Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cat and Mouse Debate

Last night was the first Presidential Debate. I’ve been anxiously waiting for it, as I was sure that President Obama was going to destroy Romney in a one-to-one debate. However, nothing could be further from the truth; unfortunately, it was the other way around.

Coincidentally, last night was President Obama’s wedding anniversary and actually he opened his statement by mentioning it. Was this the reason why President Obama looked so sad, uninterested and basically distant during the debate? I have no idea but whatever it was I hope it is a temporary thing.
We have all grown accustomed to believe and accept that President Obama is great at delivering speeches, as an orator. Even the Right-Wing acknowledges this, but last night he stuttered quite a lot, he didn’t portray himself as the self-secure, firm and resolute individual we have seen so many times during the last 5 years. Sadly, last night President Obama looked like a cornered mouse and Romney as the hungry cat.
Is David Plouffe advising the President to be humble, meek and to play the “poor me” role? Last night, after the debate, Plouffe was interviewed by MSNBC and he was quite pleased with the outcome. He mentioned that President Obama was great at presenting what needs to be done during the next four years and that is up to a point true. The problem is, President Obama didn’t debunk one single lie presented by Romney – even when we have an arsenal of information on record about what Mitt Romney has stated up to last week. President Obama was unmoved by the lies, didn’t bother to expose Romney and his lies.
Then there was the body language. While Mitt Romney projected a self-secured image of himself (a man that lost so many points in the polls after his fateful 47% video) President Obama looked frail, insecure, humble, weak and uninterested… I was waiting for him to yawn at any time!
There have been so many excuses given to justify President Obama’s performance, one of them is that he hasn’t debated in four years but I differ. President Obama debates (or at least I hope he does) on a daily basis when confronting a Republican Congress that objects to everything he proposes. Last night was no different but the message the President sent the American people was that he was not in it. If he can’t fight his contender with passion and determination, how are we supposed to believe that he will fight for us in Congress?
I’m begging President Obama to change strategy. I suggest that he stops playing the “cool”, “reasonable” or “victim” role and play the role he holds: the Presidential role. At this point when we elections are around the corner is about the time when a candidate has to show the American people and the world that they have blood running through those veins instead of cold water, to show passion and determination, to stand firm and unmask your opponent. In other words, it is the time to grow a spine and a big set of balls!

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