Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Rice to the Right and a Rice to the Left

Nine-Eleven, that horrific morning back in 2001 that every American has engraved in their memory until the day they die. Unfortunately, there are those on the right that have no recollection of what happened between that day and March 20, 2003. Amazingly, this people suffer for a rare and incurable case of amnesia: Extreme Whiteness Amnesia. This ailment severely affects white people with low IQs, religious fanatics and bigots. 

For months now we have been tortured with their cries about the “Benghazi scandal.” The Right has gone as far as claiming that Benghazi is the worst terrorist attack they've seen in their entire life, that Watergate pales in comparison, because the horrible, unforgivable offense of publicly saying, less than a week after the attack, that it might have been in response to the offensive video that had Muslims up in arms is the worse lie they have been subjected to. 

That communication given by Susan Rice, the United States Ambassador to the UN and at the time candidate for the Secretary of State position, is what has the Right so upset, wasting thousand of dollars in unnecessary hearings, wasting time and diverting the public’s attention to the fact that Congress is doing absolutely nothing for them. The whole thing is a charade, but we have to endure watching these morons act so arrogantly while saying that the Obama administration “lied to the American people” and it is an offense for which they want to impeach the president, again, since they can't lynch him as they would have done in the "good ol' days". 

I say Americans suffer from severe amnesia because they have erased from their memories the lies that their beloved presidents have said to the people. Their demigod, Ronald Reagan, lied through his teeth when he was caught in the Iran-Contra scandal and George W. Bush, not only knowingly lied to the people but, planned the invasion that he sold to the American people with false pretenses and which have cost us our reputation and thousand of lives from both countries. But for them, that has been forgotten. 

Today, most of us that have managed to escape the apparently highly contagious amnesia, remember how the Bush administration neglected going after those that supposedly attacked us and concentrated in completing the plan that he, Rumsfeld and Cheney had forged long before 9/11 and the invasion. There are documents that proof the invasion was planned, that the administration – and that includes every top official from Bush to the Secretary of the Press and the then National Security Advisor – who later became the Secretary of State (perhaps as a reward for participating in the lies) Condoleezza Rice lied to incite the public into going to war. One Memo dated July 27, 2001 was from Donald Rumsfeld to Condoleezza Rice and the other one was dated November 27, 2001 again from Rumsfeld to General Tommy Franks. Later Condoleezza Rice went on public television to help instill fear in the American Public with her infamous “Mushroom Cloud” comment.

I can’t help but thinking of the two Rice women; similar situations, both women were offered the position of Secretary of State; one woman, lied to help perpetrate a crime a lie for which thousands of lives were lost and the other one, who after the sinister said that the attack was caused by a video and whose comment cost not one single life. One is highly regarded by the Republicans and the other one almost accused of treason and who to this day is a victim of a Republican witch-hunt. On September 16, 2012 Susan Rice on the request of the President, appeared at various news forums to provide a statement about what had transpired in Benghazi on September 11. Her talking points were given to her by the Intelligence Community, information that was also shared with Congress, and which cost this woman her chance to become the next Secretary of State. To this day, the Right is trying to destroy her impeccable career at the expense of the American public; these useless trials are costing us thousands of dollars. Remember, in case you have the disease, what’s being investigated and on trial is not the tragic event but what Susan Rice said on September 16, 2012.

The Right might play stupid but they’re far from it, that is why they are not outraged by the actual attack and they never bring that up to the light because what happened on that fateful night was mainly their fault, after all their constant negations and demands for austerity is what allowed this crime to happen. It was their budget cuts that reduced the funds for the embassy’s security, forcing the embassy to hire local security for their protection instead of our own and that ‘s what allowed the embassy to be broken into and the ambassador and three members of his staff killed. The only ones to blame for those deaths are the Republicans and Teapers in Congress.

What happened in Benghazi was horrible, no one is disputing that, but embassies have been attacked before and I can assure you that somewhere in time, there will be other embassies attacks somewhere in the world. But Susan Rice statement should not be on trial, not until we bring to justice the top members of the previous administration for crimes against humanity, for lying to the American people, for the unnecessary death of many of our young men and women as well as the Iraqis based on a fabricated lie to invade a country to satisfy their greed for oil. Let’s bring Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice to justice and then and only then we should talk about Benghazi. This is owed to the American people and to the world that have been demanding justice for a very long time.

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