Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Big Lie

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Iraq war this month. March 19th marked the 10th anniversary of the invasion and it's only logical that the media is reminding us of that event. Depending on which media you watch you can either hear some still defending it and justifying it or, if you watch the liberal media you would be listening of the different ways the Bush Administration tricked us into war.

I remember it well. I remember how enraged the American people were after that fateful day of September 11. I remember how so many Americans wanted revenge for that atrocity and most were so blind in their hate and resentment that were willing participants in the lies.

Right after 911, I wanted al’Qaeda to pay.

The Bush administration made sure that the Bin Laden family was safely removed from this country the very next day after the attacks, when no other airplanes were allowed in our skies the Bin Laden family were safely on a jet on their way back home. That seemed very odd to me, you would think the government would keep the family here for interrogation or as a minimum as leverage against Osama Bin Laden, but that wasn’t the case. Also, when they removed the family Osama Bin Laden had denied his involvement so, what did the government know that no one else knew? I heard Osama Bin Laden claimed that he didn’t order the attacks, and that filled me up with doubt because every terrorist group always takes pride in their horrific actions and won’t miss an opportunity to proudly own it, so it didn’t make sense to me that Bin Laden was denying it. Later, a grainy video with a man that looked fatter and darker than Bin Laden aired, he didn’t look like Bin Laden to me but why would they be saying it was him if he wasn’t? So I believed them, kind of.

While our army was in Afghanistan, they had Bin Laden cornered in a cave and they were waiting for the orders to take him out. To everyone’s surprise, the order that came from the President was to let him go. For me this was the decisive moment that once and for all opened my eyes to what was going on. The Administration by that time were presenting the case against Iraq and slowly turning the wheels to excite the American people into invading Iraq… and it worked.

Today, everyone is asking how was it possible for everyone to blindly approve this war as we did. They are solely blaming the Administration but I don’t. The Administration is to blame for pouring fuel into the fire, but let’s be honest and accept responsibility. Very few Americans were willing to be labeled “anti-American” or “unpatriotic” as they were calling those that opposed the invasion back then. How could the American people approve invading a country that had nothing to do with al’Qaeda and that up to recent times was our ally? How could they? Simple. For most Americans that have never gone anywhere outside our shores all Muslims are the same, all Asians, all blacks and Hispanics they are all the same! What was the difference between Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.? Nothing, for most Americans they were and are one and the same.

That is why Americans went for it. That is why our youth enrolled in the Army, proudly thinking they were “protecting and defending” our country. That is why we are not liked around the world… Because we can’t distinguish one country from the other, one group of people from another and we are so ignorant that we think we are better than the rest of the world and that our way of life is better than the rest and therefore, the whole world should be like us and should thank us when we try to change their lives to be more like ours.

Today, those involved and the ones that perpetrated the lies are trying to rewrite history. Today they justify the thousands of Americans and Iraqis that died for nothing, by changing the motive we went into Iraq. They don’t even mention that we went in because the Weapons of Mass Destruction or the “Mushroom Cloud” that Hussein was preparing to use against us, we no longer hear that Hussein was harvesting terrorist from al’Qaeda by training them in Iraq. No, all that has been “magically” erased and now they are "selling" us is that it was a good war because we liberated the people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. Damn, we are no longer the invaders we are the liberators! Sure!  They know that if they repeat a lie long enough, sooner or later people will believe it.

Let’s not forget and let’s not allow history to be re-written. We invaded a country under false pretenses. We invaded a country either because Bush wanted to complete what his father had started or, most likely, to go after the oil in Iraq. The Administration began to consider pulling out of the country when the world made sure that the oil in Iraq belonged to the Iraqi people, not the “liberators”; in other words we couldn’t touch it so we began to pull out.

That unnecessary war that was planned with lies and fabrications is what took this country from a surplus to a deep deficit. That war that was so well thought of, from beginning to end, wasn’t as well prepared, financially speaking. The financial burden on the people didn’t matter because they thought the war was going to pay for itself with the bounty, that precious black gold; but bad deeds usually never end well and today we find ourselves in the red and those that supported that war, those that advocated for it and fed the frenzy are still governing and those are the ones that keep talking about the deficit, how horrendous it is and blaming the current Administration for all that is happening. Those are the same hypocrites that are sequestering the country and taking it to the path of self-destruction. They are masters of deception and evil, the only good thing they are good at is destruction – they have no idea how to look into the future with hope and determination, or rebuild a better and prosperous nation where everyone thrives, for them only wealth matters.

What would it take for the American people to take all these assholes out of Congress? A miracle I think. Right up to 911 the majority of the American people used their brains, the majority was for a better world and even though there were always differences between political parties, they were never so divisive. Something happened to the psyche of the American people on September 11, the haters became more hateful and were proud to show their hate. It began the era of my way or the highway and the rest of the thinking people found themselves hostages of the unreasonable, prisoners of the haters.

Today we are witnessing the destruction of this country on a daily basis. The people “representing” us in Congress, at the Federal and State levels – are constantly attacking our way of life. They are against women, against the poor, against seniors and basically against the working class, and those haters applauding and cheering these actions are women, poor, seniors and workers blindly supporting these measures against humanity while unknowingly conspiring against themselves – because in their hate they think that those they are punishing are people of another race, Hispanics and blacks, and that these extreme measures will not affect them. They are willing to shoot themselves in the foot if by doing so the bullet would ricochet and hit the source of their hate. We are on a path of destruction and I am afraid the thinking people will not be able to stop it.

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