Friday, January 3, 2014

Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes

cc shoesThe much awaited 2014 finally arrived and without much fanfare.

Where I live, there were not that many fireworks or idiots firing their guns, which is always a good thing, at least for my pets that are terrified by those menacing noises and even when I hate to admit it, I am too… there is always that little voice in the back of my head warning me that a bullet might come clashing through the walls or windows and hit someone in my household, for some strange reason, that someone, in my mind, is always me.

As most of us do, I waited for the stroke of midnight to eat the customary grapes and drink cheap champagne… I busted in cheers, kissed my loved ones, called those I could and sent a text to those far away. I was so happy to see that 2013 was finally a memory, I was filled with the beautiful idea that the nightmare might be over.

But today, a friend posted an article by the Huffington Post “Florida Law Mandating Drug Tests For Welfare Struck Down By Federal Judge” and immediately the venom began to flow freely… the vile comments were, for the most part, done by democrats!

It surprised me to know that there are democrats that have joined the crazies in assuming that the majority of people on welfare are drug users, thieves, opportunists or lazy people that prefer to live in poverty as long as they don’t have to work. It cannot be denied that there is a small number that might fit that description (less than 2%) but it is not the majority. Most are families that by no fault of their own find themselves struggling to survive, to keep a roof over their heads, to feed their kids and are desperately looking for a job or, as it happens with most, they already have a job but even when working can’t make ends meet.

Some people went as far as to suggest that if they are poor, they should not have children. I do not agree but for the sake of argument, let’s say OK… However, what should people that were working, with a decent paying job and had a child before they lost everything… what should they do? Give their child up for adoption? Kill them? We have always heard that Americans love the underdog… that might be true in many instances (sports, politics, competitions, etc.) but it is not true for a regular Joe, for the poor. When it comes to people in need, in our own backyard, they are open game to be kicked, denigrated, ignored, abused and neglected. If the needy is in a faraway land, then we must show the world there is no other people more caring, compassionate and giving than Americans! The hypocrisy is sickening. The poor in our own country is the pushing bag for most – not all – of the American populace. The poor is the tool for those that have accomplished nothing to feel better about themselves, about their mediocrity… and as bullies usually do, at the first opportunity they will happily talk about the poor with disdain and in a nauseating tone, while claiming to be Christians!

There is a collective madness going on in this country and most of the world. The Conservative Right and the Religious Right is outraged at Pope Francis, because this Pope has the audacity to say that being selfish, self-centered and greedy is a sin. How dare he? Thus, they have labeled the Pope, as a Socialist, as if being a socialist was such a bad thing! I have news for them… their beloved “Jesus” was a socialist.

To grasp the concept of compassion, of loving “thy neighbor as thyself,” you don’t need to walk on water… you just have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

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