eradicating contraceptives, abortions even if to save the life of the mother, they are trying to make illegal any means that will prevent any woman from getting pregnant, until she reaches the menopause age. That will make a woman a birth machine, with the possibility of giving birth to 10 or more children in her lifetime.

Then, they are trying very hard to make education a luxury by getting rid of public schools and make them private. This will mean that while the poor keeps giving birth, it will be impossible to send not even one of their children to a school to receive an education. Only the wealthiest will be able to afford it and get an upper education at any given University. Only the wealthy will be able to obtain a professional career, only the wealthy will be able to own their own companies or hold executive positions.

Furthermore, there are those conservatives that are already considering lowering the working age, in other words, legalizing child labor, with me so far?

Connect the dots. It is clear that they are looking at a very near future, anywhere from 15 to 20 years from now, and they have a plan, a macabre plan.  At this rate, they will have in less than a quarter of a century an immense workforce, and a cheap labor. Imagine, so many uneducated people seeking work! They will have to work for barely anything and a new form of slavery will have been created with no way to get around being poor, with no means to improve the situation. The poor will be poorer, if that is even possible and the rich will be even richer since they will have an endless workforce that will work for pennies!

It must be our moral, civil and human obligation to stop them and stop them now. The future of this country, the world and our own depend on it.  


  1. Basically, they want to bring about the world of George Orwell's 1984.

  2. Basically, but unlike Orwell's novel, this is very real.

  3. What is startling about all of this is how many people support the politicians who are pushing for this kind of thing. People are hoodwinked into voting against their own best interests by those politicians who are tools of the corporate interests. I'll never believe for a moment that the "tea party" was not a carefully thought-out and well-crafted thing, brought into being by those who want to maintain their power through wealth. Taking advantage of the recession by whipping up fear and anger in the populace and excoriating the president at every opportunity (despite his willingness to compromise with them) are exactly the kinds of things we should expect from these people. They won't stop until they have complete control, over all of us who are not just like them. You're right, it must be our moral, civil and human obligation to keep them out of office. Things are looking good for holding on to the White House at the moment, but there are still nine months to go until the election... and in this case, "We ain't seen nothin' yet" is probably true. Between now and then they are going to whip up more anger and fear with rising gas prices, and they will be doing whatever they can behind the scenes to get us into a war with Iran. We have to do what we can to stop them before they give us an America we no longer recognize.

  4. Snave, thank you for such wonderful comment! I, like you, hope that we keep the White House in November but... I do not trust the extreme right and I am really concerned that they might fix the elections - they've done it before, no reason to think that they will not try it again.