Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Today, a friend and blogger awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award. His name is Jeuseppi Baker and the award, coming from him, has certainly more value. Jueseppi is well known for saying what he thinks, for his straightforwardness and honesty. JB, thank you for nominating me!
Now, the acceptance of this award has certain requirements that I must fulfill. These requirements are: Nominate 15 other bloggers, Inform my nominees, Share 7 random facts about myself, Thank the one who nominated me and Add a picture of the award to this post
As many of you already know, I am very opinionated and not too shy about expressing my opinions. Here are my 7 random facts about myself:
1.     I love nature; the way the air smells right before a storm.
2.     I love art in all its forms – from Mozart to Adele, from urban art to Michelangelo.
3.     The same can be said about the written form, I love books and of course, I love to read. My taste varies from poetry to mysteries, from the occult to XF.
4.     I speak three languages and can read five.
5.     I love justice and I hate bigotry in all its ugly forms.
6.     I love all animals; my favorite animals are wolves and owls. I love cats and dogs, most often than not they are more loyal than humans.
7.     I am an exhibitionist.
Now, to nominate 15 bloggers… wow, that will be difficult. Let’s see…
1.     Walter Perring from Democracy Fist. I must nominate him first; it is thanks to him that I began blogging.
2.     Yoani Sanchez from Generation Y. This woman deserves my respect for her bravery, she has more integrity and courage than many of us would ever dream to have. To have the guts to speak out from inside a system that is notorious for ignoring freedom of speech plus incarcerating and punishing those that dare to speak out makes Yoani not only the best candidate for this award and better ones. She is the blogger I admire the most.
3.     Tom Degan from The Rant. I love the way he writes and that just like me, he calls it as he sees it; Tom has a fun and articulated style typical of a true New Yorker.
4.     Steve Alexander from Unabashed Left. Steve is a great blogger and writer but most important he is a great humanitarian. His values as a person exceed his talent as a writer which is much more important. I value his friendship and admire his compassion and devotion towards others. A rare find.
5.     Finally, sorry but I don’t know that many bloggers, I must go back to the beginning. I enjoy reading theobamacrat, Jueseppi has a unique style and is very passionate when expressing his opinions, he is devoted to his cause of having Obama re-elected and that coincides with my views so very difficult not to like his agenda. I particularly like that he is so outspoken when defending the weak – children, women and the elderly and I consider myself his number one fan.  I can't nominate him, according to the rules, but there is nothing against mentioning his blog, again.
That’s it; five will have to do since I don’t know fifteen bloggers! Now you must all excuse me, I must go and notify the nominees…


  1. You are amazing...and if you ever change who you are, I'm coming to throw you over my knee and spank that ass barehanded. that really punishment for you?