Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Personification of a Cell

Bill HR 23 is short and by no means difficult to understand. It’s straightforward, and unless you have absolutely no knowledge of basic biology, it leaves no room for doubt as to what it entails.

This bill is extremely dangerous because it makes no mention about any exceptions. For these Representatives, a fertilized egg is far more valuable than the life a woman.

These are the people that claim to be pro-life. They are the same people that are willing to destroy the planet that sustains life for the mighty dollar; they are pro-war, sacrificing thousands of young men and women that gave their lives to satisfy their thirst of power and; these are the same people that are advocating for the tar sand pipeline that will contaminate our water supply and the same people that are in favor of every American to be armed with whatever weapon they choose without any restrictions, they are even against a simple background check. Republicans are against universal healthcare, against any help for the poor and they are even advocating for the privatization of schools, all of which are detrimental for the well being of children.  Don’t be fooled by the pro-life label, they are pro-fetus not pro-life, which is not the same thing.

In their quest to be “holier than thou,” these people are against science and obstruct the possibility for scientists to obtain any federal funding for stem cell research because they are very fearful that scientists might be cloning human beings in the future. However, in a rare display of futuristic vision, these representatives made sure to include in this bill that not even a cloned cell could be destroyed. This ensures that scientists will not be able to produce in a lab or use a human fertilized cell for stem cell research, ever.

This or any other Bill that have been incessantly introduced in Congress, both at the state and federal level, by obsessed Republicans have failed to specify why a cell without a nervous or circulatory system (a zygote), void of a brain or any other of the functions needed to be alive, should legally be considered a human with all the rights of a living, breathing person. They claim it’s the constitutional right of the fertilized cell, even writing this sounds preposterous! As I mentioned in my previous article “Legislative Rape,” nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America you will find the right to life, the fact that the death sentence is permitted and at times even abused in this country should be proof enough.

The Republicans in Congress – both at the State and Federal level – pushing for “a one-celled human embryo” to become a full person under the law have been extremely careful not to reveal the real reason or as a minimum, the legal basis as to why, constitutionally or scientifically, we should grant a blood clot the status of personhood. The only reason why these obtuse and regressive people want to make a cell into a person is because of their religious views, nothing else; but they cannot say it because that will render their argument unconstitutional and therefore, not valid.

The Republicans succeeded at granting an entity that doesn’t breathe, doesn’t have a heart or heartbeat, a brain, blood, bones, eyes, limbs etc. the status of personhood. That was a first step, now they want to do the same to what’s basically a blood clot.

The Republican Party is persistently working at taking the country back to the dark ages; their symbol shouldn’t be an Elephant – a gentle and intelligent animal, that’s an insult to such lovely creatures. Rather, the symbol of the Republican Party should be a Mammoth, an ancient and extinct creature from the Ice Ages, which is more suitable for the intellectual level of that Party.

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