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Tells Me Lies - Part II

Continues from Tell Me Lies - Part I

“Obama Care comes to more than 2,000 pages of rules,
mandates, taxes, fees and fines that have no place in a free
country. That's right.  That's right.
  You know what?  The president has declared that the debate
over government controlled health care is over.  That will come
as news to the millions of American who will elect Mitt Romney
so we can repeal Obama Care.”
I wish Romney and Ryan would have the guts to tell this, face to face, to Stacy Lihn. I wish I could see them telling Mrs. Lihn to let Zoe die. The Republican party is always talking about the sanctity of life, pro-life, and all that propaganda, because that is all it is – those are not their true values, but it sure sounds great and they repeat it to no end.  They don't care for the life of a child. Unfortunately, we know that Zoe passed the birth canal already so at this stage in her life they couldn’t care less what happens to her and the thousands of children with pre-existing conditions that have or about to reach their insurance life-cap and for whom their only hope to life is Obamacare... We know Obama does Care and we know they don’t care.
“And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obama Care
came at the expense of the elderly.  You see, even with all the
hidden taxes to pay for the health care takeover, even with the
new law and new taxes on nearly a million small businesses, the
planners in Washington still didn't have enough money; they
needed more.  They needed hundreds of billions more.  So they
just took it all away from Medicare, $716 billion funneled out
of Medicare by President Obama.”
This is another lie that has been debunked by all reputable media, but just like the lie about Janesville GM they simply don’t care about facts and know too well that if they say it, their base will “swallow” it, applaud, and cheer even when the base knows it's false. It doesn’t matter because even when they know it's a lie, that lie sounds good against the object of their hate: the President of the United States.
“An obligation we have to our parents and grandparents is 
being sacrificed, all to pay for a new entitlement we didn't
 even ask for. The greatest threat to Medicare is Obama Care and we're
going to stop it.
   In Congress, when they take out the heavy books and the
 wall charts about Medicare, my thoughts go back to a house on
 Garfield Street in Janesville. My wonderful grandma, Janet, had
 Alzheimer's and she moved in with mom and me. Though she felt
 lost at times, we did all the little things that made her feel
 loved.  We had help from Medicare and it was there, just like
 it's there for my mom today. Medicare is a promise and we will 
honor it.  A Romney-Ryan Administration will protect and
 strengthen Medicare for my mom's generation, for my generation
 and for my kids and yours.
   So our opponents can consider themselves on notice.  In
 this election, on this issue , the usual posturing on the Left
 isn't going to work.  Mitt Romney and I know the difference
 between protecting a program and raiding it.  Ladies and
 gentlemen, our nation needs this debate, we want this debate, we 
will win in this debate.
   Obamacare, as much as anything else, explains why a
 presidency that began with such anticipation now comes to such a 
disappointing close.”
Oh yes, we too want this debate!! Bring it on!  The lies of the Republican Party will have no leg to stand on and we are literally dying to see this.  A true debate and not using the same old tactics of conveniently going off the tangent or changing the subject as it is customary on the Right. 

Obamacare will bring down future costs. It is estimated that the total reductions over a time span of ten years is of $716 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. These $716 billion that the Republicans love to mention so much but know these are cost reductions, reductions that are aimed towards insurance companies and hospitals, and not to the insured. Obamacare will allow Medicare funds to grow, preventing what it has been up to now abusive charges from Hospitals and Insurance companies. In reality, the $716 billion they talk so much about are savings, savings that will preserve Medicare as it was intended to be. Obamacare will increase benefits for our seniors, by offering them preventive care with no out-of-pocket costs and increasing their prescription coverage. Obamacare increased the age of our children to be part of our insurance to 25, regardless if they are in school or not. Obamacare prohibits insurance companies from dropping you if you become seriously ill, if you have a pre-existent condition or if you reached your life-cap. Obamacare also forces insurance companies to spend at least 80% of the premiums they charge on you, if not then they must send you a refund. Obamacare does enforce new taxes, but these taxes are mainly for the wealthy, hospitals and insurance companies. Instead, Ryan and Romney want to give our seniors a coupon!  Enjoy reading "The Path to Prosperity"
Don't be lazy, read it, then weep and cry!
“It began with a financial crisis.  It ends
 with a job crisis. It began with a housing crisis they alone 
didn't cause.  It ends with a housing crisis they didn't

Let’s see… hummm… “It began with a financial crisis. It ends with a job crisis. It began with a housing crisis they alone didn't cause."   They alone didn't cause?  Talk about taking responsibility!  "They," meaning us Liberals and Democrats didn't cause it at all.  The Republican Party leader at the time, George W. Bush and the Republican members of Congress did by deregulating the market and behaving in a completely irresponsible manner.  Paul Ryan is a hypocrite! It began with a total collapse of our financial system that included Wall Street and therefore the banking industry, the housing industry and the job market!

When George W. Bush took office for the first time, the unemployment rate was at 4.2 and began a slow but persistent raise until it reached 7.3 by December 2008. When President Obama took office, the unemployment rate for the month of January 2009 was 7.8, as it happens when you get the mess inherited by President Obama, the unemployment rate continued to raise peaking at 9.9 in December 2010, where it began a slow but consistent decline and according to the latest survey (July 2012) it is now at 8.3. In other words, it is improving.
“It began with a perfect AAA credit rating for the United
 States. It ends with the downgraded America.”
After the Democratic Congress made concessions and cuts in the vicinity of $4 trillion and asking the Republicans to accept increasing taxes on the very wealthy, the Republicans were prepared for a government shutdown because they refused not only increasing taxes on the  wealthy but, they wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts that would increase our debt by $1 trillion. They didn’t care that we would default on our debt. The raising of the debt ceiling, as the name suggests, is current debt not future spending but Republicans refused to budge until the very last second. They wanted cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid… in other words, no increase in revenue and more sacrifices on the backs of the American middle-class. It is thanks to them, the Republicans in Congress, that we were downgraded. I have no doubt in my mind that it was done on purpose, to blame one more thing on the President.
“He said, ``Well, I haven't
 communicated enough.'' He said his job is to, quote, ``tell a story to the American 
people''. As if that is the whole problem here?  He needs to talk
 more and we need to be better listeners?
   Ladies and gentlemen, these past four years, we have
 suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What is missing is leadership in the White House. And the story that Barack Obama does tell, forever shifting
 blame to the last administration, is getting old.  The man
 assumed office almost four years ago. Isn't it about time he
 assumed responsibility?
I think if there's any mistake made (it's) that we haven't communicated clearly enough what the president has done on this oil spill from the beginning," – The person that said “haven’t communicated clearly enough” was Vice President Joe Biden in a speech about the oil spill in the gulf, not president Obama. But the deceitful Right, in particular Paul Ryan doesn’t care about the truth, that’s not important. Ryan wants President Obama to assume responsibility, we are yet to see or hear any Republicans in office, nor President Bush or anyone in his administration to accept any responsibility for crashing our economy with their failed Reaganomics. What’s more, they don’t only praise it they want to return to it. They think that driving our economy off the cliff for 8 years can be solved in 3.5, and with a Congress that obstructs everything. 
They don’t care at all about helping the President save our country, our economy and bring it back to the right track… They don’t care because they know that if President Obama gets to do what’s needed, we will re-elect him. No, for the GOP, politics are far more important than the American people.  The only "people" that matters are the “people” that put them there and they need to respond to, as Paul Ryan said, but is not people with warm blood, flesh and skin, rather it’s the other “people” the ones with a Swiss bank account as blood, concrete as skin and steel as bones.

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