Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Contraceptive Controversy

There have been numerous comments and uproars about the “contraceptive mandate” in the Obama Healthcare Reform that demands that women must have access, in the healthcare provided by their employers, to pregnancy preventive services. The Catholic Church is adamant in capitulating to this mandate alleging that the mandate is a violation to their religious beliefs. I can understand but, isn’t that what they do with those of us that don’t agree with their beliefs?

Let me begin by saying that the religious groups are constantly imposing on everyone their religious values: Gay marriage is a big no-no, abortion is out of the question even for atheists and “One Nation under God” was added to our Pledge of Allegiance in 1951 forcing us to say it if we pledge allegiance to the flag, and the list goes on. Why do churches believe that they have the right to impose their views onto everyone else but not the other way around? After all, we all pay taxes.  Sorry, I forgot... Churches don’t even do that, they are tax-free “leeches.”

What amazes me is the little faith they do profess towards their female parishioners with these uproars. If they are so certain that their flock is so faithful to their religion, what’s the problem then? They can include access to these services but the religious women will not use them, or are they afraid that they would if these resources were readily available? Again, isn’t in the Bible – their holy book – that God gave men free will precisely for them to make their own decisions? Why is it that churches believe that they must control people and force them to make the "right" decision? If that is what God had intended, we would all be like zombies, no decisions to be made, no rights or wrongs.  According to their own religion and scriptures, we are supposed to have the freedom to make our own choices, but I guess that only applies to "men", women must obey.

It is obvious that I am not religious but I do not condemn those who are, they have all the right in the world to worship as they please, as long as they don’t push their beliefs down my throat as they are always trying to do. I have an equal right not to belief and to do as my principles dictates, not theirs. After all at the end if God does exist, it will be a matter between that God and myself – I don’t need an intermediary or a conscience… I already have my own!

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