Monday, October 22, 2012

Silencing the Vote

Today I went to renew my driver’s license, which doesn’t expire for a few months but since I moved, I needed it to reflect my current address, I don’t want any problems on November 6.
I tried to get an appointment online, but all the appointments were for days after the election day and since my main concern was to have everything in order to cast my vote, I decided to go in person to the closest DMV.
I drove to the same office where I have renewed my license for years. To my surprise, it was abandoned, gone, closed. Facing that predicament, I checked on my cell for the closest DMV location in my area. Most of the well-known and accessible locations had been closed; precisely the ones located in the most populated and  central areas were no longer in existence. I found one at a mall that was within driving distance and I headed there.
I got in line with my passport and current driving license. When it was my turn I was asked for my birth certificate or passport, good thing I had my passport with me. Then I was asked for my social security card and two bills or mail with my current address and showing my name. I asked the DMV employee if that was something new, the social security card and the two different bills/mail, if everyone had to produce those documents or if I had mentioned that I needed to change my address. Well, it turns out that they are requesting this from everyone, renewals, new licenses, lost licenses, change of address or name, IDs, etc. I had to rush back home to get the social security card and two pieces of mail with my name and current address on it.
I am outraged at this new “law” that conveniently went into effect precisely on an election year. Even to get employment, a passport is good enough to prove your citizenship. After all, it’s a document issued by the government, with your picture, date of birth, signature, etc. Why the social security and two pieces of mail on top of your birth certificate or passport? There can only be one answer: silencing the homeless, the elderly and the poor.
Imagine if you lost your job and your home and you are living in your car (as so many do today), how on earth will you be able to get a driver’s license or ID if you can’t produce two pieces of mail showing your address? The very poor usually don’t have a passport or a credit/debit card, the only thing they have is an ID or driver’s license to show at the voting precinct and cast their vote. Now, thanks to this new “law” most of them will not be able to acquire a license or ID and therefore they will not be able to vote. This is just another way of suppressing the vote of likely democrats, to obstruct the most sacred right of every citizen of this nation.
To those that still have a current ID or Driver’s license but have moved, or your name has changed or are living in your car… Don’t try to renew your license now, wait until after election’s day. If your license is about to expire, ask a friend or family member to allow you to use their address or ask them for a notarized letter stating that you live at their house (this is allowed in lieu of correspondence). Don’t let them get away with this, do whatever you need to do to get that license or ID.
America is on life support and if the Republican’s tactic is successful, we will be witnessing the annihilation of Democracy by the hands of corrupt Republican politicians and we will need to be prepared to attend the funeral of our nation. Don’t allow this to happen… Vote!

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