Monday, September 3, 2012

Tell Me Lies - Part I

President Barack Obama, came to office during an economic crisis, as he has reminded us a time or two. Those are very tough days. And any fair measure of his record has to take that into account. My own state voted for President Obama. When he talked about change, many people liked the sound of it. Especially in Janesville where we were about to lose a major factory. A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at that G.M. plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said, "I believe that if our government is there to support you, this plant will be here for another 100 years."

That's what he said in 2008. Well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that's how it is in so many towns where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight. Right now, 23 million men and women are struggling to find work. 23 million people unemployed or underemployed. Nearly one in six Americans is in poverty. Millions of young Americans have graduated from college during the Obama presidency, ready to use their gifts and get moving in life.”
 ~ Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech, August 29th, 2012

The above is only one of the many lies pronounced by Vice President Nominee, Paul Ryan, a Catholic and “devout” follower or Ayn Rand, who for years accredit Rand for being the role model he followed, forced all his employees to read her books and now, in order to secure the Vice Presidential nomination and not upset the religious right, he denounces.  Republicans can’t even have solid ideals, regardless of how bad these are, they are willing to throw their mothers under the bus for greed and to secure power.

The GM plant he so blatantly talks about in his speech was closed on December 23, 2008. The president at that time was George W. Bush. We must give credit where credit is due, Bush requested an automobile industry bail out and Ryan voted in favor of this bail out but it was turned down in Congress. But, blaming President Obama for something that happened when he was just a Senator and Presidential nominee but not the President of this great country of ours is just a lie and Ryan knows this. How can anyone believe anything else he says when he is capable of saying such a lie in public television, a lie that is so easy to debunk? He is a liar with no shame; he is a man with no integrity.

“Nearly one in six Americans 
is in poverty. Millions of young Americans have graduated from
 college during the Obama presidency, ready to use their gifts
 and get moving in life.
 Half of them can't find the work they studied for, or any
 work at all. So here's the question, without a change in
 leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?”

Having the audacity to say something like this after the Republicans have obstructed every effort by the current administration to get the economy moving it’s simply obscene. Senator Mitch McConnell during an interview on December 2008 clearly mentions the stimulus package pushed by then President George W. Bush which was close to a trillion dollars.  This debt was “inherited” by President Obama and is among the “excessive debt” that Republicans blame on president Obama. The Republican Party suffers from what I suspect its a chronic compulsive lying and for blaming anyone but themselves, never accepting responsibility.

“The first troubling sign came with the stimulus. President
 Obama's first and best shot at fixing the economy. At a time
 when he got everything he wanted under one party rule. It cost
 $831 billion. The largest one-time expenditure ever by our 
federal government. It went to companies like Solyndra, with their 
gold-plated connections, subsidized jobs and make believe
 The stimulus was a case of political patronage, corporate 
welfare anachronism at their worst.”

The Bush administration requested a Stimulus package in 2008 of 152 billion dollars. Every year George W. Bush, requested a tax cut of $1.35 trillion dollars. During the Bush Administration the GDP went up by 2.5% a year, the median household income dropped by approximately $1,175 and the income tax for the same group increased by 2%. When Bush left office, the National debt had increased by $11.3 trillion dollars and 500,000 jobs have been lost. It is well known that most of the expense for the wars initiated by Bush were not included in the budget, they were always requested as an emergency funding. For seven years that administration didn't take into consideration the wars that were taking place when preparing the budget. For eight years the cost for the wars were not part of the National Defense Budget. Apparently, every year it was a surprise that money was needed to fund a war.  And the Republicans dare to criticize president Obama!

“You -- you the American people of this country were cut out
 of the deal. What did taxpayers get out of the Obama stimulus?
 More debt. That money wasn't just spent and wasted, it was 
borrowed, spent and wasted.”

That is, as usual, a lie. The American people got lower interest rates, thousand of jobs were saved by helping the automobile industry from closing their factories nationwide, forcing credit card companies to make their charges clear and reformed to prohibit excessive interest charges. It created programs to help homeowners save their home by refinancing their home loans through federal agencies. Created federal jobs when the private sector refused to do so in an effort to discredit the president. Thanks to that "Obama stimulus" is that this country was able to stop the path of destruction it was heading into and what made the economy to begin to heal, even when the Republicans did everything in their power to destroy us.

“Maybe the greatest waste of all, was time. Here we were
faced with a massive job crisis so deep that if everyone out of 
work stood in single file, that unemployment line would stretch
 the length of the entire American continent.
 You would think that any president, whatever his party,
 would make job creation and nothing else his first order of
 economic business, but this president didn't do that. Instead,
 we got a long, divisive, all or nothing attempt to put the 
federal government in charge of health care.”

I have to admit that the Republican party has balls. Bills are created in the House of Representatives, and since the beginning the ONLY thing that Republicans have thought of to "create jobs" is extending the Bush tax cuts - which will increase the National Debt by $1.35 trillion dollars per year and will NOT bring the necessary funds to keep the economy afloat. This tickle-down Reaganomics haven't worked for a decade, but they think that is the only way to stimulate the economy. I have no idea how can they lie with a straight face as they do; however, I have noticed that when any of them lie they seem to have a frog in their throats. All of the sudden, when lying, they have to 'clear' their throats. Put attention and you will notice it too. Another way the Republicans think that jobs can be created is by tailoring to the oil industry, disregarding our environment and water supplies to satisfy the greed of these companies. I wish that in the event that we can't end our dependency in fossil fuel, that not one new well can be drilled until an existing one has been shot down. Another thing I would do is that the oil extracted in our land remains in our land instead of being exported, that same oil should not be part of the Stock Market so it's pricing would not be dictated by the world market speculation tactics. But we know that first we will see a gun control bill passed into law than controlling and maintaining the oil in our land. That oil, which is extracted from the depth of our land and seas should NOT belong to private companies, it belongs to the people, the country - our country.   Instead, companies like BP own a big chunk of it... a British company!

To say that "you would think that any president, whatever his party, would make job creation and nothing else his first order of economic business" when the Minority Leader in the Senate, Senator Mitch "Turtle" McConnell without any shame declared on public television that the main goal of the Republican Party was to make of President Obama a one-term president.  That was and still is the only thing that the GOP cares for.  The American people can eat dirt, they don't care... And the brainless people that constitute their base cheer, applaud and follow just like sheep to the slaughter.

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  1. There is no doubt about it in any way that America is better off today then it was four years ago. The banking industry is better off. The housing industry is better off. Wall Street is better off. The economic foundation of America is now much more solid than it was for years ago. There is not a lost of 600,000 to 700,000 jobs a month as there was four years ago. We are now adding jobs every month instead of losing jobs every month as we were for years ago. America is no longer on the brink of a Depression as it was four years ago. We are now on the path to financial recovery unlike where we were for years ago. I know it is a recovery that is taking time but when an economy loses 9 million jobs as it did 4 to 6 years ago it will take time to fully recover because it’s consumers that create jobs by buying things and someone with a job is a consumer. It’s easier to get a job today than it was four years ago. The job market would be even better if it wasn’t for the Republicans in Congress who are not funding any kind of hiring of new government employees or government projects since two years ago when they took control of the House of Representatives. Also the Republicans in the private sector are also doing their best to increase the unemployment figures. You see, most of the big companies in America are owned or operated by the rich. Most of the rich are Republicans. Most of the large companies are making record profits yet most of the companies are cutting their work force to the bone and cutting salaries, benefits and investments in the company. Then many companies say they won’t hire because of Obamacare. That is a lie! Most companies already have enough money in the bank to cover Obamacare and most large companies already have health insurance so Obamacare wouldn’t affect them much. Also Obamacare doesn’t fully go into effect until 2014 and if they don’t have the money in the bank to cover it then they can always borrow the money. So you see since President Obama became president the Republican politicians and the Republicans in the private sector are purposely messing up the economy so to increase the unemployment rate because they know that a high unemployment rate is the only way to win the election. Are you going to reward the Republicans for messing up America’s economy by voting for them?!!! Besides the ONLY economic plan Romney and the Republicans have is to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cut other taxes for the rich. Romney and the republicans lie as they say that the rich need money to create jobs when the rich already have enough money to buy or already own most of the things that create jobs like cars, houses, clothes, furniture, household goods or services. The economy is like a piece of pie, the more people who can buy a piece of the pie the bigger the pie you will need. The rich get richer by selling more pieces of the pie, not by trying to get as much as the pie for themselves. The rich get richer by people buying the things that they sell. Then Romney and the Republicans want to unnecessarily increase the military budget, cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible and make abortions illegal. Doing all of this will increase the deficit which will make Romney and the Republicans cut the budget more than they intend on doing with the Ryan budget plan. This means that ALL the programs and benefits affecting the middle class and the poor as well as ALL the CURRENT RETIRES will be on the Republican chopping block. You see folks, the Republicans are sick and tired of paying taxes and they are sick and tired helping the poor and needy so the Republicans are going to give themselves a bunch of tax breaks and the rest of us are on our own! Don’t listen to the Republicans lies and the lies of the Republican media outlets like FOX News and MSNBC Mourning Joe whose biased one sided narrow minded untrue analyze are wrong.